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Chat Week (May 10-16, 2008) may have ended a week ago, but the results of the week long prompts, battles and challenges still reverberate in galleries everywhere. As a follow-up to Chat Week, PoetryPlease wanted to release this article featuring all of the poems that resulted from the event. This certainly is not an exhaustive list, but it's all the poems we either received by note or were able to find by searching the galleries of Chat Week's participants. We hope we didn't miss anybody.

Want to check out where it all took place? Visit the PoetryPlease Chat Room.

Most of these poems were written in 30-minute-or-less timeframes, so they may seem rough, but remember that these writers would love to get your feedback on how the poems could be improved.


Summer Theme

Season MakerThe sweet assault of lavender greets me as I tread
Into the garden that has consumed my hours.
I watch as light dances swiftly on the flowers,
Deep reds, pale whites and soft yellows glow
As the sun caresses them to wake from the dark.
I wander down the steps into the grove,
Shadow enveloping me until I belong.
Summer is mine to create, not inhabit.
I turn, and watch again, as the light dwindles
At the highest edge of my descent.
It flickers, considering, then falls
Away from my austere gaze.
The scent of lavender dissipates,
And I am drenched in rainwater sweet, as
Glowing summer fades to burning flame...
Her face is SummerSunny day sky-blue
with an inside ring
of cornsilk gold.
From a distance,  
tropical water
blue-green sparkling.
A sweep of soft
warm sandy brown
framing too long lashes.
The perfect shade
of red-rosy pink
blooming in smiles.
This growing face,
so like my own,
gleaming like noon.
Ten Pin Bowlingsummertime
always meant balls
on a beach and playing ten
pin bowling with local
royalty and their
now only ghosts
kick balls through dust
particle memories -
castles must
be built to be

Mature Content


Mothers Day Theme

A Mother's Foolish SonHello Mother
I bet you didn't expect me talking about you
So many times we never spoken to each other
I thought sometimes I should I love you
But I didn't
How foolish I was to do that
I could never pin-point why you loved me
I can't compare myself to that at all
How you can be so rotten
Yet so fragrant to the core
How firm your grip on me sometimes
But give the grip you have on me a soft side
So deep your words pierce me
Although it heals itself from your looks
You're so caring that you'll cry whenever I cry
Get frustrated whenever I am mad
Caress me in your arms when I'm hurt
Mother, you are truly blessed
I wish I could live like you
But only a mother's foolish son
Would think such foolish words to say to you
But the wisest thing you ever said to me
Was that you loved me unconditionally
And I loved you too
All I needed was you
My mother until the end
My best friend to pick me up again
My everything.....
How do you still do it all....
Poetry Please Mothers Dayto mother lovely
without whom i'd live in space
where it is hard to breathe


Bad Traits Theme

TraitSilly and mindless
are irrationalities
that make me human.

Highways Theme

HighwayJammed in the backseat of that old pick-up truck,
the three of us were fighting for another inch,
any sort of length to stretch our legs out.
Grumbling about the sun streaming
through the window at our backs
the air conditioning stutters, stops.
With no power, no engine, no relief,
gliding downhill into that desert town,
glad for the valley this place grew in.
Highway was slow moving that day,
sweat trickling down our backs,
we were all silently praising that luck.
Just enough motion to pull into
that first repair garage.
A vacation to remember.
A Land Called HighwayThe endless road beyond the horizon;
Scorched with flames and burnt tracks.
Freedom within the asphalt and the pavement,
And dried to the bone with roughness
This was a land for exploration.
A land for wanderers to find themselves in the beyond;
Hope for non-believers in the helpless faith they had.
A place for artists to see the world in a different view
Time stood still in a desolate place like this before.
Especially when there was nothing to gaze upon anymore,
And the interest of the land was forgotten along with it.
Relief was not used for satisfaction here.
Unforgiving men, hollow to the core of their souls;
Destroyed countless miles of perfected land,
Only to see that perfection was itself inevitable.
Tyranny was amongst this land when men evolved from slaves.
This land……this accursed land that was once perfect!!!
No one can see this anymore, they are so blinded;
Greed and rage built over this piece a land,
And labeling this land “HIGHWAY.”
Maybe we are corru

Electronic Device Theme

Gamer BluesConsole distraction
breaking apart bedroom time
making me cranky.
:thumb85285908: 12 O'Clock BlinkerHe thought he was a man self-made,
King of everything that he surveyed.
But pushing buttons gave him quite a chill,
He described going nowhere; like a treadmill.
He insisted that the device was the culprit
"I think it might be a short circuit."
Then the helpdesk started to laugh,
Said something that sounded like "riffraff"
When under stress, was it man or the machine that froze?
Who was it who thought a computer chip meant a Doritos?
While he mused in a sudden moment of clarity,
He then compared his new computer to Nietzsche.
If it exists, people will fear it.
This applies especially to a dimwit.
Don't try to act like you are leet,
When you dance to a radio drumbeat.
All the neighboorhood kids thought it bizarre,
They said "It is so simple to program a VCR."
He insisted "I really am a serious thinker."
But it was revealed he was a 12-o'clock blinker.

Hunger Theme

HungerI fantasised night after night
for the ultimate in luxury.
It never came,
the monotone was still the same
and my eyes dropped to the glimpse of light.
There was famine,
In my village, of
The cochineal
beauty became blood.
Hungeracid bubbles
in my stomach, etching
into chest cavities as
I wretch up sour
memories, flooding
vinyl panels as I miss
the porcelain bowl -
and you've only been
gone three minutes.

Salesman Theme

Ominous RingingI have heard an ominous ringing coming from the door.
My heart raced for a split second for unknown reasons;
Curiosity running through my tense veins and arteries.
I crept up from my seat slowly trying not to rush;
My hands pressed on the handles of the chair for support,
I stood tall over the floor and darkness fallen in around me,
Only showing the door and its aura around it.
I walked slowly through the darkness,
Hearing only the sounds of my shoes slap against the floor.
Du-du-du-du-du, the pace of my footsteps was steady.
My eyes were focused on my front door, I kept walking;
Time seemed to slow down more quickly.
The only thing between me and the ominous figure through the window;
A simple designed door with square figures etched into the wood.
My hand seemed to arise from my side by itself;
It could sense the signals driven through my head,
That I needed to open this door and pleasure my curiosity.
The door handle was cold as ice when I gripped around its handle;
I couldn’t

Pet Theme

A Downy Coatelegant legs fold
in false modesty, maya
blue eyes lapping up
praise and adoration.
gentle lines
trace into her back,
my fingertips lost in
downy coats
of lady mia.

Rain Theme

Diamond CurrencyDiamonds
fell from skies
when you resorted
to truth - secrets
flooding from dams,
canals exploding into
timeless oblivion -
all the world's
money couldn't buy
you back, now.

Outside Your Front Door Theme

:thumb85780203: PromptOutside, the chain of your leash snaps
and you break free into the yard, squatting
to pee. In a hurry, I grab the keys,
its jangling an ominous growl,
and pull the car down the driveway to call you
in: it's the curious toy, a child's circus
ride, you cannot refuse and you hop aboard.
Secured, I wonder what would've happened
if you'd grown old, suddenly, and sick
of the clowns--the other drivers swerving
crazily on the street. What if you hated the elephant-
heavy scents of popcorn cotton candy hot dogs
exhaling from the cracks of the window,
your dark nose covered with a disapproving paw?
What if you ran, instead, as I called your name,
your eyes watered with disdain?
Would you find some other owner, some fair ring
leader you'd perform your tricks for:
sit, jump, stay, gimmesome!—
without the sturdy crack of his voice
like mine? Would you frolic with the other lost
dogs, curiously sniff the hissing cats, or lose
yourself in the labyrinth of the catcher's net
as if you were some pr

Hospital Theme

:thumb85584331: HospitalWalking through the blank white halls
I stooped to take a drink.
Then stood up, continued and passed a room
By which I stopped to think.
What if I were in that room?
Would I be okay?
Would I have a minor bruise,
or never see another day?

Stepping in, the room was dark.
I searched my foggy mind
For the how and why I got here
But the answer I could not find.
I had the sudden feeling
that on the big white bed,
That there was a poor person
who was nearly dead.
The beeping noise was speeding up
and the green lines as well
That monitor of the heart rate
brought about pure hell.
Doctors rushed in left and right.
I backed out of the way.
"It's no use, he's almost dead,"
was what one had to say.
The beeping noise of the monitor
became a steady note.
And as the doctors backed away,
a lump formed in my throat.
Most of the doctors left the room,
except one that I knew.
He was my uncle, Uncle John,
who loved me through and through.
He started crying, softly, then loud
and took out his cell

A Downy Coatelegant legs fold
in false modesty, maya
blue eyes lapping up
praise and adoration.
gentle lines
trace into her back,
my fingertips lost in
downy coats
of lady mia.

Road Sign Theme

PP About a sign.You blink
I think it a warning
yet from so far away
you blink
closer now
I feel, apprehensive
your hundred eyes blink
a bright piercing gaze
then close, sight in reverse
as I pass you by
you don't even see me
your warning another

Science Theme


Car Crash Battle

Car CrashDriving, driving, neverending.
Will my destination come?
My steering wheel is getting sticky
from the heat of the afternoon sun.
I must keep driving, no matter what
so I can get there soon.
But I left so early, so early this morning
and it's already well past noon.
I'm driving near the median
to pass the slow guy ahead.
The sound of screeching tires
are quickly filling my head.
I turn my head slightly to the left
and see what was causing the noise
A soccer mom, on her way home,
transporting three little boys.
She's crossing over the median,
she has just been hit.
A sense of fear is filling my head
and I've lost my sense of wit.
My pinecone scented freshener
is bobbing back and forth.
I only have a few seconds left
until my fate is worse.
More screeching, some screaming now
are all the sounds I hear
I'm trying to slam on my brakes
as Mrs. Soccer draws near.
But it's no use, she's hit me now
It was a blunt head-on
Shattered glass flies by my face.
Is my life almost done?
I'm spinning now


Choose-a-Challenge: Various Themes

:thumb85361799: Oh How I Miss HerOh how I miss her,
how she sat on the stool,
how her sapphire eyes glistened
like rich ocean pools.
She liked to sew by that window,
with her small, silver thimble.
Her shadows danced
across the wall, so nimble.
Sadly, she's left me,
and the rest of the world,
however, no matter what,
she'll always be my girl.

Increased SoundJust woken up,
Expecting no break in my silence.
Switching the television on,
From last night, odour of incense.
I hear one show after another,
With faults in between.
Picking up the remote each time,
Disarray from the machine.
Questioning the point of
An augmentation in noise.
There must be an error,
Because for me, it just annoys.
A disturbance in my peace,
As a clear difference seen,
Broken communication,
From my brain to the screen.
The chatter of pointless promotion,
Can they not see their wasted money,
The morning after the night before,
For me, this is not funny.
No energy or effort,
The wrenching in my head,
I switch the television off
And go back to bed.
You Have Been ServedDistrict of a Distinct Lack of Inhibition
State of Being Single v. My Newest Boyfriend
Case Number: 867-5309
Though commanded is a strong word, and
I don’t usually feel quite this firm,
Even if you have commented on my firmness
On more than one occasion; namely, the last time
Your hands were on my breasts, before you left
With small hickeys on your neck to match mine –
At the place, date and time specified –
Though I’d want you to be sure you dress properly
So if you’re five minutes late I won’t kill you;
Appropriate dress is everything to you and I know it,
No matter how fast the sheets usually slip off…
Oh, and is the café on Main Street okay with you tonight?
Maybe at seven? –
You are also to make sure you appear
On any subsequent date, though I’d hope you’d show up
And not show me up; you know I hate that –
And you are to do this so that I can hear testimo
Heaven WithinA blue moon
in the starry Paris sky
dancing next to the Seine
caught in Gene Kelly's embraces
appreciating a scene that
Audrey Hepburn would have adored
a forever memorable paradise
proof that Imagination is Heaven

Once at The Blue MoonOn a lonely street, dark and damp
Near the bus station, where the walks
Crack and scatter in random directions
And the people come and go, stalks
Of dry grass in the wind, blowing
Aimlessly is the place we met.
The rain came down in shy drops
And my bus was late, I forget
The reason , it was all too long ago
But I remember the way you lit
Your cigarette and held it firmly
Between your fingers. “Shit”
Was all you said as you glanced
At the watch on your wrist
As you opened the door to
The Blue Moon. “I insist”
And you took my bag and
I remember the door needed
Oil and you smelled of mint
And the rain that beaded
On my jacket reflected the
Sound and taste of blue
And nervous laughter.  And
At the booth we shared you
Talked to me as we ate
Greasy fries that needed salt
Off of a cheap diner plate
About Wall Street and stocks
And the weather and then
My bus came.  I shouldered my
Bag and never saw you again.
A good butterflySomewhere down wind
It became ingrained in me
To be good
To be A good everything
It became a want
The want chrysalised
Festering and mutating in it’s green wrappings
Until the butterfly broke loose
Turning it into a need
The need to be
A good daughter
A good friend
A good student
A good Christian
A good person
A good
Tonight -how much my life is ruled by striving to be good
Knocked me over with the force of a locomotive.
Can I ever be good enough?
Am I even close?

How had I never realized?
But now that I have,
So what?
It’s not going to change;
The butterfly has already transformed once.
Can I metamorphosize again?
Do I even want to?
Am I happy like this?
I was before now.
Wasn’t I?
Gas Station BluesThe smell of the coffee
finally wakes me up
Teddy is smoking in the stockroom
I'm selling lottery tickets
when the sun comes up
The snow is blowing in the door
The people walking through
They could be from anywhere in the world
I could be anywhere in the world
But I'm not
I'm just here
Lament to the InevitableThe mirror cracked, spider-webbed splits
Of splinters and shards, the glass lay,
Motionless, dead.  The reflection
Of winter’s stark chill and the play
Of light and shadow washed across
Her visage, undulating now and
Again as cruelly unnatural as
A living corpse. Her hand
Touched her throat, she could
Feel herself breathing as the cracks
Traced her skin, she knew she should
Stop looking as the cracks of the
Mirror tore her reflection in
A thousand bits leaving only
Her eyes whole, as her skin
Was wretched  and stretched apart.
Her eyes left staring as grey
And cold and complete as the winter,
Frightened and alone. Say
What you will into the shadow,
Lies made as bold as dwindling truth
Falling like feathers, drifting like snow
Covering over the cracks of fading youth.
AngelofGod87 Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I liked most poems... haha if this is the result of the first chat week... what will the next ones bring??

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