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Before you continue on, if you're considering joining us, please read the contents of this box first as well as the links *Click the Certs* that are provided for you below. :)

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Piece Denied? : Do NOT ask on the homepage!
To ask why yours was denied or to get tips/critique to improve, please contact us via group :note:. Please do not ask about this on our homepage nor personal notes to the admins.

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Gallery Folders

Want a Whole Month of Joy?!No matter the culture nor if you celebrate it or not, everyone is able to enjoy things that bring reasons for yourself to smile. It's always a wonderful thing to put others first but sometimes, screw that - you need to focus on yourself! Yes, I said it! In light of that, splurging on yourself; I encourage you to join and prepare yourself for a FULL MONTH of Awesome Presents!,What do you gotta do ya ask? Simple. Just join !!!Regardless of your tastes, there is very little chance you'll be disappointed with her content! I have confidence on this why? Because @NorthernRed is a super sweet gal, super talented and offers all sorts of things. Animals, Furries, Humans and even animations! All of her resources; once you make something with it to make it your own, is allowed to be used for earning some money!! This means yes, you could offer up YCH or just dish out adopt/designs that you put up for sale! The basic and main rule that she asks in return? Simply credit her. YES THAT EASY!Samples of Red's existing Content:,I don't know about you, but I'm super excited to see what she has in store for us this month!! Surprise Feature Spotlights: I'd like to share with you some lovely works as samples on what folks have done with what Red shares and things you could do too with your own style! I picked things randomly, if you get a mention/tag from this? Apologies!! You can browse DA yourself by looking up "NorthernRed" and see many, many more!! ,Oh I'll share the best part, if you are joining her patreon for the first time, you don't just get access to what she releases today and beyond BUT you get access to the content of all the PAST stuff too! At least, for the duration that your patreon membership is actived and whatever is covered on the tier you join! MOST content is available to all tiers, no matter how low or high that is, but some content is reserved to higher tiers. If you love to color, rather for yourself to make references or to sell designs you won't be disappointed! Go give her page a visit and see for yourself! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
Character Theft!Hello everyone! Please note that this journal is a callout of someone who stole one of my characters, and MIGHT be taking other peoples characters as well. I do NOT have proof of MORE characters in play, except my OWN.Please do not HARASS or ATTACK this person, but take this as a warning. Take the name, and block it.@vincentlovestoast101 had taking my character which my Boyfriend @Harbinger-Of-Fire had bought from me a while ago which you can see here: ,Not only had they posted it on a Group claiming it to be their character: but they decided to block anyone messaging them ABOUT THIS.This was brought to my boys attention through @Skythewolfykinz through note: Upon getting the note we had requested to get their info so we could message them about this and see if they could remove it.Instead, they blocked us. Thankfully through one of my friends i had gotten help, and received their DA. Not only did they have the balls to voice they'd block anyone, KNOWING the character is stolen, THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO ACCEPT ART FOR MY CHARACTER. They are making no effort what so ever to hide this. This is public, It was BOUGHT with real MONEY. FROM MY BOY. FOR do not steal peoples shit and get away with it.I tried to be nice about this entire situation, and make sure that they understand they're taking a char of mine in the pics above.However since they blocked me the only thing i feel i can do is call them out.After setting a public announcement and warning: EDIT: After some time they decided to send someone after my friend @Isanacko to "attack" them?? THEY ARE stealing MY character, and calling ME an asshole for standing up about it, INCLUDING MY BOY??? EDIT: I will put this here to make a few things clear. No, i did NOT make this Journal for harassment but as a WARNING to people, and artists alike so they can take the name, block, and move on. I am not making people go out of their way to GO ON THEIR PROFILE OR NOTES TO HARASS THEM. That's all up to them, not myself. Will I make a note to give out a beware? yes. Yes i will, something that i by myself can NOT afford but fell in love with actually got taken from me and i should just stand here and take this? wow, that's garbage honestly. This entire "cancel culture" bullshit is finding it's place in a wrong area when it could be used for something more productive, somewhere it's more necessary.I noted the person, I've reached out to the person, SEVERAL people have reached out to this person. They are not a troll and know DAMN WELL what they are doing.You want to come onto this thread and save someone that's actually taking something from someone else, then go somewhere else, not here. You do not agree with it? Move on.This is a WARNING JOURNAL, NOT A JOURNAL TO HARASS AND POINT THE BLAME FINGER ON THE WRONG PERSON.It already says who's in the wrong, the screenshots are provided, ALL advances were denied, and they blocked us instead of realizing the mistake. I've offered them to let it go once they take their claim down, there's NOT MORE I CAN DO.The group leader HAS been contacted and as far as i know? We've not gotten ANY answers back.So before you come onto this journal and start pointing your fingers at someone who actually had damage done to them, sweep in front of your own door.The proof of the fucking note? Here you Fucking have it.
Forest Clearing [f2u bg] by Barbull
Anthros and Humanoids
Special Adoptable Batch - Dark Lords (OPEN 4/4) by LordMroku
Special Adoptable Batch Halloween WITCH (OPEN 2/4) by LordMroku
Adoptable batch Girls #13 (OPEN 5/8) by LordMroku
Adoptable batch Mythology Boys #8 (OPEN 4/6) by LordMroku
Aquatic and Misc
Inklling adopts Open! by Llama-aliens
OPEN - Wishie Adoptables - Guest Artist by The-ANT-Studios
:Open: Pearly Sea Chinnet by mattyin
Aquatic Adopts by draggon-rider2
Auctions + OTA
[Close] Adoptable flatauction Halloween SpiderGirl by LordMroku
[OPEN] Adoptable flat auction #20 by LordMroku
Closed by SiiroiToriorika
cats open auction closed thank you by Wisteria-Lantern
Draw to Adopt + Write to Adopt
[$] Isomara Spooky Adopts [Open] by saccharlneARPG
Eggs and Breeders
Egg Adopts 2020 - 1# -CLOSED- THANK YOU x3 by TaimaTala
ReN Stables Breeding Grid Open (42/42) by amalthea2010
Watercolor Egg Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by PandiiVan
Mystery Dragon Egg Adopts 3# -CLOSED- THANK YOU!!! by TaimaTala
Fangs and Paws
SPOOKTOBER DAILY - Pumpkin Joy (canine) by NorthernRed
[OPEN 6/30] Warrior Cats Adopt Sheet 6 by Runaway-Rosie
[OPEN 13/36] Too Many Cats Adopt Batch by Runaway-Rosie
Point Adoptables : 8/12 Open by RaccoonRae
Hooves and Wings
[OPEN] Bear Paw - Isomara Flatsale Adopt by SlayersStronghold
Tall, Dark, and Handsome - ADOPT OPEN by live-inspired
Pegasus Adopt Price Lowered[Open] by corruptedcorvid
Spook Adopts $25 Each [1 Left !] by corruptedcorvid
Linearts and Bases
FREE: Kitten Lineart by LizzysAdopts
f2u Wolf Base by contrabeast
f2u Giraffe Base by contrabeast
Big Cat Base Pack by contrabeast
Mythical and Made Up
[OPEN] Fallen Monster Isomara Adopt Flatsale by SlayersStronghold
[CLOSED] Jelly Doughnut - Goom Flatsale Adopt by SlayersStronghold
[OPEN] Mermaymaras - The Siren and Worker Isomara by SlayersStronghold
[OPEN] Ripetide and Minotaur Isomara by SlayersStronghold
P2U Lines+Bases
Canine Base | Pay to use by EasternDog
Reptile and Amphibian
January Adopt : Dino 1 : CLOSED by RaccoonRae
[OPEN 2/7] Clearance - All must go! by BarbullAdopts
cats open auction adoptable closed by Wisteria-Lantern


Affiliation is Always OPEN! :meow:
:bulletorange: Please use discretion when sending requests as we reserve the right to accept/reject as we see fit.
:bulletorange: Adoptable groups must have a specific focus to be accepted.
:bulletred: Groups' who's founder is an adopt-specific account will not be accepted.

PA Sees J00~

Thanks for dropping by the Pet Shoppe!
Please have a look around. There are lots of critters looking to go to a new home!
If you are seeking a particular kind of critter, don't hesitate to ask. :iconprim-proprietor: shall assist you on finding one!
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What We Don't and Do Accept!

These are important and is encouraged for you to read before asking to join to make sure we accept the types of adopts you like to make~ If you are ever unsure tho, you are welcome to ask us questions at any time. Please do so via :note:ing the group or on the proper blogs. Thank you. ^_^

We :bulletgreen: DO :bulletgreen: Accept!

* Anthro/Furry Characters
* Animals ; Horses, Deer, Dragons & Cats etc.
* Original Species Yours or those with open permission to create.
* Humans ; With exceptional detail or creativity displayed.
* MLP ; With exceptional detail or creativity displayed.

We :bulletred: DON'T :bulletred: Accept!

* Copyrighted Styles ; Pokemon, Lion King & Sonic
* Maker-Made Adopts
* Teeny-Tiny Adopts
* Objects + Clothing.

These are just the most important ones to note. For the entire run down on our guidelines it's best to read the Dot Bullet (Red Orange) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x[RULES] Dot Bullet (Red Orange) - F2U! by x-Skeletta-x journal.

Random from Featured

Here you can see adopts that we've come across which are awesome but don't fit in with our guidelines to be part of our gallery.
So we feature them in the gallery's favorites to show our support!

Coming Soon~

Under Construction!

Homepage Comments!

What we :bulletgreen: DO :bulletgreen: encourage!

* Can seek aid on finding a particular pet you might be wanting. Ex; 'Anyone have any horses for sale?'
* Kinds words about the group.
* Members can post up to 3 links a day of adopts that are still for sale.

What is :bulletred: NOT :bulletred: encouraged!

* Spamming
* Advertising not group related. Ex; commissions, other groups etc.
* Begging for points, llamas, other services etc.
* Comments are NOT wanted at all from accounts that are made specifically for selling/advertising services and-or badges.
* Posting about denied tickets. :note: the group for this.


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