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Published: January 12, 2007
Contest Winners

1st Place - 3.  Criticism from a Structured Poet of a 'Poetic' Structure by Error732
2nd Place - 4. One . by CailinLiath
3rd Place - 2. Quilt-work by iiyamuzai

Contest Details

List the numbers in pi (π), going down in your paper's margin.   Then, compose a poem that corresponds to the numbers.  
The first number in the number pi is 3, so the first word in your poem has to have three letters in it.  
The second number in pi is 1, so the second word in your poem has to have one letter in it.  
The third number in pi is 4, so the third word has to have 4 letters in it.  

(Please limit yourself to about 50 lines...though that doesn't say you have to limit yourself to 50 places.)

Explaining 0 and numbers higher than 9:
The encoding rule is this: a word of N letters represents

- the digit N if N<10
- the digit 0 if N=10, and
- two adjacent digits if N>10

0 is a 10 letter word.

If you have a 1 followed by a 1 in the number sequence, you can combine to make this as 11-letter word.  Or a 1 and a 2 makes 12, etc.  This is at your discretion, obviously.

**The poem does not have to be one word per line; you can combine the words into sentences, just be faithful to the rules.  **

An example can be found here: users.aol.com/s6sj7gt/mikerav.…

Here is a link to Pi to 4 million places: www.zenwerx.com/pi.php. Let me be the first to discourage you from using all of those.

Contest Entries

1.  A Toast Too My Ex

You I love
I toast screaming
To kisses, fools and kings
Remember romantics feeling liberated
Not at bay
Allowing your hearts to defile your act
You highborn don my emotion
Philanderer, taboo whispering of biblical premises
Take a untainted seraph

2.  Rum
I spin a cigar
(believing in wonder)
shrug and shine,
-breaking: malleable;
shaking heart-haze.
Yet my sin mission sent coffee
to revive.

3.  Criticism from a Structured Poet of a 'Poetic' Structure

"It's a rule, I think."
"Ludicrous.  It limits words you write--absurdly arbitrary!"
"Letters refigured for pi?  You disfavor that?  Really?"
"Of course.  What are the benefits?"
"I've no defense."
"Obviously.  Poems documented in Japanese flourish with a totalling.  English?  A second situation."
"You enlighten perfectly."
"The contest sucks.  A literature piece shouldn't be victimized because ludicrous form dominates.  'Nuff said."

4. one .

circumscribing, I aptly punctuate
to permit
   the case's  --halation:
captivate primate
resonance for, by the
                 secure no longer]
that men use, subjects
can be adeptly

   o                         d
c      n                 e
               o r
          t            t

which predicates
my  absolved contents
from pseudo-parenthetical
-----  dashed interiors
&[a m p e r s a n d] structure
too acutely caged; I
disjointed inner confines
to manipulate specimen's
caesura:  deep breathers.
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This contest is complete and closed. Thank you to all that participated.
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