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EC - Greater Tarakava (female) by Poharex EC - Greater Tarakava (female) by Poharex
Evolutionary Chronicle - Tarakava

The Greater Tarakava are aquatic reptiles native to the lakes, rivers and coastal regions of the Mata Nui continent and its surrounding islands. Their long tails are mainly used for propulsion; they can swim with unparalleled speed, and also move on land upon their tails, like snakes. The heavy tails are also powerful weapons, and with a well-placed blow can break smaller trees in half. The Tarakava's jaws have a bite force of around 8000 pounds, able to break through bone, armor end even rock. Its greatest weapon, however, are the forelimbs; these have very powerful muscles, allowing the Tarakava to deliver bone-shattering punches or pull apart the armor plates of large arthropods like Manas. Greater Tarakava tend to live alone or in male-female pairs. During the mating season, Tarakava which have yet to find a mate will congregate in designated areas in large numbers, where males engage each other in non-violent displays of strength and agility to impress potential mates. At this time, their large numbers make them all the more dangerous, and they rank among the top predators on Mata Nui and the entire planet.
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