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Gnometer 1.2


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how can i download
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The description has a link to the new version.
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how can i download
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I can't get the uTorrent skin to work on 1.3.
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best default skin pack yet.
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for which system is this? Looks amazing!
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For Windows only. Be sure to get the newest version of Gnometer from [link] and Rainmeter from
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ah, thanks! =)
Does it run on Vista?
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This is pretty awesome. My only gripe is that the CPU, and especially Network meters are bars rather than line graphs (over time). Recent history is lost. Is it possible to change this somehow?
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I will consider this for next release.
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Best Rainmeter theme in my opinion, great job!
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Hello, I seem to be having trouble getting feed urls to work, including with feedburner.

It will come up blank.

Could it have something to do with the "" url in there?
I tried replacing it with the RSS and XML of the feeds and had no luck

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Can you give me the URL's to test?
I Have a questiont about how to set another lettrers (č, š, ž), because gnometer(feeds) is showing me wrong letters from slovenian pages. We use Latin alphabet, and i really want to know if this can be fixed.


Anyway, your work is great.
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This will probably be fixed with Gnometer 1.3, should be out in ~4 days.
Great, can't wait.
No rush but when will the next version come out?
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Rainmeter 1.3 will be released in a week or two, and Gnometer 1.3 will definitely be included with it. However, I plan to release it slightly earlier here on dA for all you eager early-adopters :)
Hello, would you be able to explain how to add a gmail feed into the 4 in 1 feed skin. Kind of like a combination? I'm not sure how to incorporate the gmail plugin into the skin. By the way, awesome skin! Only a few other like Kaelri have put in as much effort as yourself. [link]
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- Right-click on the feeds skin and choose "Edit Skin.."
- Find [Feed1], [Feed2], [Feed3], OR [Feed4] (depending on which you want to change to Gmail)
- Replace the Url= and RegExp= lines with [link] (copy it as it is, don't change anything, not even #mail.Pass#/#mail.User#)
- Then find [Feed1.Title], [Feed2.Title] or... and add the following line to it:
Text="Gmail, %1 new"

- Save, refresh Rainmeter, and enjoy! :)
Cheers you are a champ, looking forward to your rainify 1.0 release.
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