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Points-Market FAQ and Rules


Welcome to the Market!
At this market, you can buy or sell point commissions and requests of all kinds of art or sell and buy prints! Join our community and bring exposure to your art!

:bulletblue:Everyone is welcome to join and all art is welcome!
:bulletblue:General rule of thumb: Spam the comment box with advertisements only once or twice a day
:bulletblue:Please try to submit to the correct folders. If you need help finding which folder to submit to, please ask one of our staff :) (get our attention faster by sending a note instead of a comment)
:bulletblue: Adoptables made from bases, lineart, or makers that are not created by the original artist him/herself will not be allowed. You may use your own linearts or bases, but not someone else's. Thank you!
:bulletblue: Please be aware that using scripts to generate faves, pageviews, or similar merits is now illegal.


Looking to buy or sell commissions?
Check our gallery for artists and our comments section on the page. The comments section has the most current commission requests and commission openings. Happy selling!
Is there a limit to submissions?
Yes, its now 3 a week. We encourage you to pick your best art to showcase in our gallery
Why was my art submission to ______ folder in the gallery denied?
It was probably denied because you submitted it to the wrong folder. If so, simply submit it again to the right folder, or ask a staff member for help
How can I advertise my commissions?
Submit to our gallery! You can comment on the group page too. This is where people can see the most recent commission openings!
Can I be a Contributor or Co-founder?
Every once in awhile, new spots for Contributor will be available. Co-founder position is reserved for only the original co-founders and very active admins.

Have more questions? Ask! :love:







Gallery Folders

ADOPT AUCTION  [OPEN] by boncinchi
[open] akaihebi! Adoptable #siiv-siiv by siiv-siiv
Skelecorn OTA Adopt OPEN by Candy-Artz
Jade sea adoptable ~AUCTION~ [CLOSED] by Fiorrie
Commission Examples
Adoptable Auction $3 SB :) [CLOSED] by jancrafts
Adoptable Auction Closed by niomurrey
Crossover Pokemon-Dark Souls / Yoru from the Abiss by LadyAzaly
Map8 by LadyAzaly
1-100 points Finished Commissions

Mature Content

Commission - Alisa Southercross - censored ver by Arthursirius
Adoptable OPEN (25 points) by todaytoday
{Closed} Adoptable Auction - 24 by Reusoru
101-300 Point Finished Commissions
[ OPEN # 15 ] ADOPT AUCTION by huibiy
Alex 2014 by Lisa22882
Kitty 2014 by Lisa22882
Jason David by Lisa22882
300+ Point Finished Commissions
Chun Li by Lisa22882
Shredder by Lisa22882
Spiderman by Lisa22882
Beauty and the Beast by Lisa22882
[Open] - Adoptables - set price [26/26] by Honespy
[closed] blackleash Adoptable #siiv-siiv) by siiv-siiv
Adopt pony Apple Rose+Applejack (Close) by marvi69
[closed] eye quilt Adoptable #siiv-siiv by siiv-siiv
Commission Prices and Information
Commissions open I`ll draw fantasy art based on your photo or your imagination. High resolution. Within a week from the date of the order :)You can use the commission as you see fit. This can be either for personal use or commercial use (this is not necessary, but if you tell me how you will use it, I will be happy). I can do:Original CharactersGirls/ BoysReal peopleFanart / online games charactersLight NSFW / NSFW but so that the genitals are not visible :)Light Bondage, BDSM, barefootHumans / kemonomimi / light Anthro HumanizationI can`t do:Not too detailed backgroundNot draw children, furry, animals, old mans.Not draw guro,RulesPayment via PAYPAL only.I'll start working once full payment was paid.Every commission piece will be submitted to my social media including progress, snapshots, or sometimes progress video. Please tell me before ordering if you feel inappropriate or it is private work.No refund after sketch confirmed!When the commission will be finished, you will receive an original size image via stash. A small size image will be submitted to my gallery.During the creation process, I will show you sketches, sketch+paint, and almost finished work. You can only make changes 2 times: the first time - at the sketch stage, the second - small edits before the final.Price Bust (on the chest) is $70 Half body (on hips) is $90On knees and lower is $110Full body is $1302 characters together and more than + 100% for each character,How to commission?Just send to me a note as you comfortably:a note on Deviantarta DM on Instagram @grimlaiI'll ask you:Portrait/ halfbody/ on knees and lower/ full bodyCharacter reference. At least one image.Character description: personality, race, etc.Extra Information: some things you want me to notice or add poses, etc.See you soon!,
[closed] blink! Adoptable #siiv-siiv) by siiv-siiv
[OPEN COMMISSION] Sketch portrait (1 slot) by MyFuckingGod
Backyard flowers white 2021 A by Lisa22882
Backyard flowers pink 2021 C by Lisa22882
Backyard flowers pink 2021 B by Lisa22882
Backyard flowers pink 2021 A by Lisa22882
Brush set and Resource pack
Adopts #37 auction OPEN by Grimlai
Winx YCH - Fairy Dust #1-2[CLOSED] by JigokuHaundo
Adopt Auction Girl Adoptable Closed by niomurrey
Adoptable Closed by niomurrey
Stamp and Icon Commissions
[YCH] Potion icon - OPEN by xKarka
Contests and give-aways
Lucas open auction 2$ by durashkaetoya
Past contests
No One's Perfect by yaoiluv3r4evur


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With a limit of 4 a day
I'm sorry, there are just so many members and I dont have enough competent staff members to keep this running the way i have it now

I'll come by every once and a while to check up on how the folders are shaping up

However I am still looking for more staff If you're interested in becoming part of the staff please message me
I only need someone to survey the folders and make sure no one is violating the rules. Further description will be given for anyone who wants to be staff
I will be accepting almost anyone, so dont be shy just message me!!
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Sell or buy point commissions, requests, advertise, sell your prints... anything you can think of in the Points-Market! Showcase your art for others to see to advertise your gallery! Everyone is welcome
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Point commissions, anything related to points

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Flamepelt adopt {OPEN}my commissions are open for points too. See my site for prices and stuff.

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