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I exist.  Possibly.  My brainbits and health notwithstanding.  Oh dear, that's a lot of notifications...

Hello, internets?
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The anthology site is over here, if anyone needs it!

0) Good gravy, I'm sorry for vanishing on this.  My brain was in better shape earlier in the year; I won't bog this down with details but tl;dr it will get done, just more slowly than expected.

1) I don't want to commit to...another failed deadline, but I like to try for March/April/spring-in-northern-hemisphere-ish if possible.  The plus side is if you're bogged down with meatspace things too, more time to work!  Though getting more stuff in sooner will help me start pondering how best to fit/format things.  Especially art; I don't have much art in yet and art is trickier.  If you have something sketched out/in-progress you'd like to send me roughs for I could guesstimate from, drop me a line if you like!

And yes, you can still send things in even if you're not on the list.  Until I say don't send anything else, go ahead and send things.  If you're not signed up yet, I'll just add you to the contributors!

2) Speaking of art/photos, I never did work out how to deal with if everyone sends me right pages or left pages.  Oops.  If you send multiple pieces of art, send a mix of both?  If I start getting lots of left-only or right-only pages that can't be adjusted or mirrored, I'll update people on which I need more/less of.

3) It will need a cover!  Size is 16.375 by 10 inches (.125 on each edge within that being bleed, .25 margin inside the bleed after that) at 300 DPI (not 72 like most programs make by default). I don't have a template but can make one.

Old art is okay for a cover, but ideally I'd like to get something new.  Like before, if I get more than one offered cover art thing, it'll come to a vote, and the non-chosen pic(s) can go inside the (e)book as regular art.

Since this is for a cover, remember that there's a "front" and a "back"—it can be one long image too, but don't put anything cool right in the middle, because that'll end up cut off/to the side/etc.  Like so (click for full view, refresh if Scrapbook won't load/try the Tumblr version):

samples of two ways to set up a cover and one way not to

(behold my amazing quality aNote HD drawing!)

Please keep it totally all ages/G/U/whatever you want to call such.  No blood or gore or mostly-nekkid Prozen posing in a seashell, etc, even if that'd be okay for in-book (within reason).  No official Zoids logos, because I don't want to tempt trademark-fate.  Don't add text yet, either, though please allow room in your design for text to be there later (and blocking in a sketch of where text might go on a separate layer is fine/awesome).

4) ??? ANY OTHER QUESTIONS please ask.
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Are open!

And now that I have a couple banners (thanks to KeshionLin for the second), I'm promoting this places.  Feel free to spread it around where you will, just don't spam anywhere/post it places that don't want unsolicited Zoidy links.  I'll try and get to some of the previously asked questions on the old journal(s), sorry for the delay!

(edit June 1st)  There, I think I got everyone added to the contributors page who's sent an app so far.  If you sent an app and aren't on there, let me know!
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As mentioned here.

I am currently torn between art/photo template sizes, and I want to have that finalized before I put the site up and start taking signups/submissions. The two options I've narrowed it to are:

A5, like Momo's templates are. I don't know a good place to print that at, but it'll probably stay an ebook anyway. This is easier to work to, since most Zoids artists I run into are used to drawing/working at web sizes, myself included.

8x10. As pointed out by AuroraLion, this would also be good for a two photos per page style layout, so I could include landscape things at a good size.  And if I do later do a print run, I have at least one possible option who I'm pretty sure could print something nice-looking, but at a cost like 20-30+ USD per book (pagecount and paper depending).

How many of you would be interested in eventual print rather than PDF/ebook and able to pay something in that range before I placed an order? (Not counting a test/proof, that's my expense to deal with.) I don't want to bother making people work larger and all that if the answer is more like "two" than "ten".

ALTERNATE IDEA: Any interest in a burnt (data) CD as a hard copy option for those who like to collect physical things? That'd cost a lot less, and I could always get a few things printed to go with it (a couple small prints/postcards or bookmarks?). My burner claims to support LightScribe, so there could be art on the disc. I'll have some test discs soon so I can make an example. (If nobody is interested, don't feel bad. I've always wanted to try LightScribe anyway.)
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Zoids fandom!

2 min read
Crossposting here too, in case anyone not on Tumblr is interested/someone wants to reply here instead.

Momo did a Zoids fan anthology a ways back.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to a second one?  (edit) With me running it this time, so send any questions my way!

It'd be pretty much open other than a few logical restrictions (as the actual [e]book/PDF type thing will be all ages), so don't worry about any judgment of skill level or how active you are in the fandom or anything else so long as whatever you'd send would be to your own personal standards of "this is work I have done and am proud of".  Photography and customs and so on would be welcome too, not just fic and art, and you could submit more than one piece (within reason).

After some time spent spreading info around, I'd want to give people at least a few months to get stuff done.  Probably more three or four, though I don't want to wait too long either, as I may finally have something resembling a concrete date for moving and don't want to be trying to put a book together in the middle of that.

But for now, I'm just gaging interest.  Please only say you'd contribute if you're reasonably sure you can—I know stuff comes up, I just don't want to get a ton of interest and then hardly any actual stuff.  That would be sad.

Edit again: Please don't start drawing things unless you know you're doing them at a resolution/shape that'll work and be big enough for something portrait/booksized at 300 DPI (for print if that happens/nicer-looking PDF otherwise)—I'm still working out exact details, but think big and portrait, not landscape or web size?  I don't want anyone to do stuff and then be sad it won't fit well D:.
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