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Pointsettia stared up at the Match Ups and sighed deeply. She was almost there. All she had to do was win this round, and she would be in the Finals. The countdown to the matchup finally hit Zero, she shuffling of her and the other contestant's portraits slowing to a stop. Under the Portraits were two more rows; Location and Assist character. She groaned inwardly as everything came to a stop.

Pointsettia VS Dakuba

Location: Renaissance City

Assist: Devin

She tilted her head to she side when something else lit up under it; Mission objective: Chaos Emerald. She had dealt with powerful and magical artifacts before, but never a Chaos Emerald.

"Well... First time for everything, I guess." she sighed to herself as she headed for the new location. She slowed down as she passed the cotton candy stand; a prize that's eluded her for the entire competition. With a shake of her head and a determined look on her face, she stepped into the city.
Pointsettia felt something change about her. When she looked at her self in a dusty mirror leaning against one of the stands, she found that she had somehow changed into druid robes. She admired herself for a couple minutes, actually enjoying this new look, when she heard a loud cough a few feet away. It was Hydrus, yet again.

"I see you've adapted to the... magic in the air." he commented, waving a hand around airily.

"I have. So what's this about a Chaos Emerald?" the wolf questioned, finally looking at the Judge.

"You see, in each stage there were Chaos Emeralds." he started. "They decided to reveal themselves now, and that naturally attracts... unwanted contestants. So the mission objective is to Defeat you opponent and bring the emerald back to me. I've already explained this to your opponent, so you may have to work together for a bit."

"DoN'T fOrGeT aBoUt Me, DeArY!" Devin grinned as he rose from the shadows.

"Ah yes," Hydrus continued. "You will be able to call upon the assistance of Devin here if you need it."

Pointsettia simply nodded, and cracked her knuckles. It was time. She bid Hydrus farewell motioned for Devin to go away, and treaded deeper into the City.


It was full of cosplayers, music, food and life as the Forest Embodiment *see link at bottom for explanation* wandered about. Distracted by the merriment, she slammed into someone and fell backward, vines catching her and helping her stand back up.

"Ah, so you're Pointsettia!" the person she ran into spoke, holding out a hand. He was dressed in tattered monk's robes. Must have been because of the 'magic' here...

"...Yeah I am." she didn't take his hand, remembering the first round. "I'm assuming you're Dakuba?"

"You got it!"

Pointsettia could feel the overwhelming amount of energy coming from this person, and she didn't like it one bit. She took a few steps back and knelt down, acting like she was fixing her boot, while she was actually using the ground as a means to detect Chaos energy. After several seconds, she could feel the location; it was moving!

"Yeeeaaahhh..." she started, edging away. "God luck in your fight!" with that she ran off, dodging through the role-players.

"Y-you too! Wait... HEY! GET BACK HERE!" Dakuba shouted angrily, giving chase. He could easily track her, as he used his Ki to lock onto her energy signature. He followed her hastily, slowly but surely picking up the Chaos Emerald's signature as well.

~So THAT'S what she's after!~ he thought to himself, using his Ki to enhance his speed.

Energy danced across his fingertips as he powered up an energy attack. He held a thumb out and closed one eye, aiming at something. He watched as Pointsettia used a vine as a spring board and launched herself into the air. As she came into view fully, he threw the energy ball, slamming it into her back. The red wolf careened into the dirt, rolling a few feet. She stood up and faced Dakuba, an angry look on her dusty face.

"What was that for?!" she shouted, stomping her foot. Several vines twisted their way from the ground, causing many of the Renaissance goers to scatter. Pointsettia grabbed one and cracked in on the ground like a whip, barbs growing off of it.

"Hello?" Dakuba motioned at himself "Opponent? Evil? Gonna kick your ass back to the forest you came from?"

Dakuba's hands lit up with Ki energy as a ball formed between them. He threw the sphere at the wolf, who with a rising motion of her hand, managed to block with several thick vines. She turned and began to run, using the dust from the energy hitting the vines as cover. Dakuba tsk'd as he locked onto her energy signature.

Running was how Pointsettia was able to think straight. As she ran through the now mostly evacuated city, she took in her surroundings. A few trees and shrubs here and there, but mostly grass and dirt. She sighed internally and knelt down placing a hand on the ground again. She could feel the Chaos energy getting closer...


Daniel sneaked through the Renaissance City with a green chaos emerald in hand. He had to get out of here with it safely, otherwise he would remain ant sized forever (or until Ghostly decided to give back his amulet, but was probably never gonna happen). He could hear the commotion from the two competitors; a deranged three tailed fox named Dakuba, and Pointsettia; the Forest Embodiment. Their sounds got closer as Daniel ducked into an empty stall. Energy blasts and  large thorns flew back and forth his range of vision, causing him to crouch in a corner, trying to hide. The emerald in his hands began to glow brightly.

~Not again...~ he thought to himself. It was sending out another signal...


Pointsettia was sent crashing into a stall as a barrage of Ki smashed into her form. She got up, a bit sore from impact. Rolling to dodge another one of Dakuba's ruthless blasts, she glanced over to a glow that had caught her eye. Little bells and whistles went off in her head; it was a Chaos Emerald! She leaped into the stall and came face to face with Daniel. They stared at each other for a few moments before shouting simultaneously.


"You almost crushed me back there!"

"Well excuse me if I didn't see you!"

The roof of the stall was blown clear off and Dakuba stood there, tossing a ball of Ki back and forth between his hands. A bloodlust glinted in his eye as he admired the scene. To him, this was all to easy! His opponent AND the emerald in one sitting! He put his hands together and formed Ki blast, launching it at Pointsettia and the newcomer.

"Get down!" Pointsettia shouted, tackling Daniel out of the stall as it exploded. Quickly she turned to the Ant and held out a hand. "Give me the emerald and get somewhere safe."

"...I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Yeah~" Dakuba mimicked. "Why not~"

Because if i give it up, I'll shrink back down to tiny sized! It wouldn't be a problem if Ghostly would give me back my amulet, but he won't! This is the only other thing that has the power to keep my at my real size!" Daniel explained, sounding a bit desperate to stand by his case.

"Then I'll take it by force!" The fox roared as he began to power up. A small crater was where he used to be as his fist smashed into Pointsettia's stomach. She coughed and fell to her knees, dropping her whip. Dakuba turned his attention to the terrified ant, who was now running for his life. "Oh no you don't~"

He began to run after the ant, and quickly catching up, but he tripped on something. He looked down at his legs and saw that vines had tightly wrapped around his calves. Pointsettia stared at him with glowing green eyes.

"It's you and me now." she whispered, large vines erupting from the ground around them. "I will crush you where you stand!"

The vines crept up, wrapping themselves tightly around the rest of Dakuba's body until he was cocooned. They began constricting him, until the were blown apart by a blast of Ki and shadows. Dakuba stood there, powered up, with an unusually long shadow... that had a face?

"EvErYbOdY gEts OnE, fOx." Devin said, disappearing. "YoUrS wAs NoT bEiNg PoIsOnEd AnD cOnStRiCtEd tO dEaTh.~

Dakuba smirked a silent thanks as his shadow returned to normal. This 'extra' that was placed in here was quite useful, but both opponents guess that he was only here in Renaissance City to follow Pointsettia around. Now, Pointsettia and Dakuba faced off. Remembering her last fight, Pointsettia knew better then to try and run.

The two opponents circled each other, their fighting poses quite similar. Pointsettia used the mantis form position as Dakuba took on the reverse mantis. The red wolf flexed her wrists and moved her arms with grace as she started her barrage of thorns and poison. Dakuba was able to dodge all of them, but his eyes widened as he watched Pointsettia's smirk slowly widen into a crazed smile. She made a flip motion with her left hand and a pull forward motion with her right. The thorns Dakuba dodged changed course and headed right for him once more. The wolf placed her palms together, causing the thorns to flatten into blades, increasing their speed. Once more, Dakuba was able to dodge. However, he missed one. Aimed right at his face, a poisoned leaf blade ripped through the air. The three tailed fox instinctively caught the blade between his hands and laughed at what he thought was a failed attempt. His laughter quickly died out as the druid made a blossoming motion with a hand. Poison leaked out of the blade that was still in his grasp. Quickly he dropped it, but the poison had been deployed.

"You may as well give in." Pointsettia stated. "The poison has been deployed and I don't give the antidote until the meds ask for it."

"I-I'm not... GIVING IN!" Dakuba roared launching himself at Pointsettia. His movements were almost too fast to follow as he slammed her into the ground and began infusing his punches with Ki. Pointsettia could feel her newly healed ribs shatter once more and she began coughing up blood again. With no wind in her lungs, she couldn't speak let alone ask for help.

A fly trap of shadows encased Pointsettia's body and delivered a painful blast to Dakuba, sending his through several stalls, into a stable. The horses were spooked and ran out, but not before Dakuba grabbed a lance and mounted one. He rode back to where Pointsettia was, surprised to see her standing, stroking the neck of a horse. She frowned darkly at Dakuba and nodded a tanks to Devin as the maniac helped her up onto the horse. A thick vine sprung out of the ground in the shape of a lance and into Pointsettia's hand. It's tip dripped poison. The two faced each other on horseback, a good 50 feet away from each other. Both of them gave a cry to start the horses, lowered their lances, and began the fight that would decide the end.

Pointsettia could easily trip his horse and run Dakuba through with her vine, but this was more then a fight now. As the two grew closer, the saw each other as Knights, jousting for the same prize. Only one would walk away with it.

They were upon each other now, and in the one second until impact, Pointsettia's mindset changed. Her eyes now an almost black-green, stared at the sky as she leaned back as far as she could. Dakuba's lance cut into her face, right across her left eye as hers pierced through his shoulder. The horses came to a stop on opposite ends. Pointsettia dismounted, clutching her eye as blood flowed into it, blinding her. Dakuba fell off his horse as the poison began to paralyze his body.

"...I warned you." Pointsettia stated as she stood over him. "And now, the prize."

"...Wolf girl?" a voice said from behind her. Pointsettia turned around and saw it was Daniel. She frowned and began to advance on him, until her held out the emerald to her. He pulled it away as she grabbed for it. shaking a finger at her. "I want to speak to the real wolf girl, please."
The insanity slowly left Pointsttia's eyes as she collapsed to the ground, having a very hard time breathing and coughing out some more blood. Vines gently wrapped themselves around her torso giving her chest breathing support.

"Wh-what...?" she gasped out, trying to sit up. She looked over to Dakuba, who was barely breathing. Pointsettia waved a hand over his body, slowing the reaction time to the poison until the medics got here.

"I want to give this to you, on one condition." Daniel started. "First off, thank you for saving me. It's partly whats making this decision easy. Now the condition; If I give this to you... you have to PROMISE to try and help me get my amulet back from Ghostly."

Pointsettia stared at the emerald then at Daniel. A genuine smile on her face, she nodded.

"You have my word. I'll do what I can to help you." she responded.

Daniel sighed in relief and handed her the emerald, shrinking back to tiny sized. He turned and walked away, probably heading back to Tiny Town. As Pointsettia held the emerald, she felt... different. She could feel the link between her ad the Itaka Forest (her home) ebbing away.
Hydrus quickly took the emerald and clapped.

"Congrats on your Semifinal victory, Pointsettia."

"...That emerald had enough power to several the link between me and my forest. I almost made me real..."

"Chaos energy can do strange things~" As Hydrus spoke, the emerald glowed brightly. Pointsettia found herself and Dakuba laying in front of the medical bay. When she sat up, she felt a rib pierce her lung deeper causing her to grip her chest and spit out blood. She lay back down and her world went black.


I wanted to include Cover art like i did with the other entries, but I've had a hell of a past few weeks. Either way, it's finally done and in!

Pointsettia (c) Me
Dakuba (c) Bakuda-Son

GrandMobiusTournies (c) :icongrandmobiustournies:

Explanation to Forest Embodiment:…
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