Mixels Halloween Special Intro (Fanmade)
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Published: October 19, 2016
In this Halloween-themed opening sequence, the camera pans to Mixel Cemetery as creepy music began to play. During this, Spinza, Cobrax and Ninjette, wearing funeral attire, were mourning for the death of Mysto as they were standing near his tombstone that says "R.I.P. Mysto", Teslo is hanging with a robe around his neck as his cycloptic eye opens and stares at the viewers as he buzzes, a warlock resembling Mesmo, dressed in a huge black witch's hat, a black cloak and a midnight blue tunic, was being executed by Flamzer, dressed as a priest, as he was burning the Wiztastic to death as Mesmo said "Meh...", an evil flipped-out version of Globert, with a black snake-like slit on his eye, was digging a grave for a Mixel who was gonna be buried alive and Chomly, who was at the guillotine with the decapitated (but not bloodied) heads of Kraw, Burnard, Magnifo, Dribbal and Trumpsy, was begging Slumbo for mercy, but Slumbo declined it and pulled the lever as the blade was about to fall.

Then, the scene cuts to a forest where thunder was heard off-screen as a guillotine chopping sound was also heard off-screen. Camillot, dressed as Ichabod Crane, arrived, riding Paladum. Suddenly, they were encountered by a version of Flain resembling the Headless Horseman who frightens and chases Camillot and Paladum out of the woods as the music begins to speed up.

It then cuts to the MCPD who are fighting off a zombie invasion in front of Mixel Cemetery (and all the Mixel zombies are rather greenish teal with decaying skin). The camera pans over, showing a giant robot resembling the Weldos Max fighting a giant amalgamation of nixels (like in Nixel Nixel Go Away) in the background as there was fire and damage everywhere in some places. It then shows zombie versions of Boldurr and Fridjerk, decapitating the statue of Professor Mixelpus with a double-handle saw. The head lands on Glurt, knocking his head off and to the ground, where it starts to lick his bowl of ice cream.

It then moves over to show the MCFD arriving to put out the fire with Aquad holding a cubit until they are grabbed by a giant resembling the Munchos Max, who eats their cubit and then devours them whole. Meanwhile, Sweetie, dressed as a Japanese school girl, sits on a bench outside Mixopolis Middle School next to Flurr, dressed as a Japanese school boy as they were both eating lunch while the music slows down a bit. Unknown to the two, Zorch, also dressed as a Japanese school boy in a different version (resembling Senpai's outfit), was stalking Sweetie and Flurr from behind a tree as he pulled out a katana and smiled menacingly, causing the lightening to strike.

In the school, Mixadel is writing "Too Many Commoners Make Mixadel Go Crazy" on the whiteboard. He looks behind him and see Pyrope and Astroy staring at him in curiosity. Mixadel glares and growls as he went insane and starts trashing the whole classroom, much to Pyrope and Astroy's horror. Mixadel turns to them, who run out of the classroom and into the hallways as they closed the door on him, which an axe was found by Mixadel, chopping through the door. Meanwhile, in a science room, Volectro, dressed as a mad scientist is creating a monster as the pressed a button and laughed psychologically. The monster arises and reveals himself to be a version of Scorpi resembling Frankenstein.

It then goes to the gym class, where Burno, Hurtz and Punkchure were snickering as Burno places a nuclear rod inside Couch Snacker's hat and Jamzy glares at him for it. Couch Snacker screams before mutating into a horrific version of himself resembling the Seeker from 123 Slaughter Me Street 2. Seeker then screams angrily as Burno, Hurtz, Punkchure and Jamzy screamed in terror and ran away. Jamzy skateboards through a boarded-up door and lands on a pile of leaves as he passes by Snoof, dressed as Van Helsing, and Slusho, dressed as superhero blade, who are at a comic book store. Then Vulk as a vampire, dressed in the outfit from his vampire form with Flandre-esque wings, popped out of nowhere and scared Snoof and Slusho until Snoof brought out a wooden stake and a garlic necklace and Slusho brought out a cross and a sword and they chased Vulk away.

The camera then pans down underground, briefly showing many black-and-white broken cubits as well as a skeleton of a Nixel buried beneath, till it reaches a large underground orchestra room where Gox, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, Jinky, Kamzo and Klinkuhi, who are dressed as Gox's Phantom assistants, and Momoko, in the white version of Madoka Kaname's Puella Magi outfit and ribbons, are in. Gox was playing the organ in the tune of the Phantom of the Opera as he smiled at Momoko, who is a little uneasy with Gox. Gox was about to kiss Momoko as he closed his eyes, but ended up kissing Phosphee as Momoko and Klinkuhi was holding him. This was much to Gox's disgust.

It then shows a Munsters-styled Orbitopia in black-and-white and with Rokit, dressed like Frankenstein, getting the newspaper as Meltus, dressed like a male feminine version of Lily Munster, came to him and accidentally sneezed on the newspaper, disintegrating it, much to Rokit's shock. Meltus apologized as Inferna, dressed like Marilyn Munster, arrived holding a book on mixing. Meanwhile, Niksput, dressed like Dracula, was just showing off until a piece of garlick hits him on the face, much to his dismay. Galaxine, dressed like a feminine version of Eddie Munster, was holding a slingshot and hides it behind her back as Niksput stared concernly at her.

Elsewhere in color, shows many background Mixels resembling many horror story writers writing scripts for on typewriters for the episode. A Flexer Mixel resembling Steven King then finishes his story and runs to his boss, a tall silhouetted Mixel to show it to him. The boss summons a background Electroid Mixel and the boss throws a cubit at them as the two grabbed it and accidentally created a murp, much to the boss's joy.

The scene then switches to Jawg driving the Mixopolis School Bus as he was chasing the Principal Knave and the teachers, Ms. Stretchabelle and Ms. Spellcard while the music speeds up. Knave and Spellcard managed to get out of the way, but Stretchabelle wasn't so lucky, for Jawg drives into the her as she's knocked off a bridge and fallen into the ocean off-screen as she died from either getting hit by the bus or drowning.

Meanwhile, Sharx is trying to win the heart of a purple and green version of Ribbon resembling a mermaid, who is not interested. Without warning, a giant sea monster resembling the Lixers Max appeared and grabbed Sharx as he devoured him whole, much to Ribbon, Skullzy and Lewt's shock/dismay/horror. The sea monster then starts to attack the ship as Skullzy and Lewt abandoned ship while Ribbon swims away.
The camera pans from the monster to Seismo, who fishing at the dock. Suddenly he thought he got a big one, but instead lured out the dead body of Stretchabelle, wet and dripping and covered in seaweed, much to Seismo's horror as he screamed and lets go of the fishing rod, dropping the corpse back in the ocean as he then starts running away, screaming.

It cuts to a large rainbow cubit. Vampos, Balk, Wizwuz, Gobba, Torts, Gurggle, Zaptor, Krog and Nurp-Naut pop on-screen and touch it. Then a coffin appeared below them as the ten fell inside and the coffin closes on them as lightning hits them and out came a large, grotesque, mutated, deformed, hideous and highly infected Monster Murp, who starts roaring. Then Shuff pops up from underground on-screen and saw the Monster Murp and screams in horror as he ran away and passes multiple classic horror monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolfman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Invisible Man, Edward Hyde, etc.), horror movie killers (Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Ghostface, Pinhead, Pyramid Head, Chucky, Sam, Alien, Sadako Yamamura, Evil Samara, etc.) and Creepypasta characters (Jeff the Killer, Sally, Ticci Toby, Smile Dog, Slenderman, Rainbow Factory!Rainbow Dash, ZALGO, Eyeless Jack, Ben Drowned, Jane the Killer, Nina the Killer, the Rake, Masky and Hoody, etc.), as Mixels, that are trying to slice and grab him.

Spinza, Cobrax, Ninjette, Flamzer, Slumbo, Chomly (who is now headless), Camillot, Paladum, the MCPD, Sweetie, Flurr, Pyrope, Astroy, Volectro (with a terrified Scorpi on his back), Burno, Hurtz, Punchure, Jamzy, Snoof, Slusho, Vulk, the Klinkers, Klinkuhi, Momoko, Phosphee, Rokit (who is carrying Galaxine), Meltus, (who is carrying Inferna) Niksput, the Flexer/Electroid murp, Knave, Spellcard, Skullzy (who is carrying a terrified mermaid Ribbon), Lewt, Seismo, Rokkura, Rockus, Donny, Brohawk (who is carrying Hairy), Gurggle, Kraw, Tentro (who is dragging the still hanged Teslo by the noose on the ground), Boogly, Ezekiel (my Mixels OC), Crysti, Zex, Princess, Duchess, Frazzles, Hotstuff, Freezie-Breezie, the Trashoz, Myke, Glomp, Chilbo, Ranger Jinx, Footi, Shivor, Banjoe, Hoogi and a crowd of terrified background Mixels pass Shuff and he joins them in running away from an evil Globert carrying the shovel, Headless Horsemixel Flain (who is riding on a flaming skeleton horse mixamal), the giant resembling the Munchos Max, a yandere Zorch with a katana, a psychotic Mixadel with an axe, a monstrous Couch Snacker, the sea monster resembling the Lixers Max, all the animatronics from the Five Nights at Freddy's Series, the same zombies from the invasion (with the zombie versions of Boldurr and Fridjerk) and an angry mob of Nixels led by an undead King Nixel (who is back from the dead after he was obliterated in the end of Nixel Nixel Go Away).

As the music slows down to a waltz version, there is a large panning shot of Mixopolis with dozens of horror characters and monsters, before showing a lone rainbow cubit in Mixel Cemetery where Scrud, Blip and Zabo arrive, carrying lanterns, and see the rainbow cubit. They were about to grab it until the cubit flies away and turns into a white ghost resembling Booger, who lets out an eerie moan and trying to scare them, which in retrospect, Scrud, Blip and Zabo rather confused than terrified. Booger was shocked, but also become confused and asks "Too much?" Scrud, Blip and Zabo shrugs. Suddenly, the three and Booger saw a giant terrifying shadow of the Devil and screamed as they ran away. The camera pans to the owner of the shadow, who turned out to be just Lunk, dressed in a devil's costume, sleeping as he was standing up near some Jack-o-lanterns around him until he sneezes and blew out each candle of every Jack-o-lantern, much to his dismay, as everything went black. Lunk groaned off-screen.

Then Krader arrives on-screen in a black background and spots a rainbow cubit. He began to get it, but it was flying away from him. He chased the cubit and attempted to catch it until he is sucked into a hole in the background; he falls down through a Alice In Wonderland-style portal, dressed like the male version of Alice Liddell, before landing on a toadstool. He turns to the left to see the rainbow cubit right next to him and grabs it as he falls off the toadstool unconscious and falls asleep, still holding the rainbow cubit, as his outfit was changed into Princess Aurora's dress (from Disney's Sleeping Beauty; in blue version) and tiara while the scenery was changed to a Sleeping Beauty-type scenery as the music pauses.

Then a puff of pink smoke and sparkles appeared as Sakura appeared from the smoke out of nowhere as a glowing pink fairy, dressed in a pink version of one of the Good Fairies (from Disney's Sleeping Beauty) as she says to the viewers "The Mixels Halloween special was brought to you part by contributions to the Mixels fanbase from viewers like you. Thank you, enjoy the show and have a wonderful Halloween."

Then she brings out a pink wand and everything fades quickly with pink smoke and sparkles. As smoke and sparkles clear away, there stood a giant pumpkin with the words "HALLOWEEN SPECIAL" in a white background. Then the pumpkin opened up and out came "Mixels" logo above the pumpkin, which is now glowing as Cragsters Max, as a ghost in chains, Glowkies Max (2nd variation), who is dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, the Nindjas Max, in a warlock's hat and cloak and the Charmaniacs Max, who is dressed as a zombie bride as the music, no longer a waltz version, continues shortly until it ends.


Simpsons - This intro is inspired by some of the intros of "Treehouse of Horror".
Happy Tree Friends - The scene with Globert being evil and digging a grave for someone he's burying alive is based on a scene from the Happy Tree Friends episode, "Out of Sight, Out of Mime". Another scene where there are zombie Mixels is a homage of the episode "Remains To Be Seen". A third scene Seismo fishes out the dead body of the Stretchabelle (the Teacher) is also inspired by two more episodes, "Off the Hook" and "Every Bit of Litter Hurts". Though they are inspired by HTF episodes, none of those scenes have blood or gore in them.
The Adventures of Ichabod and MrToad - The scene with Flain as the role of the Headless Horseman is inspired by a scene from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" where the Headless Horseman makes his first appearance. Camillot is also dressed as Ichabod Crane.
Yandere Simulator - A scene with Zorch stalking Sweetie and Zorch is a reference from Yandere Simulator; Zorch is Ayano Aishi/Yandere-Chan, Sweetie is Taro Yamada/Senpai and Flurr is a rival.
The Shining - Mixadel writing "Too Many Commoners Make Mixadel Go Crazy", going insane at Pyrope and Astroy and wielding an axe are both references from Steven King's "The Shining".
Frankenstein - Volectro as a mad scientist is Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Scorpi is Frankenstein's monster. The Frankenstein monster and his bride are also in another scene.
123 Slaughter Me Street 2 - After Burno (the Infernite Bully) pranks Coach Snacker (the Referee), the couch suddenly transforms into a hideous monster version of himself resembling the Seeker from 123 Slaughter Me Street 2, which is a slight homage to 123 Slaughter Me Street 2.
Van Helsing Series - Snoof is dressed as Van Helsing.
Blade - Slusho is dressed as Blade.
Epic Comedy Adventure - Some broken black-and-white cubits from that episode are seen buried underground.
The Phantom of the Opera - The underground scene and Gox's attire is a homage The Phantom of the Opera. The Glowkies Max was also dressed as the Phantom of the Opera in the end of the opening.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Momoko is dressed in a white version of Madoka Kaname's Puella Magi attire.
The Munsters - This black-and-white scene is a reference from The Munsters; Rokit is Herman Munster, Meltus is a Lily Munster, Inferna is Marilyn Munster, Niksput is Grandpa Munster and Galaxine is Eddie Munster.
MAD - A scene were many horror writers are working on scripts is a homage to a MAD sketch called "Cowboys & Alien Force" where Jon Favreau keeps kidnapping writers and titles of the film. 
The Little Mermaid - Ribbon is a mermaid with the same color scheme as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
Mixel Moon Madness - The scene when Vampos, Balk, Wizwuz, Gobba, Torts, Gurggle, Zaptor, Krog and Nurp-Naut made a Monster Murp is inspired by a scene from "Mixel Moon Madness".
Various monster movies, horror movies and Creepypastas - When Shuff passed by the characters from these franchises, they were trying to kill him.
Five Nights at Freddy's (Series) - The animatronics that appeared in the intro are from Five Nights at Freddy's, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Final Chapter and Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.
Nixel Nixel Go Away - King Nixel was vaporized in the episode, but is now undead and back from the dead in this intro.
Alice in Wonderland - Krader falling through a portal is a homage to Alice in Wonderland.
American McGee's Alice - Krader's outfit is inspired by Alice Liddell from the game.
Sleeping Beauty - After Krader touches the rainbow cubit, his outfit became Princess Aurora's blue dress and tiara as the background became a Sleeping Beauty inspired scenery. The part when Krader fell asleep is a homage to Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Sakura is also in the role of a Good Fairy from the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty.
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Wow! Bizarre, yet awesome. :3
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Looks cool XD also...happy early birthday ^_^
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Thanks. You're gonna make something for my birthday, are you?
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Yep ^_^
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Reminds me of the Treehouse of Horror intro! :D
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