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May 4, 2010
guardian by ~poibuts is a piece full of strengh, with a delicious motion and a simply stunning composition. Each character shows rage and fury, and it's amazingly designed, applying perfectly anatomy bases. A strong artwork you don't want to miss!
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An Artemis fighting with 4 succubi, to stop them for entering the village.

i know Artemis and succubus both are fr different mythology, but i fused them all together, so tat they can have a pillow fight in the forest .. wooo

it was fun doing it, discover many new things tru out the drawing process.

A college assignment.

Tools : painter X , photoshop CS
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Not sure how she is going to survive though since they have already closed into melee range and she only has a bow.

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She fights them 4 vs 1 and even in high heels, such a sexy female warrior

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this is absolutely stunning work
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Congratulations ! "Guardian" is one of the challenger in the Warrior of the Week Contest and you earn 10 pts !
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Thank you very much:D
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Bloody beautiful!!
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This is magnificent. So beautiful! :)
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gorgeous battle scene
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Very impressive, it captures the sense of fury all of the combatants have, as is the rich detailing on the entire piece. Beautiful work, looking forward to more from you Poibuts.
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A little Elvish forest feel about it. Very well made
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holy hell mate this is awesome :D
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arrow in the boob you know thats gonna hurt ..........nice art work man!! :)
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потрясающая работа
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HOLY CRAP BRO i seen this before i knew you man!!! jeebus mice! that is fantastic! yoo mate your gallery is insane man >.<
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