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PoetryPlease is seeking new staff to join our Professional Review Team

As many of you already know, PoetryPlease underwent some major changes over the past year as old staff members left and new management took over. In the process of this change, the new management began to streamline much of PoetryPlease's programs and is now taking PoetryPlease in a new direction.

PoetryPlease has always been about creating an open environment where critique is welcomed and contructive criticism encouraged. But a lot of members found themselves lost in a long list of member names without any real direction or learning opportunities. We want our members grow and learn to improve their writing skills, and to one day become respected authors. For this reason, the manager of PoetryPlease recently began a personal campaign to provide at least one in-depth critique to every member. But she soon discovered that she can't do it alone - and why should she?

PoetryPlease is now calling for new staff members to join our newly formed Professional Review Team (PRT). This job is not a light task. Each PRT member will be given a client list of PoetryPlease members who have requested a personal critiquer and will be required to critique each piece their client submits (unless otherwise directed by the client). This position is intended for those who enjoy reading poetry, have a firm grasp of poetic terms and devices, and already have a history of providing excellent critiques to dA members. This job is professional. If you perform your job well and reliably, the manager will not hesitate to write you a letter of reference when you seek a position as editor or reviwer for a "real-world" job. If you are seeking a career in the writing field but need a place to start, now is your chance.

If you wish to apply for this position and join our Professional Review Team, please send PoetryPlease a note containing the following:

1. A brief synopsis of your writing and critiquing experience.
2. Links to at least three recent and in-depth critiques you have provided to other dA members (three different members).
3. One link to your best work with a brief self critique.
4. Answer the following questions:
a) How much time per week could you devote to this project?
b) Bearing in mind that you must provide critiques as clients request them, how many clients do you think you could handle at one time?
c) What do you think qualifies as an excellent critique? What elements must be included and what elements should be excluded?
d) How would you define "constructive critism"?
e) How reliable are you? Briefly outline your strength (or lack thereof) in the following areas: (i)punctuality, (ii)consistency of presence on dA, (iii) time management skills, and (iv) diplomacy. If you are wondering what we mean by diplomacy, ask yourself, "do I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth?"

We are seeking serious applicants only. Please apply only if you sincerely want to help your fellow PoetryPlease members to improve their writing skills and want to help improve the PoetryPlease community. PoetryPlease seeks to be the best, most respected, and most reliable poetry writing community on dA. If you would truly like to join us in our cause, we want to hear from you.

Please direct any questions you have by note to the club. The application process will be ongoing as we cannot fully assess the required capacity of our Professional Review Team until all members' needs are satisfied. Send in your application today!
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Synith Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2007
How is this different compared to PoetryPleaseWorkshop?
CrimsonThrenody Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
It is more selective in this case. One person is assigned to so many clients, and they work with those clients specifically in helping them on more of a one on one basis daily. While the workshop is more of generalized aspect.
Synith Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
Yes, I already knew that. This was posted before my discussion with Jessica.
CrimsonThrenody Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
My apologies.
Synith Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007
It's quite alright.
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December 1, 2007


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