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There's only a little over a week left until the deadline for the Humo(u)r Contest. You have until June 22, 2008 at 10:00 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

We've received quite a few entries so far, and you know what some of them are missing? HUMOUR!

C'mon, we dare you- make us laugh!




The goal of this contest is to write a HUMO(U)ROUS poem. There are no restrictions or guidelines on the poem style or length, it simply must be FUNNY! It can be HAHA funny, LOL funny, ROFL funny, sarcastic, cynical, ironic, or satirical. The bottom line is HUMO(U)R, got it?


Yes, even a fun contest like this needs rules.

1) You can only submit one poem.
2) The poem cannot be submitted as a deviation. All submissions must be noted to PoetryPlease by the deadline with the poem pasted in the body and "Humo(u)r Contest" in the subject line.
3) This contest is open to both members and non-members of PoetryPlease, but only members will be eligible to vote in deciding the winners. Note: If you'd like to become a member, click here)
4) Your entry must be a new poem, you cannot submit a poem that was written before the date this contest was announced.
5) Staff members of PoetryPlease are not eligible to enter the contest.
6) All entries are to remain anonymous until the winners are announced. Any breach of this rule will disqualify the associated poem.


All submissions must be received by 10:00 pm EST on June 22, 2008. Any poems received after this time will not be considered.


:iconpunknera: :iconangelofgod87: :iconsynith: :iconeagle-elf: :iconisabellakay: :iconlady-shirakawa: :iconthecoolbeane:

Assuming we receive a significant number of submissions, the judging panel will narrow down the list of submissions to the Top 10, after which these 10 poems will be posted for all PoetryPlease members to vote on. The Top 3 poems will then be revealed; we anticipate the winners will be announced in early July.


1 month sub donated by ~thecoolbeane
A journal feature donated by *PunknEra
A journal feature donated by =vgaer

If anybody else would like to donate a prize, please note PoetryPlease ASAP.
doomboy911 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2008  Student General Artist
I'm in
heres a sample
there once was a man named jack
always scratching at his back
we asked him what was the matter the answer he gave in the latter
silly old jack when he hit the sack
that poor jack got a tack in his back
remember thats just a sample
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June 14, 2008


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