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Published: April 4, 2007
Contest Winners

1st Place TIE -
5.  Replacement by Dragonfly2093 & 13. Let it Be by Demur
2nd Place - 8.  Spirit Submission by darkdescartes
3rd Place - 3.  dove vive by unattached

Contest Details

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem that encompasses SPIRIT.  Whatever that means to you, personally, supernaturally, spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically...

Be creative, and please proofread your work.  We will not accept poems with gratuitous misspellings.

This contest is currently closed. Please read the entries below and cast your vote. If you have not already read the contest rules, please do so now.

Contest Entries

1. Untitled

My soul laughs

It finds light in the dark.

It dances when confusion reigns,

Plays gently in my pain.

And shares my joy.

2. Replacement

My son, my son…
His head lolls on the left side
Of his chest, tears dribbling
From his eyes.
Where’s your mama gone?
A youth diluted with
Animation and spirit,
Drugged to death,

My son, my son…
Feeble old man, supping spirits,
Mixed with salty tears, dampening
His sorrows.
Your mama left me too.
My spirit, love-thirsty,
I drink, replacing my
Spirit with spirits in

3. Dove Vive

one book said the head,
so i opened up her brain.
another said the body,
but 'twas empty all the same.

i threw her in the water,
and when she dried - the flame.
i sought help from the bible.
her god could not explain.

i could not find her spirit,
though i called for it by name.
now shes scarred and stitched and hurting.
her spirit, though, remains.

4. Untitled

Always there to protect us,
even when we are devious.
Holding our hand,
guiding us throughout this hectic land.
Nudging us in the right direction,
we follow without doubt or question.
Fathers, mothers, siblings and friends,
up above they are forever without end.

5. Rainbows at Dusk

Upon the ground she lay,
a thousand minutes,
and a million thoughts per day.
There I found her wilting
in the stitching of her life,
neither dead nor alive.
Somewhere in between, the airy breaths
became puffs of grimy smoke,
suffocating her body.

Spirit gone soaring out and away,
beyond the setting horizon,
where colors are ablaze like fire in the sky,
past the rolling hills,
the smell of pine flooding the senses,
and through the bustling city,
buildings dotting every empty space;
lingering by your side,
gently brushing past your face.
Then just as quickly, gone
On her final ride, into the wind
carried like a feather,
fluttering and dancing about.
Finally free to live amongst
the dreams and wishes of the world.

She turns and shudders a final little sigh,
I pick her up, limp in my arms
through the window I see a rainbow
in the dusky light.

6. Purloined Spirit

I used to be such a simple,
hearted fool, thinking I could live up to the ideals
I'd set before myself, before my hope was ruined,
and before my pride was injured,
and when I thought that I could trust;
myself.  Now, I know that life is cruel.
That's just reality,
and there's no escaping it.  I set goals, unendingly
chasing the carrot on the stick, laughing at the poor saps
who think that they can catch it.  (Ha! look at her!
She thinks she'll make it!)  I mock every-
one who still dares to dream.

Simple, pure ideals ruined.
Injured trust.
Cruel reality unendingly saps her every dream.

7. Untitled

How can I not
beleive in a spirit
I feel my own
pressing underneath my skin
at times I'll explode

The essense is bottled away
Held hostage inside of winter

How can I not
feel my own soul
melding into yours
crashing on the walls you enclose
your spirit forcing me out
just to feel alone

Favourite pastime of wings
viewed by others in freedom

How else could
a family be created from more
blood is physical
the mate of my spirit
family of my soul

What else
but the spirit and soul
could harshly fester love
could softly nurture hate
fly from walls and grate

8. Untitled

I close my eyes and never make it to Boston.
My many ambivalences stand like deer on a dark country road
deserted at maybe 2 a.m.
(the headlights make them bold).
I hit one and can go no further.

I embrace what was, just to make sure
its ethereal blood stays on my hands
and prevents me from getting a job someday
because they don’t hire felons. sinners.

It’s worst when they go through my windshield.
Because I think I’m driving off somewhere to find myself,
that dark and guilt and solitude are unfortunate but
inherent characteristics
of a journey I’d never make in waking hours
but really, I’m safe in my vehicle.
That vehicle is myself,
and it hurts so bad when I hit a deer
because that deer’s hit me.
It’s punched me right in the spirit
and when my windshield – named a shield by some wise man indeed –
splinters and cracks and a shard hits me,
that’s one more puncture of my chrome identity
floating on so fragile rubber tires without rims.
That’s internal bleeding.

9. Binding Spirit

You wander and pursue,  
excited and hopeful,
Like a curious young child,
eager to find answers.

Then you question and doubt,
rarely hearing the call.
Through your eyes and your ears,
only the obvious flows.

Let Nature's hand guide you
through all the mysteries.
And follow your Heart's lead,
to reach the truth you seek.

I am the Air you breathe,
compelling you forward,
helping you find the drive
to continue your quest.

I am the loamy Earth,
warming beneath your feet,
giving you the freedom
to imagine and trust.

I am the pure Water,
surging all around you,
and boosting you with strength
to keep on your journey.

And the blazing Fire,
crackling in your ear,
spurring to find the urge
to search for your own truth.

I am all around you -
uniting Elements -
in the deep-rooted trees
and the soil that feeds them,
in the spirited streams
and the cleansing fires.

Yet, I am deep within -
in your Heart and your Soul -
ever-present life force
binding you to Nature,
giving all a purpose,
an essence and a will.

10. Repeat

A mask haunts the room
dark attention rests on you

A sense of suffering
    a taste of damage

Were you alone
or was it just a wish?

A debate worries the mind
Stay or leave?
           Still Lifeless

A reality
    that never is

Plead for life
Amongst fallen leaves

An ache clouds the soul
You know it well

11. The Spirit

Several things have become apparent over time.
Certain terms, or better yet, definitions, have shown themselves
to be ambiguous in their meaning,
but endless in their application or use.

Freedom, Intelligence, and Love. Three,
largely indefinable words,
but certainly not lacking in meaning.

Freedom – living and thinking, perhaps even
without limit or interruption, or without
a pre-determined cause.

Intelligence – intellectual appreciation of the cultural, academic, artistic, scientific …
mixed – shaken – with the ability to
analyze all of the above,
even to comprehend each of the above’s individual meanings.

Love – indefinable. Feelings for a range of people,
in a range of situations,
under a range of circumstances.

Each ambiguous, each nonsensical
but, each
with meaning, applicability, and sense.

These three indefinable but accurate
and sensible terms are the principle
properties of that which is
even more ambiguous
– the Spirit.

12. In the Company of My Mind

My fingers move furiously,
As the bow slides across the string.
Emotions played out with spirit,
For anyone who is listening.
Notes on a score;
Beats of my heart.
The sound which strums my heart strings
Accompanies the tears which part
My parched lips
As I breathe.


13. Let it be

Let it be —
If the laugh you cough
        Siphons the soul

Blemishing the thing
That your lungs are starting to eat


                  Image has a tendency
              To loiter ‘round the lost words
That we know are read, but never said
         Until conversation skeletons
                  Roll inside their graves.

14. It is you

My Spirit (my soul, my life, my heart)
cries to you to listen
as I fling myself over this
(see me falling?)
and try to prove that I love you
more than life
more than death
more than stars and suns and moons,
more than this cosmic imbalance
that we call


For that is my spirit:
This thing that people use in phrases,
saying that “music soothes the spirit”,
or “words comfort the spirit”,
but never actually saying what the Spirit is.
My SPIRIT is you.
Is holding you.
Is being there for you.
Is loving you more than I love myself.
For in you, and you, and all yous
I find my existence completed.
© 2007 - 2019 PoetryPlease
This contest is complete and closed. Thanks to all who participated.
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5. is my favorite
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Number 13 is my favourite.
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Wah! I missed the deadline for the competition! TT-TT
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And I know, I know... supposed to be anonymous =P
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12 is my favorite.
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arg ..tough. I liked (in order) 13 and 12 best.
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Well to be honest I didn't like most of the poems.
The only one I barely find good is number 6.
Therefore I'll vote for it (by note of course).
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