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Are open!

And now that I have a couple banners (thanks to HanyoutaiKyoushu for the second), I'm promoting this places.  Feel free to spread it around where you will, just don't spam anywhere/post it places that don't want unsolicited Zoidy links.  I'll try and get to some of the previously asked questions on the old journal(s), sorry for the delay!

(edit June 1st)  There, I think I got everyone added to the contributors page who's sent an app so far.  If you sent an app and aren't on there, let me know!
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Does it cost anything to submit our works or to sign up? I just heard about this and am interested in it.
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Nope! It's free. The only thing that'd involve any money is if there's a print (paperback) version in the end, and nobody would HAVE to buy one, just (at cost) if they wanted to.
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Sweet! Well I'm gonna go ahead and sign up!
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sent an email to join. I can easily re-size any pic if you wish to use them.