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PoetryPlease Workshop

We've got our new workshop up and running. PoetryPlease is using their forum space to provide a place for our members to receive comments and critiques on the poems they submit. Would you like to post your poetry for comment and critique by the PoetryPlease members? Just make sure you read the Rules for Submission first! <a href="READ MORE!

Staff Needed

PoetryPlease needs staff to support a couple different areas of the club:

:bulletblue: In addition to general chat staff, we'd also like to run regular PoetryBattles in the Chat Room and could use someone to run them.
:bulletblue: The Professional Review Team is in need of a few more critiquers to take on a small list of clients. You will be responsible for providing at least one critique per week to each of your clients (you get to choose the number of clients you feel you can handle).
:bulletblue: The PoetryPlease Workshop is looking for 5 staff members to regularly critique poems posted in the workshop forum.
:bulletblue: We need 2 more people to help us scout for the Poet of the Month feature.

Interested in any of these positions? Apply now using the General Application Form.

Featured Challenge Writer

Every month, PoetryPlease posts a new prompt to challenge your writing skills and nip that pesky writer's block in the butt. We then choose one of the submissions to feature.

The featured writer for Challenge #31 is poetoffire!

The challenge was to write a poem turning a tired old cliche into something new, inventive, dark, funny, or something else. poetoffire tackled many romance cliches and made them fresh in To Touch The Sky

Challenge #32 is up! You are asked to Write an ode to/about an inanimate object that means a lot to you. Read more.

Villainous Villanelle Contest

Judging is almost over and the winners of the Villainous Villanelle Contest should be announced early next week. Excited? We are!

November's Poet-of-the-Month

The POTM for November is RedRedValentine!

As a well rounded poet, RedRedValentine has sucessfully tackled many styles of poetry. He adeptly handles the art of spoken word in Dialogue With Open Hands, beautifully narrates in October Songs, and uses excellent imagery in Broken Stream of Consciousness. Check out his gallery here.

If you know a PoetryPlease member that deserves to be featured, please send a suggestion by note and we'll check out their gallery. It's that simple!

An Important Message for ALL Members

Are you currently a member of PoetryPlease and would like it to stay that way? Then you'll want to READ THIS!
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thepolishyogi Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
I am very interested in becoming a member =D
I take a creative writing class where i am constantly critiquing and giving advice to other writers and i would love to be of help ;)


take it under consideration, i could be of very useful hand and a great addition to your team XD
icydevil0 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2008
Sounds like fun :D
phoenixmemory Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I am interested in becoming a staff member to critique the forums for the Workshop. However, I have volunteered to staff on dA before, and it turned out to be much more of a commitment then I bargained for. Would it be possible to do so on a trial basis? That would give us both a chance to check the situation out.

Let me know. If that becomes a possibility, I'll be happy to fill out an application.
PunknEra Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008
You can always try things out; after all, you'd be volunteering so no one is going to try and hold you down. Plus, things have changed a lot with PP and TFP in that many jobs are more freelance. Please fill out an app and we can talk more! :)
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