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Raising funds for Croatia - Commissions 25% off!Update: 19th Jan 2020I've finally donated the money to a charity run by this awesome woman called Branka Bakšić Mitić! She has done so much for Banovina since day one and is still out there helping them first hand!She is a deputy mayor of Glina (a city in Banovina). Not the mayor, the deputy. While the mayor is mainly uninterested that the city he's governing has been leveled, Branka went out of her way to help the poor people of her town. Immediately following the big earthquake she asked to use her business car (granted to her as a deputy mayor) to transfer goods and help to people, which she was denied. She had to buy a van with her own money, just so she could travel the distance between Zagreb and Banovina with the supplies. Every day she makes a dozen rounds from the capital to Banovina, distributing help. She knows each person in her city by name, knows who needs what kind of help, and makes sure they get it as soon as possible. Being it medical supplies, running water or a shelter, she gets it for them. Her charity is called 'Ljudi za ljude' (Croatian for 'People for people').This woman deserves all the respect in this world.Update: 7th Jan 2020Thanks to all that commissioned me I've managed to raise a fine amount of money for these people. The ground still shakes with small eartquakes, but a few magnitude 5s are hitting every few days. Only yesterday afternoon an another one struck. Thought help is coming 24/7, there are still thousands of people who need our help! So please, keep supporting this cause!--------I'm two days late with this journal, I needed time to figure out what I could do. Me and my family have already sent few packages to this area and donated money. I cannot go there and help myself because the roads are unsafe and the government doesn't allow any more people to enter, so all that I have left to do is raise funds for these poor people.If you haven't heard the news, here it is.On December 28th at 6:28 AM a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit Croatia, starting in the area called Banovina. Nearest cities are Sisak and Petrinja, hence you will see their names pop up everywhere if you want to google the event. This earthquake damaged many of the houses there but thankfully there were no serious injuries or deaths.Horrifyingly enough, a much stronger earthquake (6.4 magnitude) hit Petrinja the next day at around noon, this one spreading all over the country and even across the borders! Austria, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, all reported this earthquake had reached them. Following this one, many others ranging from 4.7 to 5.5 magnitude shook the ground, and are still shaking it to this day! (last reported were 4.7 and 4.8 this morning, (around 6:30 AM, 31st Dec))Banovina is one of the poorest, if not the poorest, part of Croatia. Houses there are old wooden farm houses, and its occupants mostly elderly. These houses are leveled. They do not exist anymore. Half of central Croatia is without water, heat or electricity to this day. There are 7 confirmed deaths by now, the youngest being a 13 year old girl. There will most definitely be more confirmed in the following days, since the rescue efforts are still ongoing. There are many injured people being sent to hospitals all around Croatia, since the one in Sisak (the nearest one) is very badly damaged. There are still many people trapped in the rubble of their homes, waiting to be rescued. Those who are safe are in need of food, water, warm clothing and shelter. The roads leading there are cracked and full of crevasses, the bridges are unsafe to cross and every now and then the ground shakes, which only makes it harder for help to arrive. One more problem there was, is that the government issued a 'semi-lockdown', and you needed to have a special pass to cross into other counties. Thankfully, they suspended this order for 3 days, in order for help and supplies to arrive to the areas most effected by the earthquake.I will also take a moment to mention how amazing our people are. Immediately after the 6.4 one hit, people rushed to help those who were stuck under ruins. Morning to night, in the dark, rescuers searched the area for survivors, treated the injured and mourned the dead. There are countless trucks full of food, water, clothes, medical supplies, being sent there every minute! The famous Bad Blue Boys, Kohorta, Torcida (ultras groups for our football teams, they are known to be pretty problematic and fight each other) and many more gathered in a matter of hours and they are now side by side helping Banovina. People who couldn't get there in time but want to help, wait 6+ hours in line to donate blood for the injured! Restaurant owners, chefs, butchers from all over Croatia, all came together to cook for the families in Banovina. Those who own hotels or rent apartments are offering their services for free. People with campers and trailers are heading there in huge convoys. There were so many volunteers flooding the area, that the government is pleading for us to stop!I say fuck them! There is never too much help. These poor people have NOTHING, and I don't think they mind having an extra pair of socks. If you want to help, DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THE RED CROSS ORGANISATION. They are corrupt as hell, and will not forward the money to those in need. This happened many times before, when we struggled with floods or forest fires.There are thousands of individuals who are organizing donation pools and transporting the goods directly to Petrinja, Sisak and other villages that were destroyed. Focus your attention to them and help the people of Banovina through them.I cannot stress this enough, the real heroes are ordinary people! They dropped everything they were doing and hurried to help those who lost their homes and loved ones. We have BIG HEARTS, and they all beat together!! I am opening my commissions with 25% off, and all the money collected with go to the funds for Banovina!Here is a list of fundraisers that you can donate directly to: There is also a dA artist @NorthernRed whose house was badly damaged, I'll link their paypal as well: ,,,,,,,,,,,If you cannot donate, please share this journal further! These people need your help!Thank you all,~Delta
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Anthros and Humanoids
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Aquatic and Misc
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Auctions + OTA
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Egg Adopts 2020 - 1# -CLOSED- THANK YOU x3 by TaimaTala
ReN Stables Breeding Grid Open (42/42) by amalthea2010
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Fangs and Paws
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Linearts and Bases
Adopt Base Stuffie Sheep - 10 POINTS by Sigma-the-Enigma
shy's f2u pony base by shyponies
F2U RAPTOR BASE by contrabeast
F2U Feline Base by Awkwardos
Mythical and Made Up
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Reptile and Amphibian
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Affiliation is Always OPEN! :meow:
:bulletorange: Please use discretion when sending requests as we reserve the right to accept/reject as we see fit.
:bulletorange: Adoptable groups must have a specific focus to be accepted.
:bulletred: Groups' who's founder is an adopt-specific account will not be accepted.

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Thanks for dropping by the Pet Shoppe!
Please have a look around. There are lots of critters looking to go to a new home!
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What We Don't and Do Accept!

These are important and is encouraged for you to read before asking to join to make sure we accept the types of adopts you like to make~ If you are ever unsure tho, you are welcome to ask us questions at any time. Please do so via :note:ing the group or on the proper blogs. Thank you. ^_^

We :bulletgreen: DO :bulletgreen: Accept!

* Anthro/Furry Characters
* Animals ; Horses, Deer, Dragons & Cats etc.
* Original Species Yours or those with open permission to create.
* Humans ; With exceptional detail or creativity displayed.
* MLP ; With exceptional detail or creativity displayed.

We :bulletred: DON'T :bulletred: Accept!

* Copyrighted Styles ; Pokemon, Lion King & Sonic
* Maker-Made Adopts
* Teeny-Tiny Adopts
* Objects + Clothing.

These are just the most important ones to note. For the entire run down on our guidelines it's best to read the Dot Bullet (Red Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre[RULES] Dot Bullet (Red Orange) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre journal.

Coming Soon~

Under Construction!

Homepage Comments!

What we :bulletgreen: DO :bulletgreen: encourage!

* Can seek aid on finding a particular pet you might be wanting. Ex; 'Anyone have any horses for sale?'
* Kinds words about the group.
* Members can post up to 3 links a day of adopts that are still for sale.

What is :bulletred: NOT :bulletred: encouraged!

* Spamming
* Advertising not group related. Ex; commissions, other groups etc.
* Begging for points, llamas, other services etc.
* Comments are NOT wanted at all from accounts that are made specifically for selling/advertising services and-or badges.
* Posting about denied tickets. :note: the group for this.


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