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Chat Week: Day 3-5 Report

Have you had a chance to check out chat week yet? After a slammin' first couple of days, Chat Week is still going strong. Even though there aren't as many scheduled events (due to people being back to work and school for the week), there have been a plethra of spontaneous prompting and sharing going on. Would you like to be a part of that? Then pop into the PoetryPlease Chat Room. You can even bring a friend or two; the more, the merrier.

Some of the fabulous prompts we've had over the past couple of days are:

> Write a poem on a scientific topic.
> Write a poem inspired by summer.
> Write a poem inspired by a pet.
> Write about a bad trait.
> Write a poem about a trip to the hospital.
> Write about a salesman (or woman).

We also had a couple of battles:

GoddessImbrium vs. PunknEra in a battle to write a poem

about flight. :devgoddessImbrium won with the following entry:

Above, looking down

infintesimal creatures scurrying
the wind lifts and caresses

gliding, the heavens beckoning
thin air stealing
excited gasps from strained lungs

The clouds tease,
their cotton candy artwork

Passing through turbulence;
rise and fall amongst the skies.
Tossed about and flailing

This is the wild,
What secrets do the winds whisper?

mamadoll vs WhiteDivinity in a battle to write a poem

inspired by a highway. mamadoll won with this entry:

Jammed in the backseat of that old pick-up truck,
the three of us were fighting for another inch,
any sort of length to stretch our legs out.
Grumbling about the sun streaming
through the window at our backs
the air conditioning stutters, stops.
With no power, no engine, no relief,
gliding downhill into that desert town,
glad for the valley this place grew in.
Highway was slow moving that day,
sweat trickling down our backs,
we were all silently praising that luck.
Just enough motion to pull into
that first repair garage.
A vacation to remember.

Up and Coming Events

As previously stated, now that the weekdays are coming to a close, things will start to pick up again. In fact, we're having a Q&A with fllnthblnk in the PoetryPlease Chat Room right now! So stop on in so you don't miss anything of what this deviant has to say.

Later, we'll be having some poetry battles, and tomorrow will be more prompts, shares, battles, and a Q&A with PoeticWar. Be there or be... we won't say it...
AngelofGod87 Featured By Owner May 15, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Fun fun... :)

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