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ideas from one of Kim Hyung-Tea\'s artwork. the water effect really hard for me.. pls feel free to drop in some critiques and tips for this.. always appreciate. and hope u guys like this one. :)

done wit painter X and photoshop CS ( touch up )
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i can't get over this shading, it's incredible!
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It's like from Heaven...surreal
I got the tattoo! It looks awesome! I incorporated a more of a robe from the original but kep her style hair from this one. Thanks again!!!

I'm not sue how to post pics but if you give me an email i can send you a pic of it!
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u r welcome :)
i wan to have a look at it :)
tis my email.
Hey! not sure if I ever sent you pics of my tatt I got done. Life's been kinda crazy the past 6 months. I will email you the pics anyway. Thanks again!

Jackie Guzman
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Perfect, just perfect! I love your art. Rich
I love this pic! would you mind if I used it as the basis for a tattoo? I was going to change it a little though so it's not copying exactly. What does the original by Kim Hyung Tae look like? I tried to look for it but I couldn't find it....

Thanks so much..Cheers!

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Thx :) o. go ahead and use it.
this is the link to the reference.
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i wonder how would you draw Gemini
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Your amazing work has been feature on my journal --> [link]
i hope you doesn't mind
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wow this looks amazing i love the waer and koi
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this is beautiful!!
I LOVE the water :heart:
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Featuring this beauty...
i love this!! can i use this as a tattoo? ive been trying to find a woman pouring water out for my tattoo for months and the ones i do find r either weird looking or a guy lol
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ya.. sure.. u r free to use. go ahead.. ^^
and also when u have it done, can i have a look? im curious.
sure ill post it up as soon get it

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Yeaah! I'm an aquarius, I love this!
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I just don't like the stars. The rest of the artwork is beautiful.
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