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April 15, 2009
I am at a loss for words with storm the place by ~poibuts! Everything about this piece is just so well done that I will let this piece speak for itself.
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storm the place

this piece took me quite some time to finish, coz i still not sure bout the background painting skill, not really used to do background..

inspire alot fr "ghost in the shell".


Tools: painter X , photoshop CS
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Daegann's avatar
I really love this one.
And the point of view is really great !
Breandan-OCiarrai's avatar
this is going to sound completely nuts and come out of left field, but would it be possible to purchase the commercial rights to use this? It's perfect for an illustration we need, and I have a deadline in three days to get the book we have to print and need replacement art for an illo ASAP. If not, no worries, just figured I would ask :D
poibuts's avatar
Hi, yea sure, i would like to know more about the book, you can email me at < >
we can discuss the details over there :)
CaspianSeaMonster's avatar
Hey, that's pretty cool.
CuteCandles's avatar
it does remind me of Ghost In The Shell! It gives that intense atmosphere.
Roberdigiorge's avatar
Great Work!!! Pretty nice shot of Motoko in action!
Nameless75's avatar
watchamacallit-daAL's avatar
awesome stuff great job :D
ladycroft83's avatar
incessus's avatar
Get closer look at this and:
WOW! Immediately I thought about GITS, then I read your comments and double WOW!! - YOUR image is inspiring. I can sense her spirit almost with my guts! Incredible piece of art. Can't describe how many thoughts gathers in my mind from associations, but somehow your work resemble them. Image goes to my heart!
Panumae's avatar
I love your action-heroines! Thumbs up :)
demonrei9991's avatar
someone told me about ghost in the shell, didn't like it, but this picture is awesome :D
leseraphin's avatar
Nice scene. Love the details and framing
DemoComics's avatar
looks really cool
HAchaosagent's avatar
Really good work. So much detail.
brokenglassphotos's avatar
She reminds me of Joanna, from Perfect Dark.
ctrl-4lt-d3l's avatar
Is that a robotic cockroach on the floor?
ternami's avatar
ghost in the shell was my first thought :)
very well done. thanks!
shwaaz's avatar
U r too gud at BGs.....!
Leahbeast22's avatar
This is beautiful. I wouldn't call it anime, it's a stylized but its quite a different stylization. This is quality work.
RaoulIncorporated's avatar
this is awesome, nice work on the colours there!:D
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