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Dinovember 2020 #30

By Poharex
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The last entry for the #Dinovember challenge. The prompts I'm following are from The Paleo Rangers' Epic Dinovember.

Today is prompt #30: Final Boss. While all the previous entries were celebrating the past, with this final entry I wanted to set my sights to the future. For a while now I've been planning to update my comics' art style starting from issue #14, and doing the Dinovember prompts this year proved to be an excellent way to practice, discover, and refine the new style I was after. No doubt, there will be much more work to do still, as one's art style never ceases to evolve and change with experience, but so far I'm satisfied with the result.
The scene you see here is a recreation of the very last frame from Poharex issue #4. I drew the original back in 2007, still a high school senior with little experience, using a pen and colored pencil on white paper. Comparing it to what I have now, I've certainly come a long way.
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Nice art, Poharex.^^

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How and when did you think of making 'Poharex' comics?

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It's a long story, but long story short: I created the character of Poharex when I was a young child, I wanted a dinosaur character that would be an epic hero, unlike the popular depictions of dinosaurs at the time and especially tyrannosaurs, as little more than monsters. I started drawing and publishing comics while I was still at school, like I said. Now I'm 30 years old and in all the time that passed I never stopped drawing, writing and planning stories whenever I could, because that's the thing I'm most passionate about.