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World of Teeth - Anzu

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Another concept for World of Teeth.

The Anzu is a highly social omnivore living mostly in open areas, fern prairies and deserts, where it occupies a niche similar to that of ostriches. These animals tend to travel in flocks of up to 10 individuals in search of food, one or two members always on guard duty while the others browse. Their diet consists of of roughly 65% plant matter- usually soft and easily digestible plants such as ferns and mosses, as well as fruits and aquatic plants. The rest of their diet consists of smaller animals. When a predator approaches, the mostly defenseless Anzu will let out a loud honk to warn the rest of their flock and run away as fast as they can, sometimes reaching speeds as high as 70 km/h.

The feathering and coloration of the Anzu closely resemble those of ostriches, cassowaries and guineafowl. There is distinct sexual dimorphism: the males grow larger than the females, and possess extra keratin on their helmets to give them a distinct crescent shape. They also have a collar of long, ribbon-shaped feathers meant for display, similar to those of vulturine guineafowl.
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I cannot wait for this game

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Thanks. Mind you, this is only a concept. There's no guarantee it'll ever become an actual game, but one can dream...

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Well game or not i can't wait to see the other creatures you'll develop