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Chat Week Starts Now

As of today at 12 noon (EST), May 10, 2008, PoetryPlease has launched its first ever Chat Week featuring 24/7 poetry related fun in the PoetryPlease Chat Room. We've got a lot of great activities lined up so stop on by and don't miss a beat!

We currently have a schedule of events posted to give you an idea of what's to come. Note: PoetryPlease and its affiliates do not endorse the use of coffee and other stimulants in order for you to attend all of the 24/7 events.

So, get ready for a week chalk full of chat room action! Keep reading for a description of some of the events you'll see on the schedule!


What is a PoetryPlease Chat Week without tons of PoetryPrompts to keep the brain juices flowing? Expect to see many scheduled prompts as well as a few spontaneous ones throughout the week. And yes, we are open to both members and non-members to participate in, and even initiate a prompt or two when the mood strikes. Have a PoetryPrompt idea? Note the club with your idea and we'll see about implementing it. All far out and otherwise zaney ideas are welcomed!

Battle Hour

Everyday, at least twice a day, there will be a battle hour. This means that a PP staff member will be present to act as judge while two or three poets duke it out in a timed poetry writing contest based on a preset theme. There may be more than one battle each hour, depending on how many staff members are present and how much time is allotted. Now, if all efforts to have a staff member present fail, someone else can take the job, as long as one rule is remembered: have fun!

Depending on the success of these battles during Chat Week, PoetryPlease may implement them on a regular basis using a point system to make it into an ongoing rank system. If this sounds appealing to you, then do your best to attend and make Battle Hour a success. Consider it practice for the real deal! ;)

The PunknEra Grill: Ask Me Anything

The manager of PoetryPlease, ~PunknEra, has made herself available to answer your estions, address your concerns, and hear your suggestions. She's willing to answer (almost) anything, so feel free to ask anything from the profound to the superficial. But be warned: ~PunknEra is infamous for playing the devil's advocate, so if you want to start a philosophical debate, you may be surprised at her response. Want your opinion heard? Be there! The discussion could get heated, so be prepared and bring your frying pan and silver platter.

The PoetryPlease Q&A

Remember how PoetryPlease used to sit down with important, talented, and well-known deviants for a little one-on-one? Well, those popular Q&A sessions are back in action during Chat Week.

Some of the Q&A sessions we have lined up so far include: a sit down with =WineWriter, an immensely talented writer who has received more than one Daily Deviation for her fabulous work. We also have ~fllnthblnk, another talented writer and our very own resident poetry critiquer. And last, but certainly not least, we have a final Q&A with the ex-Lit GD ^PoeticWar. Don't miss a word of what these deviants have to share!

Think we missed somebody? Note the club with your suggestion and one good reason why we should interview that person, and we'll see about penciling them in.

The Daily Share

The Saturday Share has become the daily share during Chat Week. This is your opportunity to share the poetry you've written with those present and get some worthwhile, in depth feedback.


During each Choose-a-Challenge session, everyone present is to select one of the PoetryPlease Challenges to complete and share the result with the room. As an added bonus, if you note your deviation to the club account, your challenge will also be posted there for future viewing. If there is a staff member present, they may decide to select a particular challenge or leave it open for you to pick the challenge you prefer.

Have a Suggestion?

Do you have an idea about how we can improve Chat Week? Note the club or leave a comment letting us now what we can do to fill in the empty spaces on the schedule, or improve on activities already scheduled.

What do you do if no staff are present?

Who says those present can't take the initiative? If no one is around to start the activity, or if no activity is scheduled but you have an idea, then implement it. We welcome all poets of all levels to challenge one another and yourselves with your writing.
Rosary0fSighs Featured By Owner May 10, 2008
monkgryphon Featured By Owner May 10, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
It isn't any fun. They'll encourage you to participate, then tell you to be quiet when you actually are participating.
bewareofthesnowman Featured By Owner May 10, 2008   Writer
sounds like fun!
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