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World of Teeth - Erketu

By Poharex
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Another concept for World of Teeth.

The Erketu is the tallest and most massive animal available on the initial hunting tour's roster. These massive sauropods migrate in herds across the fern prairies, deserts and edges of the great conifer forests, where they browse on a wide variety of plants. Their long necks allow them to feed off the canopies, while their elongated, trunk-like upper lips facilitate in grasping and tearing out lower vegetation in environments where tall trees are scarce. Long, quill-like scales protrude from the shoulder blades. These specialized scales are colored in brilliant, metallic hues which glisten and change depending on the angle from which light hits; these are best seen from distance during the dawn and dusk. The tip of the tail has similar coloration. These brilliant colors are used for display and communication within the species; they allow herd members to easily find one another should they separate, and also used for signalling between different herds. The elongated scales are controlled through specialized muscles and can fold, unfold and rotate in a wide variety of angles to create intricate displays of color.
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A very creative concept indeed! I'm particularly fond of the long, quill-like scales protruding from the shoulders. It's something I have never seen before in any sauropod depiction, and definitely makes your World of Teeth interpretation very unique!

This is also the first time that I have heard of Erketu, so thank you for introducing me to a both a new dinosaur and new design style!

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Thank you so much!

Erketu was a new thing to me as well, I found it while trawling the depths of Wikipedia in search of the most obscure sauropods to use. Looks like this is about as obscure as it gets...

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Never thought there would be a day you would draw a trunked sauropod lmao. Still based!

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Life is full of surprises!

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bonito dibujo.

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I think that the nostrils of this sauropod must be on the end of it's trunk, in similar manners to elephants, because trunks are like elongated nostrils fused on upper-lips.

OOUUCCHH Reference sheet

Which I find this Brontosarus, as an example alot more accurate than the nostrils being ontop of their heads, which otherwise I got a better idea for those sauropods.

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See, the thing is, it wasn't meant to be a bona fide trunk, rather a very long lip used to manipulate objects (similar to a rhino's lip but a bit more exaggerated), it resembles a trunk as an homage to the trunked sauropod concept, but I still wanted to do my own thing with it rather than copy that trope one-for-one.

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Ah? I understood. ;)

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Hey Poharex. A question: What exactly is the project World of Teeth? Is it a Carnivores mod which has exotic animals or a speculative evolution like project?

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Not a Carnivores mod. It's a hypothetical concept for a game, essentially my own take on the dinosaur game genre. For more information read the description on the Psittacosaurus' page.

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Thanks for telling. I will go to the green psitta page

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