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Hello Everyone~!  

Hello there guys and gals! This group was created 7 Years ago; Jun 7, 2010 by Ginkatniss (who is now inactive). I joined the group as a regular member a few months after it was made. Then in October that same year I got to join the Admin team and have been here ever since. As of Feb, 2012 I took over as group founder and still here. x3 The rules that are in effect at the moment are pretty much the way they’ve been since this group was born. Along the way a few tweaks have been made based on situations we ran into but otherwise, no change.

This is 2017 and I strongly feel it is time for some changes! The adopt community might not be as busy as it once was or maybe busier (depends on your view) but still they are around all the same. I hope you all will come to accept and like the changes. The goal is to not be quite as strict and be easier to know/follow. =3 On doing this some of the older threads have been deleted since they are not accurate and I don’t want to risk unnecessary confusion. *w* If you have a question, feel free to post a comment or ask the group via :note:!

⤜ How to Join! ⇾

Group membership is required to submit to our gallery but is not required to adopt from someone. Anyone is able and welcome to just watch the group. =D If you would like to join us, please before you do anything else, go Authenticate your Account! Doing this step without us having to ask you helps your request complete faster. Now before you try to submit, please read over this blog thoroughly to know what we do and don't allow. If by 5 days you still haven't responded, it will be denied by default.

Here are Point-Adopts we take the rules seriously and do not take lightly to member abuse in any way. We use a strict 3-strike policy which once earned you shall be kicked with a courtesy notice to inform you of such. This process is to help show you that we do pay attention and there are indeed consequences when rules are broken one to many times. Now after you have been kicked, if you feel you learned to do better you are welcome to return but should you earn strikes again the next course of action is to ban you. Therefore please be careful when you submit things and think before you reply; unnecessary attitude is looked down upon.

⤜ The Submission Process! ⇾

Your adoptables when being sold must be available in points! If you are wanting to sell with PayPal bullet that is fine as long as buying with points is still an equal option! If you are looking to accept PayPal bullet only, it will not be accepted here. Take note the name of this group after all. ;p Please select the right folder when you send in your requests. There is no longer the one folder for all to submit too. I don't have the time to keep moving them all into the proper place so I'm giving you guys the chance to do this from the start! Take note that this group does NOT do auto-accepts. Each adopt goes through a quality check and if we require something more in order to accepted it, a comment will be made. :)

⤜ The NEW Rules! ⇾

#.1. Artists Credits Required for Everyone ~ Clear to see and without attitude. Reason is due to the growing popularity of folks using a base to sell their designs. Yes, with an actual link to the owner's profile/page please. Credits on the image alone will be accepted if it is YOUR work. If you used someone else's base/lineart than it should still be included in the description please. Examples of what we are looking for -
 Base/All Art by you ::
»»» Art by Me 
»»» Art by x-Skeletta-x (aka your actual DA name)
 Base/Lineart made by someone else :: 
»»» Base by Xeshaire 
»»» Lineart by Chesta @ FA 
»»» Base by Vani @ Sellfy
#.2. Quality and Care! The kind that says you spent time on this and not a mere 5 seconds. Each one must be a full body, with clear line-art and clean coloring (flat colors a minimum), the shading is up to you. This means the adopt is large enough to see without struggle and clean to be able to tell where the design stops and ends. For a bit more detail about this please refer to other journal that explains it.

#.3. Out in the Open! This is referring to all transactions for your adopt should be made available through comments.

#.4. Finish Line?! Must have an END DATE! For those who enjoy offering for sale in the form of an auction, when will the it end? This is important to know for many potential buyers in case they want time to ponder first they know when they need to return by to make a bid. This also applies to all "Offer to Adopt" , "Draw to Adopt" and Contest/Raffle event ones. Acceptable examples -
»»» April. 8, 2017
»»» 4.8.17
»»» 48 hours after last bid. This means someone bids, 48 hours pass with no new bids leaving them to be the winner!
Take note; "Offer to Adopt" (OTA) is the one that can not be marked by after x time passes. Since folks are not competing with each other and it's a battle of seller interest; it needs an actual DATE.
#.5 Did yours sell? The entire batch?! That is great, what we hope happens! However, if you'd be so kind, please do not remove it from our gallery but instead, send the group a note and we will happily move it into the SOLD folder. We can't stop you from still removing it but doing so repeatedly will result on us no longer accepting anymore of your future designs! If we are good enough to feature it to help you sell it, it should stay after wards too. ;]

#.6. Original Specie Concept/Creations! Did you design a critter you want to fully sell the rights too? That is great! However, while we do not have a folder for these (because it's quite rare) we are willing to accept it as long as your creation still follows the rest of our guidelines. In a nut-shell that would be clean, crisp lines as well as at least ONE full body, design of said critter. After all, we are all about designs and it brings your species to life so much better if one is seen in action. :3 

⤜ Things NOT accepted! ⇾

#.1. Some Copyrighted Series; Sonic, Pokemon and The Lion King. These are subject to change but for now these one are still not allowed.
#.2. Maker Adopts. Those made with something like this or these
#.3. Forced Requirements. If folks must join this or that group to adopt. If folks must draw or prove it shall be used.
#.4. Custom. If your sheet is nothing but a blank shape/base meant to be a custom, it shall be denied. If your sheet has some pre-made designs to sell along with a custom spot, that is fine.
#.5. Greedy Bids. "If the bid doesn't get to such-such number, I'll be keeping" type comments will be denied. This is very unprofessional and a turn-off attitude for any potential buyers.
#.6. First-View sitting Poses. Like this. It just leaves too much of the design unclear since it can't be seen. 
#.7. Clothing and Objects. Journals and "YCH" - Your Character Here. YCH is more a commission piece, not an adopt. There are exceptions made for journals but mostly only for the Admins.
#.8. 50% or more already sold! This mostly happens if we are unable to get to your sheet quick enough, but if by chance when we do look at yours and over-half of the sheet is already sold, please do not be alarmed for it will be denied. Why you ask? This is by no means to attack or insult you so please do not take it as such. This is mostly out of compassion to the buyers because we've discovered it can be rather sad and annoying to get all excited about seeing a sheet and then realize most are already gone; giving them no chance of choice anyways. ^^'
#.9. Screenshots! Screenshot captures of your toyhou.se gallery to show you have many there for sale are NOT accepted here. Or any other screenshot of another off-site source shall be turned down. This is a DA group and thus we look to feature things submitted ON DA.

Yes, going forward starting today we ARE accepting some My Little Pony - but going to be super picky on these. They can not be a mere recolor or copy of those from the cartoon. Need to be their own, unique and creative design! Such examples we'd accept would be - New pony adopts [1/4 OPEN] - Mystery Adopts: CLOSED 

Yes, we are also now accepting humans! Also super picky! They have to be super creative and awesome on difference to get accepted. Some that I would take in - Male adopts - Closed~! - [CLOSED] ADOPT 26 - No-Human set 2 - 

⤜ Other Links ⇾

 Frequently Asked Questions!  { Click Here  
 Quality Control Guidelines!  { Click Here }    
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