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EC - Nui-Rama (orange morph) by Poharex EC - Nui-Rama (orange morph) by Poharex
Evolutionary Chronicle - Nui-Rama

Nui-Rama are predatory flying insects which inhabit the rainforest and swamp regions of the Mata Nui continent. During the day, they fly in and above the forest canopy in search of suitable prey. At night or during a bad weather, when the temperatures drop, they rest in caves on cliffs or on the treetops, using their two rear pairs of legs as landing pads. Upon finding a suitable prey animal, a hungry Nui-Rama will swoop down, grasping its prey with its long forelimbs and stinging it with its long, proboscis-like mouth. Like their distant ancestors, the water bugs, Nui-Rama use their mouthpieces to inject their prey with their saliva. This serves a double purpose: the saliva quickly paralyzes the target, as well as liquefies its internal organs, allowing the Nui-Rama to suck out a partially-digested meal with little struggle. True to their semi-aquatic origin, Nui-Rama lay their eggs near the water's edge. The larvae then grow underwater as fully aquatic predators, leaving the water for good only upon reaching their adult stage. Nui-Rama are solitary animals by nature; although often seen flying or resting in groups, they have no social bonds. Unless provoked, a Nui-Rama would seldom attack an animal larger than itself.
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Very pretty picture of a one big NOPE :D
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