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The goal of this contest CRITIQUE a poem.

A quality critique is more than just writing flowery words of praise telling an author how much you like their work. While it's important to tell a writer what they're doing right, it's even more crucial that they know what needs to be improved. Most writers love feedback when communicated effectively; technique, style, grammar - all these and more should be open for discussion for any writer genuinely seeking feedback.

But it is the communication that sometimes gets in the way. Too many readers don't know how to write a critique that clearly states their opinion but in a way that is diplomatic and constructive. That's why PoetryPlease has A Guide to Positive Critiques to help guide you (as the critiquer) in the right direction.

Your task for this competition is to critique one of the poems included in PoetryPlease's list of challenge submissions. You may critique as many of these poems as you'd like and submit as many of those critiques as you'd like for the competition. You may not submit a critique of a poem not included in the challenge list and you cannot critique your own poem.

To submit your entry, note the club with a link to your critique in the body and "Critique" in the subject line. For more information on how to create a link to a comment, please read faq14. You must have a link to your comment, as the whole point of his competition is to communicate directly with the author. Do not include your critique in the body of the note.

You must be a member of PoetryPlease to be eligible for the prize.


Your entries are due by February 10, 2008.


1 A4 Commission - Donated by ladyshirakawa
3 In-depth Critiques - Donated by Synith
1 Journal Feature - Donated by Synith
1 Journal Feature - Donated by PunknEra

Only one critique will be selected to receive a 1st place prize. There will be honourable mentions, however, that will be featured by PoetryPlease in the main journal. Don't forget that practice makes perfect, so the more critiques you complete and submit, the greater odds you have of winning the competition!
This contest is completed and closed. Thank you to all who participated.
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