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Pokemon Silver was my favorite game. It always was. So when HeartGold and SoulSilver came out, I was giddy with excitement. At the time, I had beaten Silver several times over. I had (im my opinion) the best Vaporeon. I made sure it was EV trained perfectly, had the right nature, and the proper characteristics and IVs.

I walked out of Gamestop with my new used copy of SoulSilver. When I got back home, I took my brother's DS and other consoles, and began the trading process. I stopped when my Vaporeon got to Platinum, as you can't trade to HeartGold and SoulSilver until you have the national Pokedex. So I spent the next day and a half playing SoulSilver non-stop until the credits rolled.

It may have been a remake, but I still greatly enjoyed the story. I looked at the second DS that sat a few feet away from me on the bed. Platinum's Title screen was playing and I smiled.

It was time.

I finally traded my Vaporeon over to SoulSilver. Once the trade was completed, my DS just... shut off. I tried turning it back on, but not even the little light would go on. I figured the battery died, so I plugged it in and tried again. Nothing. I could feel a lump forming in my throat. All that work... gone. I sat the console to the side and lay facedown, crying.

Here I was, a 19 year old girl, crying over a lost pokemon.

As I cried, I heard a sound. I did my best to silence my sobs as I listened for it. The unmistakable cry of a Vaporeon. I picked up my DS to see that SoulSilver had started up. I was in Lavender Town, in front of the Pokemon tower. I was a bit confused, remembering that I did the trading in Fuchsia City. I tried to move my Sprite, but the only thing that happened, what Vaporeon began to follow me.

"Come on... MOVE!" I practically shouted the words, getting a but fustrated.

I watched my sprite turn and speak to Vaporeon. The text box that appeared sent a small shiver down my spine.

'Despair doesn't like it when you yell, Lorelai.'

I was a bit confused. My sprite's name was Luminere, but MY name was Lorelai... What was going on...? I felt that this was just a sick joke that the previous owner of this game pulled. They probably did something to the cartridge that reads personal data.

I shook my head and tried to move my sprite. Finally, it moved. I went to my pokemon to fly out of Lavender Town, but found that all of my pokemon were missing except for Vaporeon who now beared the name 'Despair'.

Strange... It never had a name, and traded pokemon couldn't get nicknamed. Pushing that to the back of my mind, I closed the menu only to be greeted with another text box.

'Despair doesn't like it when you use other Pokemon, Lorelai. She's waited so long for you.'

My breath caught in my throat. As I walked around the town, I was unable to walk to the next maps. So I went to the only other place I could really go; into the Tower. As I walked in, the screen went black. The DS was still on, and I could hear my character bumping into walls. I checked my Items only to find that my bag had been emptied of everything except something named Relive x1 I left the bad and looked in my party. Despair was still there, only the sprite looked mutilated. There were pieces of it's flesh missing, and holes in it's collar. Her eyes were nothing but black with red dots for pupils and it had no mouth. Blood pooled around the feet of the sprite. I couldn't help but shudder as I went back to the black of the screen. As soon as I closed the menu, The screen lit up.

I found my sprite standing on the top of the Pokemon tower, facing down Despair.

'Despair doesn't like it when you win, Lorelai. She needs to put you in your place now.'

The screen flashed as my own pokemon challenged me to a battle. I had no pokemon to battle with, but my sprite stayed there as if she was the pokemon. Despair used crunch! I let out a gasp of pain and looked at my arm. Deep bite marks formed and began to bleed. I watched my sprites health drop a bit. I looked at the Fight/Pokemon/Bag/Run menu. Only 'Bag' was there. I went into it seeing and saw that the Relive x1 was still the only thing there. when I tried to use it, I was met with the words 'You cannot use this Item.'

I was forced back to the battle. Despair used Surf! It's Super Effective! A tight, heavy feeling rose in my chest as I fell off the bed and onto the floor. A lot of water and a bit of blood was coughed up as I blurrily watched my sprites health drop into the yellow.

This game was going to kill me! Yet again, I tried to use Relive x1. Still couldn't use it. Now It just seemed that I was wasting turns while my own Pokemon killed me both in game and out.

'Despair hates it when you won't die, Lorelai. It's time for you to white out forever.'

Despair used Ice beam! I clutched my chest as a piercing cold swept over my heart area. My vision blurred even further; almost to where I couldnt see. This was my last shot. My sprite's health was at 6hp. I went into my Items, and miracously, I was able to use the item! An ear piercing screech came from the console as I dropped it and crawled into a corner, screaming hysterically. I covered my ears, feeling a bit of blood leaking from them.


Sobbing, I crawled over to my DS and stared at the screen. Vaporeon was sitting in the top part of the screen, looking more sad then vicious now. The bottom screen held another text box.

'Trainer Lorelai used Relive! Despair doesn't want to go.'

With trembling hands, I pressed the A button.

'Despair doesn't like it when she's alone, Lorelai. She wants you to go with her.'



I pressed no.

Where it's mouth should have been, a thin line appeared and tore itself open, and the noise started up again. I dropped the DS again and retreated to the corner once more, covering my bleeding ears. I cried out for my Brother. My Father. My Mother.


I couldn't help but stare at the DS as one last text box appeared.

'Despair wants you to Relive the pain she went through to please you, Lorelai. You'll feel the Despair and torment of fighting for your life everyday now. Good bye... Lorelai.'

The noise faded into Lavender Town's music, the tune burrowing its way into my mind. Everything went black.

I woke up in a hospital, being treated for my strange wounds. I refused to tell anyone what transpired. I mean, who would believe me? My brother stopped by and handed me my DS. I turned it on was was greeted with SoulSilver's theme music. Everything seemed normal until he left. The screen went black and Vaporeon appeared. Lavender Town's music played softly, but the ringing in my ears it caused was unbearable.

'Despair doesn't like it when you survive, Lorelai.'
Whoo its finally up! :D
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June 18, 2014


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