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How to Authenticate/Confirm your Account!

For New accounts, accounts used just for uploading your adopts and accounts with a small gallery.

I know this may be annoying or seem unnecessary to some, but honestly, we feel it is needed. It has come to our attention that through the adopt-community, a lot of stealing is going on. Folks making new accounts, steal someone's created adopt sheet, submit it and sell it off for points. Now the pet is sold to 2 people. This of course creates a whirl-wind of mess and frustration. We at Point-Adopts are trying to do our best to help our members not have to worry about ending up in that type of mess. Thus this precaution was born to help weed out those with the wrong intent. :salute:

If your account is new, gallery is filled mostly with adopts or there is very little to your gallery, you will be guided to this blog. In no way is this asking you to make another account nor post your adopts here. ;p

:alert: by Scorpion81 First Step - Be logged into your Main or Old Account!
    »  Aka the one you use most that is not meant for your adopts or your oldest account that you moved from, etc  
:alert: by Scorpion81 Second Step - Comment here including the link TO the adopt/new account.
    »  The idea is to provide the link to the new or adopt-only account that you are wanting to be a member here with. If your account is your one and only, please just post saying that. You are welcome to NOTE the group instead if you’d rather do it that way.
:alert: by Scorpion81 Last Step - Now you wait for us to get to it!
    »  At this point feel free to send a join request from the main page if you have not done so already! But only after you've left your authentication comment from your MAIN account!

If you do not want your info public, that is fine. You may then note the GROUP. Not a direct note to the admins but to the GROUP where any admin can get to based on who is around first.

Please remember, I am only human, not a robot. Once a request comes in, an X amount of time is waited for the comment here to be made. If by the end of that time, there is not one, the joining request will be denied. If you comment to confirm and it gets accepted but you fail to actually send IN the join request for that adopt/new account within X amount of time, than the confirmed part is now cancelled out. We don't track of those we are still -waiting- on. This is why it is highly advised that you do both about the same time/ back to back.

:star: If you have already been accepted as a member, this process doesn't apply to you! :star:

Take note if you was guided here but are not able to authenticate it with an older account, your request will be denied. Either because your account is new, gallery is filled mostly with adopts or there is very little to your gallery. You are welcome to try again in the future to join when your account is older AND there is more art to your gallery that is not adopts. If your one and only account is strictly for adopts, I am sorry but more than likely we won't ever accept you as a member, you are free to watch the group however if you buy adopts. This is not accusing you of anything, it has become a necessary measure that we take to protect our members. 

Please, remember there is NO reason what so ever to get mad at us because there are dozens of other adopt groups that you can always join. We are happy to have and serve those we do but this process is here for important reasons and is not going away any time soon.

Comments are hidden for privacy sake and to keep it easier to tell when a new one comes along that still needs to be processed. :nod:
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ObscurumOpus's avatar

Confirming that my second account ObscurumOpusSecundus (edit: typing the icon code didn't work on eclipse) I use it to create and sell points adopts

KawaiiKitzyCKArtist's avatar

Hi!~ I'd like to ask if my new adopts account XxImPAWsterxX can be added to your group pls? I no longer use this account for my adopts, but would like to join here on my now new main account <3

Drache-Lehre's avatar

Read it again please.

AdRyuAdopts's avatar

Sorry but then, I don't understand it , is not my first lenguaje and it's difficult to me to understand. Could you please explain me what could I do to join? If not, it's okay.

Have a good day

Drache-Lehre's avatar

You need to be logged into your main account to authenticate the adopt account. You got it backwards.

AdRyu's avatar

This is my main account, and @AdRyuAdopts is my adopt account. Thanks for read and understand my issues.

AdRyuAdopts's avatar

Thanks for explain this to me, I will change accounts then.

Sorry for the misunderstanding and have a good day.

Pazbanewolf's avatar

I’m actually already a part of this group on @Dageraron sorry I didn’t do the normal process

Barbull's avatar

Apologies, I forgot about this process!

This is my main account and I'd like to add @BarbullAdopts to the group

Drache-Lehre's avatar

No worries; all good. Had a feeling it was still you BUT can never be too careful. Someone could of made it and just tried to steal your stuff and pass for you, hence why this process is here. It helps us weed the liars out. ;)

Barbull's avatar

Definitely a great system to have in place

Drache-Lehre's avatar
Apologies on the delay, been and still sorta am on hiatus. Sweating a little... But an invite has been sent to that account if you are still interested. =D (Big Grin)
ACIDlC's avatar
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Apologies on the delay, been and still sorta am on hiatus. ^^; But an invite has been sent to that account if you are still interested. =D
Drache-Lehre's avatar
No proof is necessary. Feel free to try again when your account is older and has more to it ~ =D
Drache-Lehre's avatar
Drache-Lehre's avatar
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