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Another month with some great poetry for the challenge has gone by. After giving it some thought the decision has been made. The runner up is January FolliesMoment of release,
City lights that glow…
Running in the breeze,
Feeling the wind.
Morning has come today
To enlighten and brighten me.
Oh, how, in a long time,
Have I felt this kind of elation.
With my friend at my side
And my self determined to go,
We run all throughout
The wet roads, the pouring rain.
So many shenanigans and silliness,
So much to enjoy, to jam around.
We live in good vibes,
Feeding each other with love.
Follies that we brew,
Memories that we bring…
So much room for elation
As we travel through the messes.
Follies we make on the street…
We run, we joke, we giggle.
Follies within our company…
Something we truly enjoy.
January is out in the cold blast,
But warmth lies in the bonds we share.
All the follies throughout the mess…
They drive us to happiness.
. But the winner of the challenge is That Time of YearNew beginnings meet new possibilities
in the joyous January. It is not a place for frowns
when knowing smile sees knowing smile
all around the town.
This is a month of firsts and news
like a “happy new year”
or that first kiss of midnight
of someone you hold dear.
This is no time for sorrow
and no one has patience for the sad
because this is a wonderful time
and not the month to feel bad
But maybe that's what we all need to learn
to be a little more soft and a touch more kind
Because that's what the new year is all about
Not to cross some finish line
. Congratulations.

For this month we will start the challenge Funny Februari in Free verse. I think the title explains it all. As Always there will be a special folder dedicated to this challenge.

Have fun writing

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What is this group about?

PoetsOfDA - Banner by Me2Smart4U

Hi :D

I was going around DeviantArt, and noticed a lot of the poetry groups are inactive. So I thought I would create one. It is a simple group, but it will be great for showing off your poetry.

The folders are named after the category selection options you have when uploading your poetry. Please put everything in the right folders.

Maybe if we have more members, we can start challenges. The winners of these challenges will be displayed in the featured folder.

Have some respect for each other, and have fun.

And if any folder is full, or if you have any other problem with the group, please send a group note, or leave a comment. I will fix it as soon as possible.






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