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Chat Week: Day 6 Report

Today was perhaps the quietest day in the PoetryPlease chat room so far. It's been a long week and people are busy with school and work, but guess what- we've only got one more day left!

We're finishing off tomorrow with a bang. We have our Choose-a-Challenge starting at 11am EST, and you now have three brand new <a href="…>challenges to choose from! We also have a prompt in the afternoon starting at 2pm EST, which is open to any topic right now (possibly even one that you suggest).

And don't forget our fabulous Q&A session with PoeticWar at 6pm EST. We're going to be chatting with this ex-lit GD about just about everything under the sun (except his shoe size). So come on out a make our last day the most amazing yet!

Today's events included a Q&A with fllnthblnk (the transcript for which will be available in a later article) followed by a prompt that he devised. The PoetryPrompt asked us to look out our front door and write a poem about something that happened there, but then to take that event and change the ending. Only a couple of poems were written for the prompt: Prompt by :devfllnthblnk and The Other Side of the Window by PunknEra. Thanks to AngelofGod87 for participating in the share portion of the prompt (even if those exams did fry your brain).  

Then, we had a battle between WhiteDivinity and GoddessImbrium. Their mission was to write a Brother's Grimm inspired fairy tale poem. There were no happily ever afters here, well, except maybe for the winner. life-and-death and PunknEra judged and decided that GoddessImbrium won with the following entry:

She sits spinning flaxen threads
Within her tower, the jewels fall
A kaleidoscope filled prison

Evil watches her
Swallowing her sorrow
Exalting in her fear

Caged, she yearns
Freedom beckons to her
Denied by Evil’s greed

The young prince attacks
Traversing the deep, dark.
Searching for his love

And Evil laughs
The prince forever searching
She forever spinning

The trio locked within
Conflict building The prince reaches for triumph

Epic battle is engaged
Evil mocks the vain attempt
The prince is defeated

She watches, waiting
Her hopes shredded He falls

Evil approaches
Gloating, he goes to claim
Enraged as she leaps

Down upon the flagstones
She finds her freedom
One last tear

Surrounded by her labors
Her gems mock him
She spins no more

PoetryPlease would like to send out a special thank you to several people who have helped make Chat Week a continued success by participating heavily in or outright hosting shares, prompts, and battles. These people are (and we really hope we don't miss anybody): mixdown, :devcrazynlovess:, mamadoll, thecoolbeane, life-and-death, WhiteDivinity, ObliviousGenius, and exarobibliologist. Thank you to all who have participated; we really appreciate it!

Quote of the Day:

"The future is obselete." WhiteDivinity
AngelofGod87 Featured By Owner May 16, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Hahahahaha yeah um... well now its public! :lmao:

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