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Hey guys, It's Point.

I'm having some serious Financial issues right now. The job I have doesn't pay enough for me to live off of, let alone afford an apartment. Even with a few friends, other expenses have come up, so money will be really tight. So I coming to you all for assistance. I have commissions open, and would appreciate if you would help me out. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I'm in need of help. 

I have a paypal if some of you want to be nice and just donate... Once again, you don't have to.

UPDATE:…    HERE IS MY ETSY SHOP. Sorry that there's only One thing on it, and I'll work on getting more on there!

Thank you everyone who takes the time to help out, or even just read this.


ANOTHER THING. Remember this lovely little Forum ( Well My amazing friend IkaritheHedgehog and I have spruced it up! Check it out and show some support?

Thank you!

While your at it, click my children below and level them up?

  • Listening to: Kanto Symphony
  • Reading: Pokemon Manga
  • Watching: The Grass Grow
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: Pringles
  • Drinking: Monster
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Submitted on
August 19, 2014