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Published: July 10, 2006
Contest Winners

1st Place - 4. world war three by so-pretty-when-I-cry
2nd Place - 5. Message to My Love by somnomollior
3rd Place - 9. Balancing Act by CrystalEternity

Contest Details

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a poem about BALANCE. You may interpret this theme however you'd like.

Contest Entries

1.  Love.

A little girl tip toes
On silver strand
Holding all her hope
In her tiny hands

Not wanting to break
Her stride across
She tightens her hold
On hope not lost

She balances slightly
Swaying in the breeze
Not wanting to tumble
Needing to breathe

She prays someone
Will break her fall
Should, in some way,
The inevitable occur

The black pit below
An onyx sea of fear
This silver strand
Holding feet bare.

She thinks she knows
The destination
She thinks she sees
Her fate in the making

The wind pushes
And down she falls
Down comes baby
Cradle and all

And as she falls
Into her terror
Her hope slips away
Loosely untethered

Arms encapsulate
Her vulnerability
She is no longer falling
For the time being

And as she revels
In her saviours arms
Where she began is
Where she’s started again

A little girl tip toes
On silver strand
Holding all her hope
In her tiny hands


2.  Twenty Two

wooden see-saw
stepping plank
a sibling outgrown
but I was the elder
light-hearted cackle
perennial viewing
bygones of horizontals, verticals
past, present
sixty eight kilograms
one hundred sixty eight centimetres
what would be
the balance, maybe
mundane silence

athletic meet broached
two silver medals
two two's
is all I need
one to company
the other
second set
to reinforce
the first
are you a pair of hummingbirds
diving along hedge and fence
edge and tense
or perhaps two

life is curling back
left leg
stretching tedious tedium
pacing momentum
fourteen minutes twenty one seconds
six laps testing
physical proficiency

I could juggle three balls
with two hands at least
evenly displaying
a growth chart
returns are afterall
sweaty palms chore

I could build a worldly playground
stretching for miles
trashed lottery tickets
hinted my birthday
twenty second of the month
finally yielded
a consolation
counter staff
plainly fielded
identification equation
I had to say
twenty two
was my balance


3.  Elusive

Ask the jury for their verdict,
due the balance for his crime.
The scales a heavy cross to bear,
she hands down his time.

She is weary for a future,
where somehow life makes sense,
But the world's a graveyard for the good,
the law is no defense.

She sees justice as a mirror,
it's essence obsolete,
It's meaning but an illusion,
that's emptiness complete.


4.  world war three

by the sea of mini van seats are
countries at war with self-control
and self-esteem.

I was France, with my toes dipped in the cool glass
of the windshield tinted blue at the top that always made a fake horizon,
giving me a place to drive to, no matter where I was going,
(my Mediteranian manicure.)

This was summer vacation,
an orange lit the darkness
that was attracted to missiles and moths
and so they kissed as the lady reaper that he once wrote about
is lost in a lip lock that breaks the prime meridian,
and suddenly the equator is gone.

Gone is the fragility of power and invisible lines,
the Americans to my right have seized,
and we teetered as he taught her, our lady liberty,
the meaning of opportunity, and the destruction of
self-sustained membranes of virginity.


5. Message to my Love.

Part I

Let us not dance,
For to be in balance
One of us would have to lead;
I neither want to be led
Nor do I wish to lead you.

Let us not race,
For to get anywhere
It would mean competition;
I neither want to beat you
Nor to be beaten by you.

Let us not sit,
Cushions on a sofa -
Senseless, passive and servile;
I don't want to be oppressed
Nor to bring you down with me.

Part II

Let us flow like water
So that we may part and come together
Where we will -
Chaos producing harmony.

Let us speed like light
So that we are separate particles but act like a wave -
Moving through the universe
Simultaneously even when at a distance.

Let us be Gaia,
The living world,
Forever moving and changing,
Thriving, productive, adaptable,
Shedding and spreading our seeds.


6. Contrast

I leaned over the edge
and watched cars stream by
on the distant highway

peaceful chaos

You pulled me back
afraid I'd lose my balance
and fall

spiral down red

And it was in that second
in that rough grip on the arm
that all the bristled words faded
to a dull shade of grey

Then we were left
alone against a backdrop
of unbroken white

focused in sharp filter


7. A Walking Contradiction

Like the wind that flows through the open field,
My soul is always free;
Yet it withers in a prison,
Locked deep inside of me.

Like the flame that blares in the starlight,
My passion is fueled by hate;
Yet love is what fulfills me,
Love—what I yearn to take.

Like a deer encompassed by hunters,
I cower away in fear;
Yet audacity is my foundation—
The wheel by which I steer.

I am two-faced, multi-faceted;
Antonyms joined to make one.
I am the calm and cool of the moonlight;
I am the blistering heat of the sun.

I am a walking contradiction,
Defined by only one word—
Balance; I am everything,
That is reasonable and absurd.


8.  Balance Submission

So fragile,
A feather in the wind
A bird flying
Balance on wings.

Won't let me sway.
But is also likely,
To slip away.

A feather in a wing
Something holding you up.
A person on a swing.

Now I'm standing
On this ledge so high
With my balance,
I can touch the sky..!


9.  Balancing Act

on the tip of my toes, I run

that is the extent of my bravery,
I dare not also close my eyes-
although I'd find the darkness comforting
unable to see that I am up here alone-
it would be too dangerous, even for I

the circus princess that fears nothing.

Lelette the fearless,
the posters scream
in inelegant type
a girl who looks nothing like me
standing on a fat string
above a cheering crowd
and the aforementioned ugly lettering.

I am the golden child:

the future of our company placed upon my head
I wish I could have another crown made
like Queen Victoria,
I wish I could choose
because I long to fall

I will always be outside

above and away
looking down on all I could become
dashing to avoid it
before it becomes too tempting
to roll the gypsy's dice
drop into a new life
or join my family in death.

Sometimes I wonder whether I would survive

dropping from the lowest rope
I could live in a wheelchair for the rest of my life
sue the hell out of the circus manager
make fifty homeless and penniless
take from them what the world took from me.

it's not frightening

but what would I do then?
I never went to school, I never fell in love
with any person. Man, woman or freak.
My name is not ordinary
and neither would be my curriculum vitae-
strange but not in the good way
the exceptional way of nobel prize winners and superstars.

diamonds sparkle, but so do sequins

and those are within my reach.
I guess this is my vocation;
I certainly wouldn't have chosen it
over hairdressing


10.  The Boy in Me

Lifes fingers once dug themselves
into the callous clay of my mind.
And, since then, I have never traveled
beyond the boy in me, or past the
playful images that perform in the
wonderment of his childhood dreams.

There is a door that leads into every
class where, together, he and, thus - I,
have both sat, sleeping our way
through every undigested lesson.

We’ve misplaced our self as a riddle, that remains
locked from behind the rusting classroom door.
But, the essential answer has no matching
lock, by which its been designed for.

The lonely key,
made of cold metal, and
wrapped in sterling, grows bitter.

Meanwhile, the nights haze of
sparkling, sleepy eyes, fades into the
proud stretching of each thankful, morning sky-

where life only offers itself to a man for so long.


11.  The chaos of being

Light versus dark
There is a balance between
One does not work with out the other
Differences would not be possible
'And balance is the key

Sides mingle and sides spread
Light fights, dark hides
Who we are is what’s inside

That is Light

That is Dark

The two apart -
Are not meant to be

The destruction together
Is what we need

Don’t change
For fear of them both
Let them combine-


12.  Face The Balance

Feel the face of a memory
And grasp time by the hand
Embrace each moment as they fade
Run with every minute watch it gets away

Lose the laughter to dreams unknown
And feel the sorrow creep through your mind
Kiss your soul for it’s the last hope
Wander through eternity with no time

Sing for the voice to return
And wait for no response
Caress each expression while it dims
Dance through eons and endure the tragedy

Misplaced sanity
And White Jackets
Grip our tortured hearts
Fly through each age with wonder

Stand in awe as humanity stares inwardly
Seeking release
Seeking solace
Facing the balance.


13.  Balance Submission

summer day stillness-
the curb is my tightrope-
cicadas humming


14.  Equilibrium

You remembered I hated horses
and prepared yourself
for all the sacrifices you’d make,
whilst riding slow on cemented roads
leading towards another London clock.

Now I forgive the little things
and make converging plans
for those nights spent awake,
whilst softly sinking into your dreams
leading towards another London stroll.   

- I don’t dance but I want to dance with you –


15.  Grey

From the glass railing
On the second floor
To the sturdy framework
And lavish upholstery
Of the dining hall chairs
The spirit of unbridled resource
Echoed off of every surface

Brottaen slid across the room,
Black as coal,
Shamed, guilt ridden,
Covered in dust,
And fell asleep on the Persian rug

The wives entered the hall,
And sat at the table
Never saying a word


16.  Finding the balance

It’s hard to balance good and evil in this life
In one hands there’s a flower in the other a knife
It’s easy to hate someone or something  we know
But love is a hard emotion to show

Everyone has good and evil deep inside
It’s a battle in which we self confide
Finding the balance is the difficult thing to do
It’s just easier to not tell my feelings to you

If you lean towards the evil part of your soul
Then you will be corrupted as a whole
If you only show one’s love
Then push will turn to shove

There’s a key to finding the centre between evil and good
But my advice wouldn’t help if it could
The battle is yours to fight
Think deep and long into the night

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This contest is complete and closed. Thank you to all who participated.
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