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After going through rejection the first time around when submitting it as a paid theme, I decided to go ahead and just release it for free.
So go on Cydia and enjoy it!

The PSD will also come attached with the download for you to create your own icons. ;P


On a side note, I am honestly so thankful for all the support. You guys are all awesome. 
Here's to helping make Zanilla possible! :peace:

Also, I hate asking this, but if it were to be possible... I would greatly appreciate any donation you could offer making.
And if you can't, then I am equally appreciative - so long as you support Zanilla and its growth :peace:
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Hello, thank you for your great work. I downloaded it and applied with winterboard, icons are ok and wonderful but I've a problem with the slider which now is moved on the right of the screen (iPhone 5S ios 7.0.4). There is a way to fix this? Thank you
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Thank you for your great work!
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This is great i will donate to you as soon as i can!
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Cool cool cool! What about icons made with the PSD? Are they free to distribute, or does the same no derived works non-distribution license apply to those?