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moon doodle by Points-for-Fritty moon doodle :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 7 3 blue moon doodle by Points-for-Fritty blue moon doodle :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 8 0 Plant Pony Adopts (3/5 open) by Points-for-Fritty Plant Pony Adopts (3/5 open) :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 14 25 Scorpion Girl by Points-for-Fritty Scorpion Girl :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 11 0 Peach Perfect New Ref by Points-for-Fritty Peach Perfect New Ref :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 9 0 Blink Practice by Points-for-Fritty Blink Practice :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 2 0 Evelyn Redesign (ponysona) by Points-for-Fritty Evelyn Redesign (ponysona) :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 5 0 Collab with Cocoa by Points-for-Fritty Collab with Cocoa :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 5 0 Cocoa by Points-for-Fritty Cocoa :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 7 3 Rainbow Droplet by Points-for-Fritty Rainbow Droplet :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 9 2 Child Of The Night by Points-for-Fritty Child Of The Night :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 5 0 Torpor by Points-for-Fritty Torpor :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 3 0 mango doodle by Points-for-Fritty mango doodle :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 4 0 Plant Pony Mood board Adopts (2/5) by Points-for-Fritty Plant Pony Mood board Adopts (2/5) :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 14 32 Widow by Points-for-Fritty Widow :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 6 2 Arizona Nod by Points-for-Fritty Arizona Nod :iconpoints-for-fritty:Points-for-Fritty 6 0


HTTYD Base 2~Nightfury 2~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 2~Nightfury 2~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 241 30 HTTYD Base 1~Nightfury 1~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 1~Nightfury 1~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 161 50 HTTYD Base 23~Nightfury 21~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 23~Nightfury 21~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 110 14 HTTYD Base 32~Nightfury 28~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 32~Nightfury 28~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 298 53 HTTYD Base 31~Nightfury 27~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 31~Nightfury 27~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 157 31 HTTYD Base 41~Nightfury 33~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 41~Nightfury 33~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 157 27 HTTYD Base 61~Grapple Grounder 2~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 61~Grapple Grounder 2~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 163 26 HTTYD Base 63~Hackatoo 1~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 63~Hackatoo 1~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 140 13 HTTYD Base 62~Nightfury 45~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 62~Nightfury 45~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 160 38 HTTYD Base 67~Nightfury 47~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 67~Nightfury 47~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 241 46 HTTYD Base 77~Nightfury 53~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 77~Nightfury 53~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 288 52 HTTYD Base 92~Nightfury 60~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 92~Nightfury 60~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 279 45 HTTYD Base 93~Nightfury 61~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 93~Nightfury 61~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 160 37 HTTYD Base 94~Nightfury 62~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 94~Nightfury 62~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 223 30 HTTYD Base 45~Nightfury 36~ by Xbox-DS-Gameboy HTTYD Base 45~Nightfury 36~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 326 90


Points-for-Fritty's Profile Picture
Fritty Vargas
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Sardines made this account so the name is stuck like this. Gimme all your money. :D (im kiddin)

***i dont take requests but i sell adopts and commissions for points and paypal***

I enjoy designing and drawing things like ponies, gems and magical creatures. I also enjoy talking to people so feel free to approach me.


blue moon doodle
late night blue moon quartz doodle
she was just too cute to resist doodling and ive had her for a week or so so i figured now was a good time. ive got a lot of gems i love but havent used, might spend this week paying attention to them again
Plant Pony Adopts (3/5 open)
points and paypal accepted!
no holds for these, do not ask unless itll take less than 24 hours
cant change the species, only thing you can modify is the hair.
since g+ is ending this is a mourning batch of social media based ponies

1. insta themed/500/$5 f-luffbutt 

2. g+ themed/500/$5

3. twitter themed/500/$5 Foxbagelbites 
uncommon with flowers
4. tumblr themed/300/$3 Taligintou 
uncommon with fire breathing
5. deviantart themed/300/$3 ToriPone 
uncommon with forked tongue

base and species by fluttershysocks
Scorpion Girl
this is chione, the daughter of the nile. inspired by the scorpion king, doctor who and centaurs.
decided to keep her after all, i really like egyptian themes and arachnids, but drawing her is gonna be a pain

worth it


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jikazuki-art Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take customs?
I'd like a Padparadscha sapphire
Points-for-Fritty Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
i do, i could make you one for 250 points
spidersilks Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018
Heyo! A few months ago I bought a pony character from someone (made by you), and I was wondering if you could confirm that you did, in fact, sell it to them?

Here’s the character >>
Points-for-Fritty Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
its been a really long time since ive seen that character but i did sell it, for all i know its been with multiple people so i dont have a track record, who did you get it from?
cowcup Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2017
happy womb day!!
Points-for-Fritty Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you very much!
omg thats a new one i havent heard before as well XD
cowcup Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017
no problem!!
haha yea
piinkmoon Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday
Points-for-Fritty Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you! :D
LobiArti Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday Fritty!!!!
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