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Dinovember 2020 #28

By Poharex
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Another entry for the #Dinovember challenge. The prompts I'm following are from The Paleo Rangers' Epic Dinovember.

Today is prompt #28: Tiny Terror: Procariama. For this prompt I had a little thought experiment. Procariama is indeed rather small for a terror bird, more comparable to a modern day goose, but was nevertheless a fierce and cunning predator. Had it not become extinct long before humanity arrived to the Americas, perhaps it would have been domesticated, just like cats were in the Old World- first for guarding the crops against rodents, and later for companionship. These birds would in time become more docile, easier to handle, and dozens of differently-feathered breeds would emerge. But one question remains: Would you have to take them for walks outside, or train them to use a litter box?
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