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Zanilla (Small Update)

Zanilla 2 Released!!!

It's finally here! The initial release of Zanilla!

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do!

Lockscreen BG
Homescreen BG


08/01/13 [RELEASED]
. System Icons
. Appstore Icons
. Lockscreen UI
. Statusbar UI

. Fixed Icon Shadows
. Fixed Passcode Lockscreen
. Cleaned Photos, Wunderlist Icon


Please report to me any issues you may come across! I created this on a 4S, so there MAY be issues with the 5!

ALSO, note me any icon requests!
EDIT: Please NOTE me the icons ! It makes my life that much easier :peace:

I made sure I got through the majority of previously requested icons - but I'm sure I've missed some!


. iPhone PSD by Matias Gallipoli

Please use and enjoy it, and if you can make a donation of any amount, I'd appreciate it immensely!
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Hello please can I know the design tools and color code used in this design

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hi, can i get icons included in this theme seperately?
not the template, but all the icons :)
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hello, when i use this theme. some of the icons do not change, but simply get rounded corners. e.g messages, music and phone icons do not change? 
Hi, I'm having a problem where the icons for specific apps are going back to their default look after installing updates on those apps (Twitter, Skype, and some others).  Is there anyway I can refresh the theme to reapply it to the updated apps? Thanks!
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How do you do the dock?
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Hai.. Can you make icon for LINE? Thx u so much.. 😁 btw, i love your theme so much! 😍
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how do i download this?
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OK P0intVision Yuta2g the theme is now down!
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Pointvision whatever terrific work :) this theme actually rocks :D I think at this point it's worth to Jailbreak to get it! One question: online they say that it's for iOS 7.0 + only. Is that true? I'd love to run it on my 6.1.5!!!
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PointVision could we please talk via Devinart PM or any way of communication you prefer
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Dear Pointvision,

I am a tester for the theme Haduken2g has made via iPCU and posted on Autumnboard.could we please talk via email or a way of communication that would be comfortable for you. We need to solve the issue about Zanilla. And we are truly sorry what what we have done

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Yuta2g legal problem solved come back on kik we have found a way of doing it legally and new implementations see on KIK / Instagram / real text or call
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OK, so I have to take it down :(.... well it required hours and hours of work... it's not on my deviantart page and I'm updating links.
Right now I find myself in the impossibility to take content down due the possible switch of AutumnBoard to iPWNStore in a few days, aka I can't delete anything or I'm f**** and no one will ever adopt my platform anymore... is there any possibility? Via private message I can give you things like the file the link and instructions on how to install it or rebuild it I can only add themes, not remove. That's the big deal o.o in another situation, I'd put down the file straight away as stated in the policy of Autumnboard to prevent legal issues. So, if we please can adopt an alternative solution, it would be so better. Maybe possibly putting it as yours on the Deviantart page?

right now almost no one has downloaded it - like approx 10 downloads excluding beta testing group. not much yet.
And the big deal is that my Weebly account doesn't allow to take off files, just links. Whoever has the full link, would still be able to access the theme (and sadly someone posted it on google +).

If only I'd have seen the creative commons license... right now I'm blocked...

Or maybe would you like porting collabo 4 future poting?77

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Feeling this so much more than the stock theme, only problem is that not all icons are changing: file, notes, App Store, winterboard, iTunes. Is the fix as simple are a cluster of resprings? 
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Many icons have had changed bundle identifiers in iOS 7! I released Zanilla 2 to fix this ;P 
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Could you release a png pack for other OS?
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I will add that to my to-do's ;)
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Is anyone doing icon requests? I'd love one for Tweetbot.
PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE you are amazing i love zanilla but you need more icon compatibility! essentials like twitter and soundcloud have no compatibility with the theme! and if you could make an update for instagram that would be great! because it is always updating for some reason instagram wont change its icon. if you could let me know how to change it that would be FANTASTIC!!!
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Same stuff man. Instagram, twitter and soundcloud. Please, this is the best theme EVAR!
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And Youtube. You gotta have YouTube.
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Hey there, since iOS 7 jailbreak is out, can you make all the icons (stocks, messages, all stock icons) 120x120 please?
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I'll see what I can do :)
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