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Published: April 27, 2007
Contest Winners

1st Place:   #5 - Untitled by <a href="darkdescartes.deviantart.com/>darkdescartes
2nd Place:  #1 - Coming by <a href="gelal.deviantart.com/>gelal
3rd Place:  THREE WAY TIE!
                  #3 - Untitled by <a href="ebo2.deviantart.com/>ebo2
                  #6 - Untitled by <a href="ahbegorrah.deviantart.com/>ahbegorrah
                  #7 - The Crash by <a href="hunter12.deviantart.com/>hunter12

Contest Details

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to write a poem about FORESHADOWING.

Foreshadowing is defined by dictionary.com as:
To present an indication or a suggestion of beforehand; presage.
the act of providing vague advance indications; representing beforehand; indistinctly prophetic

This can be foreshadowing something cultural, something within the poem, or however you can interpret foreshadowing. As always, be creative and please proofread your work. We will not accept poems with gratuitous misspellings.

Contest Entries

1. Coming by <a href="gelal.deviantart.com/>gelal

Rose muffled steps in the Kingdom of halls.
Silence now; Rose buried footfalls.
Passion honed a suicidal edge; peel the skin off the walls.

Hung in drying sheets,
flesh absorbed these Dying beats.
Marauder in cleft; desire in pleats.

Passing through this singular lust,
understanding just a crease in the thrust.
Your Hatred now a justifiable crust.

Structure a way out,
Singular rules a living tout.
I put this here just for snout.

Love-bloody hands gripped that knob.
That Hall a mess now, the horizon a'bob.
Heartfelt sincerities a sickly snob.

Forward now, Love lost that night.
Many thoughts and forgive the shadow.
Black remanence held you below.

Sweat stained skin,
I'll see you again...

2. _Dynamism_ by <a href="omnicontemplation.deviantart.c…>onmicontemplation

You smile the sun
Glance from black holes
(Full of light, but infinitely deep-)
Laugh a stream over stone
And I can't look away.

Somehow, you've been allowed
To think you're perfectly normal.

The world has done you a great disservice-
Please allow me to rectify our mistake.

3. Untitled by <a href="ebo2.deviantart.com/>ebo2

Still. (Silence)
Soft gravity bending on
        To the hush of a thousand animals.

The Sun being the god.
        Praying with the palms to foreheads,

The braing tasting bitterness,
        feeling like a heavy tongue.
The head finally fill towards a
        helium emty floating.
For fear;
for violence;
for sweat;
for love;
for water;
for food;
for thought;
for life;

4. Circles and Stick Figures by <a href="punknera.deviantart.com/>punknera

She spent her childhood drawing
circles and stick figures
and criticizing her reflection
in the convex sides of soup spoons

Note: This entry is no longer eligible to win the contest due to conflict of interest. Any votes for this piece are negated. Sorry.

5.  Untitled by <a href="darkdescartes.deviantart.com/>darkdescartes

When a white oak splits, tear out the next MONTH from your agenda book and BURN it.
When a white oak splits, honey you better start loathing life as you know it,
so you won't be backstabbed in the summer storm - just saved.
When a white oak splits, no matter how many
split infinitives you enjoyed together,
split shopping bags you smiled at in the parking lot,
split ends on a head of hair -

       (split ends...)

- split ends
when a white oak splits.

6. Untitled by <a href="ahbegorrah.deviantart.com/>ahbegorrah
They're coming for you-
The cyclops-
Single black eyes glinting in the false moonlight
Like a spiralling tunnel
Swallowing dreams as trains.

You do not deserve it.

But you stand still,
Head in hand,
And take their abuse
Like a fresh wound.

Fair and wise
Or foul and wise,

You have more wit than them,
Those fish monsters
Slimy, camouflaged for the dull blue sea,
Spitting insults from their
Filthy periscopes.

They don't know how.
They never could.
They throw hate at you,
They take for their own
What is yours,
What you should've gotten,
What you were robbed of
By your lack of iniquity.

7. The Crash by <a href="hunter12.deviantart.com/>hunter12

Friday! All right!
Tonight is my night!
Time to go play!
Without a delay!
Woo Hoo! Dy No Mite!

Gotta get a shower.
Buy my girl a flower.
A little romance tonight!

Whoa, dude what was that sound?
It shook the ground!
Oh, nothing but lightning.
But it sure gave me a frightening!
Weird... I could swear the flashes,
were red and blue.

Ouch- dang razor... too sharp.
My blood oozing.
For some reason, extremely mesmerizing.
Prophetically heralding.

In my car, down the road I go.
To my sweetie’s house.
Not too far.
Just a couple beats on the radio.

Rains not too bad… Traffic is heavy though.
That’s alright... I am used to moving to and fro.
The road is slick... but that is okay.
At my honey’s, I intend to stay!

Everything is fine.
Having a good time!
On my way to my baby’s!

So suddenly, the tire blows.
Sending my car to the right.
No matter my might, toward the edge I go.
Though I miss the bridge..
Down the embankment I go.

My car lands head first.
Then on its top in the mist.
My legs are pinned and feel dead.
I am filled with impending dread.

I look and see my blood coming from my legs.
I cannot stop it. It runs without end.
I see the lights… I will not give up the fight.

I feel ever weakening… I cannot hear them anymore.
I see a new light… I feel weightless...
Rising from my plight...

I am sorry baby… I won’t be able to see you tonight…
I remember your kisses… always so tenderly...
Now I have no fright… I guess this is just my time.
I am sorry baby... I won’t be able to see you tonight…
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This contest is complete and closed. Thank you to all who participated!
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We're only going to give one warning... numbers only please. We'll leave this because it doesn't say much, but we're trying to reduce bias by using only numbers and no descriptive words, thanks.
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I've been out of it for a while, what better way to start up again than with a nice competition?! =D Admittedly I have absoloutely NO ideas after reading the subject...but fingers crossed something'll come about (not like I ever win these things anyway. >_< )
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