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Red Panda Auctionables CLOSED by Lysnat
Dragon-Wolf.Point-Adopt.CLOSED by Jade-Manip
Savannah-Evening.CustomAdopt by Jade-Manip
$5 and under
CLOSED / Adopt Boy Tiger / Auction /BLACK by BLACK-FIL
[Open ] Adopt Auction 1(resell) by theruleofrole
OPEN Auction - Outfit Adopt - YCH - #R120 by SaintGemms
[CLOSED Auction] Hammerman by HelgErich
$10 and under
[ OPEN ] ADOPTABLE 003 by theruleofrole
adopt CLOSED  auction by SkylarMeaw
CLOSED Adoptable Snake Girl by SweetLeaf21
Adoptable auction #16 [closed] by Rionni
30 points and under
[OPEN] Adopt Auction 17 by sh3man
adopt OPEN auction by SkylarMeaw
adopt CLOSED auction by SkylarMeaw
[CLOSE] Cat Adopts (set price) by LilFoxy666
100 points and under
adopt OPEN auction by SkylarMeaw
OPEN Auction - Outfit Adopt - YCH - #R118 by SaintGemms
OPEN Auction - Outfit Adopt - YCH - #R116 by SaintGemms
(Close) Adoptable Auction #012 by henfruity
100+ points
[OPEN] Adoptable #76-77 by ILUSDN
[OPEN] Adoptable Auction #11 | Summoner by MaritaSAdopts
Animated Pocky YCH [CLOSED] by MoonyChii
(SETPRICE|OPEN) Chibi Adoptables Batch by Chopup
:Adoptable auction: #5 (CLOSER) by LordMroku
YCH - halloween platforms! {CLOSE UNTIL 01.10.202} by Kelshray
Adopt Auction Tamotsu [OPEN] by vertigoxxxx

Mature Content

YCH Sitting Illustration Auction (Closed) by skexboo
[Closed] adopt by Volframa
[CLOSED] - Hallowed Flame by Red-Sinistra
:Adoptable: #S11 (SOLD) by LordMroku
NEW Adoptable batch N1 (SOLD) by LordMroku
[OPEN] Adopt auction no. 2 by AlyChaAlya

Mature Content

Adoptable(OPEN) ChineseMonterGirl - SisHorny by SisHorny
ADOPT AUCTION [open] NIGHT HEART by mihanyavaleron
NEW Adoptable batch N3 (OPEN1/4) by LordMroku
Humanoids and Anthros
:Adoptable auction: #6 (OPEN!) by LordMroku
:Adoptable auction: #7 (CLOSED) by LordMroku
OPEN Auction - Outfit Adopt - YCH - #R119 by SaintGemms


an awesome set of designs, and all original and different lines, you should really check this girl out!

beautiful designs, and a very interesting adoption concept! check it.

cute little thing, i am surprised she isn't adopted yet!


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designs with premade lineart may NOT be used for gaining $money$.

premade linearts are only allowed for point adoptions and you must credit the lineart in your submission. if not, i will remove it from the group.


edit: just to clarify PREMADE LINEART, term as we use it, means premade lineart that you have not created
A reminder for points to cash and cash to points conversions

i notice a lot of people are selling things for $2 or like 60 points. This is totally fine, i encourage people to have the choice. i think its nice.

i would just like to point out that $1 USD is equal to 80 points. This means that some of the adoptables are being sold with a big deal to the point-spenders. Which, if its your intention to get points and encourage point-buying, is totally fine for you then.

But if you do want equal conversion, or maybe give people paying real money a discount (micro-selling at like 70 cents and ask for like 80 points), you might be able to get more real money, instead of the points.

Just a thought. Wasn't sure if people knew the going rate of points... Hope it was helpful!

Also just asking, hows everyone liking the group so far? I've seen so many fantastic artists who put their styles and everything into their designs.. its absolutely wonderful. First features will be up next week, probably on sunday. Enjoy!
All of these are subject to change, drastically and/or minorly (except the staff rules.. admin rules will be very STRICT and admins will be kept respectful)

The manifesto is such:

i made this group after some drama of a similar type of club. their unprofessionalism was duely noted and i decided i would create a just atmosphere for things to take place, one that did not have the hostility of the environment i have found. This club will have lots of contests, and specific categories, and many fun activities. Anyone can be a member and Submissions will be categorized specifically as to make it easy for people to know what folder leads to what kind of adoptables

administrators will have strict rules, and they will not be allowed to hold grudges or say anything rude to members. the mods will be here to help them, not to be power hungry, snide, or get personal with the members. As for members, they are the key to having a helpful community, which is what i would like to have.

Some of the more serious artists ive met have extravagant designs that dont really have a place of their own to sell for money aside from their page, (and its degrading when these designs get offers of 30 points, which isnt even equivalent to thirty cents) so this group will also cater to those artists who dont use premade linearts and actually handmake each design very carefully. Both those who upload to points and upload to cash will get awareness and their art will be promoted.

We may even have a feature section for both types of artists that will be regulrly updated weekly or bi-weeklyHowever, we will also allow for traditional adoptables, those that are made with trades and art applying to be the owners. this of course will also be in a seperate category and will make the adoptions extra fun on that folder. Of course we will also feature one of these artists as well.

Member rules:

So far the only rules are:
-credit any aspect of the adoptable tht isnt yours (post a link to where you got it within the artists comments)
-do not submit ANYTHING with lineart that you yourself did not make from scratch. Its just lame to make somneone buy something that the lines have been done by another artist, not to mention illegal to make profit off their lineart without their permission.

how the folders work:

You may put your deviation in a point folder if you want points, and cash folde rif you want cash. If you have dog adoptables, that are 2 dollars, put them in the 5 and under instead of the canine folder.
if the submission is a traditional adoptable (which is when artists compete by drawing the character and posting to the original designer and the designer will pick from there) just put it in the folders as displayed. If a certain other animals or something become popular submissions, the group will accommodate them by adding such folders.
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