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Dominance War V - Exa

Hi Guys, it been a long time i didnt upload any work to my DA, been busy with work, lucky still have some time for me to completed my Dominance War V entry.

my entry and WIP : [link]

Exa - Workflow Sheet [link]

Exa - Modelling Sheet [link]

A Goddess of Time and Space. named Exa.

The abilities of controlling time, warp space and able to travel through different universes.

hope u guys like it.

Tools : painter x , photoshop cs3
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all things return to dust. All things return to nothing.
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Always liked dominance war for over the top concept arts
Arcturus-90's avatar
This is AMAZING, it's a very interesting personage! :o
Nitrofluff's avatar
That's... Kinda bad ass...
hectormmv's avatar
i want to be like you when i grow up.- quiero ser como tu cuando sea grande
Death-Ark's avatar
Holy mother of, this is awesome, you did a fantastic job!! XD
adelnovipazar's avatar
final boss fight in the moust epic anime,movie or a game !!!!!
Virusolog's avatar
no comet jast SUPER!!!!!!!!
Metezuko's avatar
I love this, it reminds me of an epic final fantasy boss.
MajinKidBuu's avatar
Wow, thats damn great, man. How long did you sit on this to finish it?
MetalLearner's avatar
I can see now what a goddess of Time & Space would be like if annoyed :faint:
Excellent concept. Exceptional depth, detail, and action. Great work.
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DUDE this is the one!! insane work my friend! loved working alongside you man, i voted for you bigtime bro! :D hope we make it through the next stage man!
poibuts's avatar
Thx Bro. hopefully we make it.
yamen, i made a mistake by upload a small image as my final. :(
najmulosmani's avatar
Yeah man, no doubt u will make it to the next round and when yo do, im sure you can upload a bigger file or something if you ask them ??
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Wow!.. Looks creepy in an awesome kind of way..
It looks like a living blackhole..
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what has been seen cannot be unseen. evil rabbit.
LyntonLevengood's avatar
Drumsticksngravy's avatar
Wow that is really cool!
TippedOut's avatar
it says god of time andspace in your masterpiece.
Ce11fire's avatar
wow those floating head arm things remind me of mantis drones from the sci-fi series Lexx
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