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Chat Week: Day 1

The first day of Chat Week was a huge success! The room was full all day long and the day was loaded with poetry related fun. It started at 12pm EST in the PoetryPlease Chat Room with general chit chat as the numbers began to trickle in. And wow were we amazed at the number of deviants that did trickle in and out all day long.

The events started with a PoetryPrompt at 2pm EST. The prompt was inspired by two poems, Heart Technics by mamadoll and Good Morning by mixdown, and was to choose a small electronic device (such as a cell phone, stereo, burglar alarm, etc.) and write a poem based on it. The two above poems were available for inspiration if needed. The prompt was participated in by (and we sure hope we don't miss anybody): exarobibliologist, PunknEra, WhiteDivinity, mamadoll, bewareofthesnowman, IdokRebits, lady472, Marimenala, SSDesigns, life-and-death, and xixsuicidexix. There was such an overwhelming response to the prompt that the discussion of the poems carried over well into the Daily Share time.

But we did begin the Daily Share, which again was well participated in. We read poems by many deviants, and heard critiques from even more, including (but not limited to): PunknEra, thecoolbeane, AngelofGod87, lady-shirakawa, WhiteDivinity, synapticattack, NightVagabond, Marimenala, PhotoChick180, mixdown, SSDesigns, sumarlegur, life-and-death, monkgryphon, Synith, bewareofthesnowman, WillOWispKitsune, Jikit, synapticattack, amongststars, FTography, and Neverdawn. The was such an overwhelming response to the share, that it carried on straight through the evening, until 10pm EST when Battle Hour began.

At that time, WhiteDivinity and life-and-death faced off in a 20 min battle to write a poem using a dog as a metaphor for something evil. Both entries were great, but life-and-death one with this imaginitive entry:

Those sun touched cookout days,
liqoured up adults conversating
while the youngins piss of the family dog.
Normal by all standards, good wholesome fun,
but seering upon the grill lies evil sins,
not the family dog, but the american dog,
a hot one.

Familiar scent of sustance almost prefected,
more like the stench of hells brimstone,
crackling forth from propane or charcoal,
possibly the carcasses of dead rotting trees.

Preached and taught, right and wrong,
evil and good as well as Gods and devils.
The bible, the quran pick your holy text,
sins seem to be the same no matter.
All have heard of the seven deadly,
many have even tasted this,
the infamous sensation of gluttony.

After that, ObliviousGenius battled minibro, asked to write a short poem of 5 lines or less using the following four words: brocolli, newspaper, chase, and umbrella. Unfortunately, ObliviousGenius's poem didn't conform to the rules of 5 lines or less, so minibro was the proud winner!

As it stands right now, there is no point value for winning a Battle. During chat week, everyone is on the same playing field. But after Chat Week is over, PoetryPlease would like to implement a point system and keep the Battles going for a long time to come. Show your support and show up for Battle Hour this week at either 10am or 10pm EST.

So the chatting continued until god knows when. Hopefully everyone go some sleep now it's time for Chat Week: Day 2.

Chat Week: Day 2 Events

We've got "Choose-a-Challenge" starting in 15 mins, at 11am EST. We also have a mother's day themed PoetryPrompt this afternoon at 2pm EST, followed by The Daily Share. Also, don't forget to show up for our Q&A with WineWriter at 6pm EST. Plus, you never know what other spontaneous fun may develop, so join us now!
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May 11, 2008


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