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:new: The Timeless Contest is Open for Voting!

The staff has voted and have narrowed down the list to the best 10 submissions. Remember, the point of the contest was to write the best short poem representing the timelessness of the written word so please bear that in mind when voting. VOTE NOW! Remember also that your vote counts for twice the value when you participate in our Saturday Share, so please join us in the chat room on Saturday at 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for the share. We also consider other types of involvement, such as participation in challenges for twice the vote too.

PoetryPlease Staff Needed

PoetryPlease is currently seeking new staff for various areas of the club. We need to replenish our staff with new, eager, reliable and talented members. The variety of positions available means that almost any interest can be fulfilled. Keep reading for a listing of the different areas of the club available. Read more and apply!.

:new: Poet of the Month

PoetryPlease will now be running a new program to feature its members. From now on, on the 1st of every month, a new member of PoetryPlease will be featured as our Poet of the Month. We will take into consideration both writing talent/potential as well as the individual's involvement around PoetryPlease (if a tie breaker is required). We will be searching and keeping our eyes open, but all PP members are welcome to apply by noting the club with "Poet of the Month" in the subject line and links to three of your best poems in the body. We are very excited to have this opportunity to better represent our members! Expect to see our first Poet of the Month on May 1st, 2008.

Other Club Activities

Join us in the chat room every Saturday at 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for our weekly poetry share session where you can share your poetry and get some in depth critiques of your work.

:new: Also, immediately after each share will be a critique session for the PoetryPleaseWorkshop. Stick around for that session as well if you have time to spare.

:new:Challenge #25 is up! Give it a try. Don't forget that all of our challenges are always open for you to practice your poetry writing skills.

Important Note: You must be a member of PoetryPlease before you can vote, join staff, or submit a challenge, but everyone is welcome to participate in the share.
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