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FRIENDSHIP and Team Work

By Poi-Frontier
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I just finished this.... It took all night! (TvT)

It's a wallpaper for my desktop....
OH! And a Contest Entry For
MuslimManga Group! The theme is, Friendship.

For this entry, I used my OCs from my series. *^^*
Since one of them is Muslim, with four awesome friends!

The Characters:
Islam : Hilal
Christianity: Christian (or Fog as nickname)
Hinduism: Kamuda
Judaism: Mishpat

The one in the middle represents hope. Rain.

(it can be anything)

It's quite simple... Kinda... Of the story of these characters.

In the world of Prayers of Innocence,
Earth, there was no Borders, all pieces of the world was mashed in one, weather doesn't obey the seasons, there was never a rain cloud in the sky, yet food and plants still grew. Water was still available.
Wars were rare, humans of all shapes, color, races, and sizes lived together.
There was no fears of death, there was no hesitation, and there was no Faith.

But, there were only few who believed.
And those who believed feel something's a miss.

One by one, a couple believers team up to find more of them....

Ehhhh..... I've been busy... I didn't have time to make more pages of the manga.....
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this sounds really cool, i want to read this hahaha
Poi-Frontier's avatar
I'm gonna start working on a manga like novel about it during January XD
I did it years ago, but I changed the story alot, so I removed it!  XD

Thankyou!!! :)
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*sighs* If only this would be real and there wouldn't be such things as Religious wars...
Poi-Frontier's avatar
Lol I know right :(
I'm making a game with these characters! ^^
Not now cause I'm a beginner developer XD
Just doing story board and designs :D 
AnyuAnima's avatar
Best of luck with that!!
Poi-Frontier's avatar
Yesh! :D I won though XD
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Wow, this is pretty good
nice drawing
Poi-Frontier's avatar
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You're welcome
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Nice drawing
everyone has nice expressions

A lot of color and good shading has gone into this drawing.  Good job!
I like it
Poi-Frontier's avatar
Thanks! That means alot!
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I like that you can show anyone can be friends
Poi-Frontier's avatar
The key to making friends, even from a different culture/country, is to Understand one another! :D
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Neat digital art :)
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You're welcome!
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This is really beautiful ;u; <3
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Ah omg it looks amazing >w<
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