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Hello and welcome to the Point-Adopts Frequently Asked Questions blog!  We've been getting a lot of questions recently (so yes, these really are frequently asked!), so we figured we'd address them here for everyone to see instead of continually responding to each one individually. :nod:

:star: General Questions :star:
:bulletred: Q: What exactly is an adoptable?
:bulletgreen: A: An adoptable is, in it's simplest form, a character design that is available for another person to "adopt" and make their own. Adoptables can be made available for purchase via points/cash or for free, depending on the person distributing/giving them away!

:bulletred: Q: Why do people make and sell adoptables?
:bulletgreen: A: The most common reason is the earn deviantART points (:points:).  :points: can be used to buy subscriptions, art from other deviants, or real-life merchandise from dA's shop. :D  Some people just enjoy making character designs and want to see people use them. :meow:

:bulletred: Q: How do I buy one?
:bulletgreen: A: That all depends on the artist's rules.  The most common way to get one is a flat sale.  In a flat sale, the adoptable has a set price.  If you're the first to comment saying that you want it (you may have to fill out a form or profile sheet), once the artist confirms you won, you send the :points: and the adoptable is yours!
Other common ways of obtaining adoptables:
:bulletblue: Being the first to draw it (this is usually one of the free ways to get one)
:bulletblue: Drawing the best picture of it in the allotted time (another way that's usually free)
:bulletblue: Auction/highest offer
Just be sure to read the artist's rules before you comment! :D
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: :points: raffles / lotteries are illegal on dA! :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletred: Q: OK, I've bought one, but what do you do with an adoptable?
:bulletgreen: A: It is now yours to keep!  You can draw it, write about it, role play with it, whatever!  Just bear in mind any rules that the original artist set.  Some artists require that you always credit them for the original design. :nod:

:bulletred: Q: How do Point Auctions work? :new:
:bulletgreen: A: You as the seller, may find an auction useful if you are unsure how much you want to ask for or how much folks think it is worth. So at times, to find out how others rate it, you let them bid for it! It usually helps to include a starting bid, a minimum that you feel should be bid first. Some work at just going with 5 or 10 and then others go higher but what you put is up to you! If what you put at first is too high and you have no takers to even start, then try lowering a bit. =) Once you have your starting bid worked out, I would suggest putting a minimum bid increase. This means that if someone bids the starter - we'll go with 5 points and another person comes along to bid, they have to bid 5 + whatever you put for your minimum, at least. For my example we'll go with a 2 point minumum. Bidder 2 then has to bid either a 7 point value or higher for their bid to qualify. A minimum increase is NOT required, that is up to you. If you are okay with folks just bidding 1 + more or what not, then don't add one. xD

Another suggestion for it is to put an Autobuy price. An Autobuy price is meant to be a higher amount that someone can use to buy and pay if they do not want to deal with the hassle of bidding or risk losing it to someone else. The idea is to make it higher. Some times you get lucky and folks find your stuff worth it, other times folks will just bid to try to get it cheaper. =3

How you do yours is up to you but I hope this helps get you started if it is your first time! For an example of a previously done auction, view this pet -…

:star: Point-Adopts-Specific Questions :star:
:bulletred: Q: I have adoptables I'd like to submit, but I'm not sure if they fit in with all your rules...
:bulletgreen: A: If you're in this situation, then please give us a link/links to it/them either on our front page or in a note to the Group, and we will be happy to help you! ^__^

:bulletred: Q: Why do I have to credit the line or base artist?
:bulletgreen: A: Multiple reasons, actually.  First, in the art community, it is common courtesy and the standard that you give credit to anyone who made things that you used.  Second, if someone else wants to use it, they know where to look! :D 

:bulletred: Q: Why don't you guys allow adoptables that are in The Lion King/Sonic the Hedgehog/____-style?
:bulletgreen: A: We just don't. Sorry!

:bulletred: Q: Why don't you allow adoptables made on Maker Games? Doll Divine said it's OK for people to sell them for :points:!
:bulletgreen: A: It's great that Doll Divine allows this, but we do not because (sorry to be blunt) we think it's just lazy.  Anyone who plays the Maker Game can create that same design themselves.  Since we encourage creativity and originality, Maker Game adoptables just do not have a place here.
We did used to allow Maker Game adoptables.  If you happen to see any still in our gallery, please send us a link to it and we'll remove it. :D

:bulletred: Q: What is a "Sheet" of adoptables?
:bulletgreen: A: A sheet of adoptables is basically just what we call the things that you are submitting to the group that contain single or grouped adoptable designs. In normal deviantART terms, you might call the sheet a "deviation" but for the purposes of the group, we call it a "sheet of adopables," as if you are drawing your adoptable designs on a "sheet" of paper and submitting them to us to be featured. Get it?

:bulletred::bulletred: Q: How does one get Banned from this group?
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: A: Good question. You can get banned from the group for a number of reasons which include, but are not limited to Advertising/spamming the front page and being excessively rude/immature/disrespectful to admin during the submission process. Remember, emotes/smilies may seem like a harmless thing but put them in the wrong context and you may come across as childish and immature. Please be careful when writing responses to Admin during the submission process as we do take your responses seriously.

:bulletred::bulletred: Q: Why are your quality standards so strict/high?
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: A: We keep higher quality standards than other groups because not only do we have a large watcher/member base to cater to but also we believe that only those adoptables that were truly worked on deserve to be featured. We want people to put their heart into their designs, to make something we are honestly proud to feature.  Spamming you all with 5 minute doodle designs is not what we do.  We apologize if you think its a personal attack that we reject your adoptables because it's not, we just have a level of quality to uphold and have to do it no matter what.

:bulletred::bulletred: Q: Can Icons be used for Adopts? 
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Not here, those are too small for what we prefer.

:bulletred::bulletred: Q:  If a adoptable sheet gets denied, are we allowed to clear it up any mistakes that we have made and submit it again? If so, can it be on the same day or do you have to wait a day? 
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Yes you can do that and there is no wait period. You can try again the same day if you get it updated that quickly!

:bulletred::bulletred: Q:  Can I submit weapon or clothing designs? 
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: At this time, the answer is no. We'd prefer to stick to critters. 

More to come!  If you have a question, please ask! Note the group or

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