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Post Apocalyptic

A post apocalyptic scene. character idea inspired by GITS, appleseed, and fallout.

A college assignment. this is just half way done, this is the digital reference tat i draw, next i need to turn this into traditional acrylic painting. arr.. traditional....

background i took it from the net, i forgot where i took it. i overpaint it wit atmosphere and mood.

C&C are welcome :)

Tools : painter X , photoshop CS2
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The good old P90 as well, excellent.
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Still so good, still need so much more.
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i think its funny how you have a laser coming out of the scope
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Without reading the description it reminded me instantly of GITS and maybe a little of Mirror's Edge but that might be just the awesome hair ^^ Great job, I love it :iconimhappyplz:
Hey! I like your work a lot. Would it be alright to use this picture to inspire an RPG character I'm creating for a new game, and post the picture on the character's web page to represent her appearance? No big if you're uncomfortable with such.
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Thanks! Glad you like it :)
you can use it as an inspiration, but you can't post it on web to represent the character.
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Good intensity. Nice job
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maybe it's from Kusanagi's past, her military experience
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Incredible art. The devastated city is terrific but nothing beats the pure awesomeness of the girl.
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Awesome, especially her prosthetic arm
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This is amazing!
I really love it.
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superb realisation
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Fantastic art work. The character has a GITS feeling , epsecially the expression and the outfit. The scenery looks amazing. Well done! :D
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Wow, great job so far! Yeah, traditional painting is a lot slower and tedious than digital.
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Not bad man! Great job!
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Repost Request

Request to repost this wonderful work at my Flickr Group
The Girl The Gun The Art

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alright :) as long as credit me.
Thx :D
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Looks great to me, even if it isn't the final product.
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