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World of Teeth - Coahuilaceratops

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Another concept for World of Teeth.

The Coahuilaceratops occupies a niche that can only be described as a hybrid of hippopotamus, rhino, water buffalo and crocodile. These massive ceratopsians spend most of their days in or around water. Their serrated beaks and powerful grinding teeth allow them to exploit a wide array of food sources; they are opportunistic omnivores, their diet consisting of roughly 85% plant matter -from soft aquatic plants and ferns to the woody, prickly branches of brambles growing by the river banks- and 15% fish, young crocodiles and other small animals found around the water, as well as carrion.

The skin of Coahuilaceratops is studded with protective osteoderms, but not particularly resilient in itself; this, coupled with the thick layers of fat their bodies tend to accumulate for leaner times, means the Coahuilaceratops are always hot- and always angry. Thus, they prefer to stay in the water to cool themselves the best they can, usually making landfall only under the cover of night. Their temperamental and territorial nature makes them feared even by much larger animals.

Coahuilaceratops are solitary most of the year, only congregating together during the mating season, or in times of drought when competition over dwindling water sources escalates. They have no social bonds, save for those between a mother and her calves, and territorial disputes between the adults often end in serious injuries, and sometimes in death.
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What are those sac looking things on the frill?

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention those.

Basically instead of just skin stretched over the fenestrae, there are inflatable air sacs that connect directly to the nostrils. The animal can inflate them and use them to create threatening displays of sound and color.

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So, similar life forms with the same principles. Just a different way a doing things.