Chat Week: Day 2 Report
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Published: May 12, 2008
Chat Week has been a gigantic success so far, and it's not over yet. If you haven't already done so, please stop into the PoetryPlease Chat Room to join in on all the poetry related activities. We'd be happy to see you!

Chat Week: Day 2 Report

While there was plenty of talking and sharing throughout the night, the first “event” of Day 2 was the “Choose-a-Challenge”. While there were not many in the chat room available to take part, there were a couple of poems written, two inspired by PoetryPlease Challenge #14 and another by #17. These were discussed by PunknEra, Metallophilic, lady-shirakawa, toothfish, uniquekk2 and NightVagabond, though not all at the same time.

Then, it was time for our first Poetry Prompt of the day. Inspired by mother’s day, the deviants were asked to write a poem about a childhood event with their mother or other mother figure that started one way but transformed into something entirely different. They were allowed to make something up of course, we encourage creativity. It was well participated in, even if the results we more mother and less situation. The participants included: mixdown, lady-shirakawa, PunknEra, VanyelFirestorm, life-and-death, VampiricKitsuneKit, crazynloveless, WhiteDivinity, HappyPsychosis, and bewareofthesnowman.

The 2nd Poetry Prompt was spontaneous, lead by crazynloveless. The object was to write a poem about hunger. Several stuck around and a few new people joined for this one, including: WhiteDivinity, crazynloveless, ObliviousGenius, SSDesigns
synapticattack, lady-shirakawa, and WhiteCocoa-hime. This prompt was cut short, however, because it was time to start the Q&A.

At 6pm EST, PoetryPlease sat down with WineWriter for a Q&A session, discussing everything from her history in writing and her current writing projects, to her take on pageviews and Daily Deviations. During the Q&A session, audience members we able to ask questions by “raising their hands” (indicated by typing a hat ^). The Q&A was lead by PunknEra.

Transcript from Q&A with WineWriter:

<PunknEra> First of all Katie, tell us a little bit about you.
<PunknEra> And how long would you say you've been a member of dA?
<PunknEra> So you started out quite young then, which relates to a lot of other dA members. Do you think this helps you with fitting into the community?
<WineWriter> The community is made up of mostly young people, so I think so. I'm a growing writer like the rest of them
<WineWriter> Since age nine or ten
<PunknEra> Have you ever looked back on your earlier works and thought, "What the heck was I writing?"
<WineWriter> All the time, constantly. Every few months, I look back at some of my writing, and I pick out all the things I could change. Sometimes I don't, I just take it down, other times I correct and put it back up. But the change is most significant over a few years. I know that I look back at the writing I did two years ago, and there's such a change
<WineWriter> [link]
<WineWriter> It's important to keep on developing and learning. It's great that your style changes, because when you improve, your writing is bound to change.
<WineWriter> I was big into fantasy back then. I liked strong female characters, and also relationships. Brother and sister relationships, especially, but I liked to write about love too.
<WineWriter> I still am, but I write about what I know, and that involves modern situations and people. I still write fantasy, but I don't share it so much.
<PunknEra> What are you reading these days?
<WineWriter>  I haven't had too much time to read, but Jane Eyre is the book I'm into right now.
<PunknEra> Strong female leads.  
<PunknEra> So, having looked at that older work, that brings me to one of the other questions I had prepared
<PunknEra> You have a lot of prose in your gallery, a lot more than you have poetry. Would you consider yourself more of a prose writer or a poetry writer?
<WineWriter> I write both, but until I choose a career, I can't really categorize myself as anything in particular. I like to do both, sometimes one more than the other
<WhiteDivinity> ^
<cypher-neo> ^
<PunknEra> What form would that be?
<PunknEra> just for clarification
<WineWriter> Short lines, in stacks
<PunknEra> ok. Now, I believe WhiteDivinity had a question. Go ahead.
<WineWriter> That's the traditional form
<WhiteDivinity> What was your inspiration to even write? Especially your first poem/story. what fueled your fire?
<WineWriter> I don't remember exactly what started it out, but when I was little, I used to play pretend a lot with my friends, and make stories with my barbies. I guess it's just another step of creating, and putting my stories into words
<PunknEra> does that answer your question WhiteDivinity?
<WhiteDivinity> I see, amazing what childhood can do for your future. Yes that answers it
<PunknEra> ok, then cypher-neo is next.
<cypher-neo> You said you've been writing since you were 9 or 10. How would you say your poetry/prose has changed over time? Do you look back on things you've written and wish you could recapture an old style you used to write in, or do you like how your writing has grown over time?
<WineWriter> I've learned to use description, vocabulary, and imagery in my writing. Also, I've learned what sounds awkward in writing, and what does not. I think I have a similar style to when I was younger, but it's a more developed one. I hope that in five years, I will have grown. There are still elements I don't like about my writing, and which I would improve on
<PunknEra> does that answer your question, cypher-neo?
<cypher-neo> Yes.
<PunknEra> So Katie, what are some of those areas that you still struggle with and would like to improve upon?
<WineWriter> I could really improve on realism, description, and just my writing style overall. I need to flesh out my writing to make it more vivid for the reader.
<PunknEra> Now then, let's talk about something that is a subject of much consternation amongst many deviants: pageview and Daily Deviations.
<PunknEra> You have over 20,000 pageviews. Is there something in particular you've done to get there?
<WineWriter> Going on chats, commenting on other people's pages and deviations, talking on forums, and getting involved in contests and clubs. Activity is really what counts in getting page views. But page views are definitely not as important as they may seem.
<PunknEra> How much emphasis do feel a deviant should really put on pageviews? How important is it?
<WineWriter> Page views are not important at all. In fact, I got more critique when I was unknown.
<MaskedVengeance> ^
<PunknEra> Do you feel now that you're popular you get a lot more "I like that" or "This is so great, I'm gonna fave it" than when you were unpopular?
<PunknEra> Not enough quality critiques I mean
<WineWriter> Maybe, but my all time high was when I was active myself. Being popular and not active doesn't get you anywhere.
<WineWriter> The most faves I've seen popping up in my inbox are on stamps in my gallery
<cypher-neo> ^
<PunknEra> Some of which are quite clever. I can certainly recommend to the room that they check them out.  Now I believe that MaskedVengeance had a question.
<MaskedVengeance> Yeah...When you first joined deviantART, do you think having a pageview counter motivated you to take part more in the community, and remain an active member of the site?
<WineWriter> I think it some part it did. I saw popular deviants chatting with others, getting comments, critiques, and they had the latest CSS. ;) It's like high school, and you want the popular kid's shoes.
<PunknEra> Does that answer your question, MaskedVengeance?
<MaskedVengeance> Yup.
<PunknEra> Ok, cypher-neo is next.
<cypher-neo> PunknEra: Skip me for a sec... I'm still trying to think how to phrase the question...
<cypher-neo> PunknEra: I'll raise my hand again once I know how to say it...
<PunknEra> Ok, just raise your hand again when you're ready, cypher-eno
<PunknEra> lol
<MaskedVengeance> ^
<PunknEra> MaskedVengeance, go ahead  
<MaskedVengeance> Okay... As your pageviews increased, did your interest in how many you had slowly decrease? In other words, with popularity, did you become less motivated by the 'measurement' of your popularity?
<WhiteDivinity> ^
<MaskedVengeance> If that makes sense.
<WineWriter> Well, it's almost like a game. I like round numbers, so it's nice to make it to the next thousand. But I guess it became less important over time.
<MaskedVengeance> Okay. That answers my question, PunknEra. ;p
<WineWriter> At one point I got 50 - 60 page views a day, but when I became less active, that shrunk
<MaskedVengeance> And that. :)
<PunknEra> Ok, so it's WhiteDivinity's turn.
<WhiteDivinity> Do you think Daily Deviations are overrated at times and unfair to other?
<cypher-neo> ^
<WineWriter> Daily Deviations are great because on that deviation, you get many comments and faves, and that's wonderful. And it's an honor, but it won't change your life on deviantart. It's not like bam, instant status boost. People with daily deviations may get almost 200 page views for that day, but it doesn't make them well-known. Unfair to others? I don't think so. It's about giving attention to deserving deviants. It's a good cause.
<PunknEra> does that answer your question?
<WhiteDivinity> No quite yet
<PunknEra> (I sound like a broken record, I know). Ok, rephrase if you need to
<WhiteDivinity> By unfair I mean by someone else suggests it. Do you think it's unfair to let other people suggest and decide what they think is deserving? I mean they could not like it. you know what i mean?
<WineWriter> At the end of it all, it's up the GD what gets a daily deviation and what does not. We have to rely on the main staff to choose GDs with good taste. ;) I guess we just have to trust them. Suggesting is a good way to let GDs know what's out there, and sometimes great work is found.
<PunknEra> Does that clarify it for you, WhiteDivinity?
<WhiteDivinity> Ya pretty much, on an optimistic way (ish pessimistic) It clarified
<PunknEra> Ok. Now cypher-neo, you ready for your question?
<cypher-neo> I actually have a 3 questions now... I rewrote what I was going to say earlier, and it popped out in multiple pieces...
<cypher-neo> What areas do you feel a critique needs to touch in order be a "quality" critique? In some circles on DA it seems critiquing has becomes synonymous with flaming. Do you feel that offering a critique where only standard comments are requested is flaming? And do you feel that critique quality on DA has improved now that there are more poets in our community?
<WineWriter> There can be all kinds of good critique, but it can be as varied as the piece itself. If I have trouble with grammar in my writing, the critiquer should address that. If there's a plot hole, the critiquer can talk about that. (Answer #1)
<cypher-neo>   Good answer.
<WineWriter> A critique should have some level of gentleness in it, and it should be constructive. If it is neither, it is being cruel for no point. That can't be helpful, and might be considered flaming.
<MaskedVengeance> ^
<PunknEra> Is that your whole answer now Katie or are we waiting for more?
<WineWriter> It's not really about number, but about quality. Out of a hundred poets, it's possible only one of them would be helpful. If there are only ten poets, and they all critique, that counts.
<PunknEra> that answers my question  
<cypher-neo> Good answers. Thanks.
<WineWriter> :) My pleasure
<PunknEra> Ok, MaskedVengeance, your turn again.
<MaskedVengeance> If somebody asks you to critique a piece which is, to put it plainly... virtually unreadable... which areas of the poem/piece of prose do you normally try to concentrate on, and deem to be of the utmost importance? (i.e. punctuation, perhaps) ... Why?
<MaskedVengeance> e.g.*
<WineWriter> It depends on the piece. I would zoom in on the weakest point and try to build up from there. Sometimes, I need to start on punctuation, other times I need to start on plot.
<PunknEra> Question answered?
<MaskedVengeance> So, for example, if there was a poem which had a very weak structure and an equally weak level of punctuation, which of the two would you tend to focus on, or would you just try to broadly cover all aspects of the poem, though you might end up covering each one to a lesser extent than if you had focused on one area?
<MaskedVengeance> PunknEra: After this. :)
<WineWriter> I think I would broadly cover it. It's better to let them know what can be improved on then focus in on one aspect, or that's how I feel. If they know what they could work on, they can go after that and see what they can do.
<MaskedVengeance> Okay, that's good. :) Question answered.
<PunknEra> ok, now I was wanting to ask, because I honestly don't know, do you know how many Daily Deviations you have received? I know it's at least two
<WineWriter> Lol, two
<PunknEra> ok, do you remember the first one you received? What affect did it have on you, was it a boost to your confidence?
<WineWriter> I definitely remember the first I received. I was ecstatic and it really did help boost my ego. I got so many positive comments that day, it just made me speechlesss
<WineWriter> You know, if the internet could have speech >.>
<PunknEra> lol. Did it go to your head at all in a negative way?
<WineWriter> Lol, nope, I don't think so. I had a pretty grounded view of my work, even after that
<PunknEra> Before you received a DD, did you suggest a lot of other works for recognition? Did you start to suggest more after you saw the effect of one on yourself?
<WineWriter> I don't really remember. I know I've suggested DDs a lot in the past, but I can't remember too far back about when I started.
<PunknEra> Have you seen many of your suggested ones get featured?
<WineWriter> Yep, quite a few. I have a list of them. One second, let me find it
<WineWriter> [link]
<PunknEra> Thanks, that really is helpful. Now, one more question: It's been an hour, are you in a hurry to get out of here?
<WineWriter> Lol, not so much in a hurry.
<MaskedVengeance> lol
<WineWriter> I'll let you know when my mother is ready to drag me out the door
<PunknEra> Ok, my next question. What do you think makes a poem great?
<WineWriter> Well, that depends on the person. I'm night a fan of Frost, but other people are. I know people who hate Dickinson, but she's my favorite poet
<PunknEra> Are there certain elements, however, that have to be there, such as imagery, for example?
<WineWriter> I think imagery is a big part of most poetry, so yes.
<PunknEra> What are you working on these days? Any particular writing projects in the works?
<cypher-neo> ^
<WineWriter> Actually, a big one right now
<WineWriter> A fantasy story that is now 44 pages long
<PunknEra> Ahh, back to fantasy. Is this your first stab at fantasy again or have you been dabbling in the genre fairly consistently?
<WineWriter> Pretty much, my first big try
<WineWriter> After a long while
<PunknEra> How do you feel it is going? Are you struggling or is it just flowing out of you. Any writer's block yet?
<WineWriter> Well, the writing is not as good as it's been in the past, but I'm really enjoying it. I feel like I used to, that it's just like playing pretend or day dreaming. No writer's block yet. ;) I have a plot in my mind
<PunknEra> Do you have any tactics that you use to tackle writer's block or do you have suggestions for what a writer should do if they encounter it?
<WineWriter> I just wait for it to blow over. When inspiration hits me, I let it, but sometimes it needs a break. However, if I need inspiration, I usually use music, movies, or pictures to help
<WineWriter> Now, I actually do have to get going. :) Two more questions and then I've got to scat. Is that okay?
<PunknEra> Absolutely, we've enjoyed having you here and devoting so much time to us.
<WineWriter> It's been fun :)
<PunknEra> I wanted to ask if you've ever considered shooting for a GD type position?
<cypher-neo> ^
<PunknEra> and then cypher-neo has a question too
<PunknEra> and that will be all
<WineWriter> Lol, I don't think I could handle it. It takes a lot of work, and it's stressful. I'm pretty awful with stress.
<PunknEra> go ahead cypher-neo.
<cypher-neo> Are you available to work with other deviants on some of their projects; A poetry/prose collaboration, so to speak?
<WineWriter> I often find that I don't carry those kinds of projects through. I'm a very independent work kind of gal.
<WineWriter> It's hard for me to dedicate steady time
<cypher-neo> Darn, I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off of.  
<PunknEra> Well, thank you very much Katie. If I could get you a round of applause, I would. We've really enjoyed having you here and we hope to see you in the chat room from time to time. You are always welcomed!
<WineWriter> Lol, I'm sure you can find someone ;)
* cypher-neo claps
* PunknEra applaudes Katie

<WineWriter> I enjoyed it! :D Thanks all! Now, I've got to get going. Happy mother's day everyone
<PunknEra> Thank you and goodnight.

After the Q&A, there were no scheduled events. Those present in the chat room voted and decided to do another prompt. The prompt was to write about a street sign that you’ve seen while driving (or riding) such as stop, yield, watch for falling rocks, etc. A lot of deviants came and went during this time, so not a lot of poetry critiquing ended up happening. But all that conversation was happenin’ enough. Here’s who showed up: exarobibliologist, PunknEra, thecoolbeane, WhiteDivinity, Marimenala, :devNighVagabond:, VanyelFirestorm, life-and-death, minibro, ObliviousGenius, thecoolbeane, synapticattack, midnight-eclipses, InsertDeviantName, LesCheveux, lordmoldy1 and travino. Sorry if we missed anybody in this list.

Battle Hour quickly followed at 10pm EST, with InsertDeviantName facing off against ObliviousGenius in a battle to write a poem about being president/king/head or some other person with ultimate authority. In a very close and difficult decision, the judges life-and-death and exarobibliologist decided that :devObliviousGenius won with the following entry:

If I were to run my own life,
I'd give myself a pause and rewind button
so that I could take back what I say and not make as many mistakes,
or even eat the same piece of cake twice.
If I could run my life, I'd wish for skill and beauty
and it would become me flawlessly.
I'd wish for my parents to love each other.
I'd wish for my brother to stop telling me that I'm a failure,
and that I refuse to succeed.
I'd wish for friends, for joy, for love,
and maybe a little wealth on the side.
But I have no wishes,
and no pause button,
and definitely no rewind button.
And so goes life in all of its

Afterwards, another battle took place between WhiteDivinity and exarobibliologist, battling to write the best poem about the first thing they usually think of on Monday mornings. life-and-death and ObliviousGenius judged this time and decided that WhiteDivinity deserved the honours with this poem:

The darkness starts to withdrawal back into the corners of my eyes
The light enters my eyes and burns the pupil
Shrinking them to the smallest molecule
It corrodes my vision and I am blinded from sight

My mind starts to align itself back into focus
The rush of thoughts burst through the cerebellum of my brain
I remember everything all of a sudden but ignore it
I cannot stand the simple minded tasks that are needed to be done

Each day I wake up to the same routine of renewing my mind
A new day that has to be awaken for flourishing and exploration
It sickens me that I have to creak open my front door of my house
Step into the piercing sunlight and look away towards the shadows

And say, “Monday……”
Oh how I despise that day where everything seems new
And the children run astray toward their fantasies
Can it be more sickening?

So this brought a close to the scheduled events of the day, but there will be plenty of spontaneous sharing and prompting going on throughout the night and there’s more to come tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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