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Zanilla 3 Preview

By PointVision
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After countless hours each day for a month and a half, Zanilla is back and better than ever before. 

• Wholesome icon integration*
• Fully themed settings icons
• 100+ icons

*Each icon has been resized in every possible way. So, they are now compatible with both Spotlight and Auxo!

Preview: Settings icons
For an extended settings theme, check this out 

Coming soon to a Cydia store near you ;P

*For the sake of convenience, I've decided to simply release the theme on Cydia rather than in two places. 
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Still my favorite theme till today, i was able to actually make a really great replica .psd template, was wondering if you needed a hand completing the theme for iOS9+ users and for iPhone 6s and Plus series. I have much more details, message me if interested in this collaboration, cheers!
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Great design. I would love to see this implemented sometime. I still hope that apple might let you customize your interface one day.
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I wish to pay you to get some update for iOS 8, how could i contact you please?
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Is that possible to get an actionscript or psd samples to contribue & add a lots of new icons / alternatives?
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Not ready for iphone 6+ yet ? 
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I love your theme and I need it back in my life after upgrading to iOS 8 with my new iPhone 6. If you have free time can you please update it? Thanks!
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Realy dope
When will be compatible for ios8 iphone 6
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Thank you ) 
it's the best theme for ios 7
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Really like those ! Possible to make them available on Android ?
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I've never really liked using themes before Zanilla. This one really upgrades the iphone's looks without making it too messy or androidish.

One problem though - for some reason, some of the icons (Facebook, Messenger) won't change in the springboard, only in the settings. Is there any way to fix that?
Tried installing a custom icon set, but i'm not sure i'm doing it right...

Help :D
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Hey man, you need to go to iFile and go to /var/stash/_.HagJi1/Themes/Zanilla theme/Bundles and find the facebook carpet, which is "com.facebook.Facebook" find the image with the "120" on it and rename it "Icon-Production-120" and that's it, respring your device and you'll see the change 
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thanks!! can you tell me how to change facebook messenger? maybe you also know the bundle id for "Simplenote"? :D
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What lockscreen tweak is that? Thanks ~
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Hrey mate any update ? :)
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there is some problem with ipad...
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hi, love your theme so much. why doesn't twitter, Facebook or Skype change ;-(
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Same happen to me and I had trouble with Maps and other apps too.. Plus if he could make some more icons for apps like: Kik, line, telegram, wechat and etc. that would be awesome!
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OMG, when are u gonna release it bro? very awsome theme, hope you are fine (: , and how can i donate points? must i pay them or something?, im kindda new at this, im not used to use my account so  i really dk , hugs from Venezuela bro and keep going, PS: Dont study electrical engineering, trust me, it will kill you jajajaj (: 
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Awesome icons, can I ask what lockscreen theme are u using?
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great update ... but i've a problem with iconmask for ipad. icons have not the good size ... idea ?

thx for help.
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Was going to take the jailbreak off my iPad til I saw this. So good!
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Love the theme hope to see the update soon
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