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Glasshouse Contest Winner
The results of the  Inside The Glasshouse Contest  are in…and the winner is: yourpleasantdarkness --- [untitled entry] Kaleidoscopic prisms, the dancing life beyond a willingness for prison, shackled only in the belief that glass may tear and sever sinew, with the vulnerable cowardice, insensitive to anything but pain-- aggrieved, not by the squalor of society (Here, I will press my hand to yours, without fear of germs and blinding pain, here you cannot hit me, strike me, or defile my every whim-- here, perhaps I can dream--) an idyllic world, with the grass untouching, scampering ants working their way around me, wat
Smoke and Mirrors Winners
Contest Winners Normally, we here at PoetryPlease announce 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, but with this contest one person blew away the competition, and several others were dead even, so we'll only be annoucing the first place winner. Congratulations to Aruchel, who wrote entry #5, "The Reel," the winner of the Smoke & Mirrors Contest! Aruchel blended the perfect amount of ambiguity and imagery to create a wonderfully imaginative poem. Great job! Contest Entries (in order by submission date) #1 Untitled by punkadelli All hells broken loose, the levees are burst and there are cars running from my bridges to yours The blockades are bro
Winners: Contest Made of Glass
Contest Winners Congratulations to beneath-the-surface for winning the Contest Made of Glass! Honourable mentions also go out to Kelly-anne-17, ellierany, and ShadowedAcolyte for their wonderful and well-loved entries. Finally, thank you to our members for coming through on voting for the entries. We really appreciate your support! Contest Entries _____________________________ Entrant #1 - rlkirkland TIMED (acrostic) The hourglass sands have fallen Into times gone past Maybe we will follow Everything can’t last Doubtless we have run our race, but my, it’s gone so fast! Oil Lamp (mini ballad) The crusted wick is flickeri
Epic Poetry Contest Winners
We've finally decided on our winners! The judging took a little longer than we intended, but you need not wait any longer. Without further ado: 1st place winner: ~bertron-the-prophet with The Arboretum 2nd place winner: ~Aruchel with Aurora's Rose 3rd place winner: =lady-shirakawa with Epic Congratulations to the winners and thank to everyone else who participated. The prizes will be delivered to the winners as soon as possible, but in the meantime, please be patient. Thank you everyone reading for helping to make this contest a huge success! Contest Prizes 1st Place: Publication in Soundzine. Basic artist bag from CR 1 year sub from
Inspiritors Contest Winner
Contest Winners The winner of this contest is ~Sapient-Butterfly Inspired by: http://lucia-moonflower.deviantart.com/art/Betrayed-99457062 http://gaiatheory.deviantart.com/art/The-World-Yet-To-End-106886953 http://twilightlavender.deviantart.com/art/Dr-Quack-96231528 I’ll take a dip into this, My well of inspiration, Draw on your words To instil my own, in Pursuit of artistic creation. Perhaps from you I would take The emotion poured into your verse. Word crafted love, that bleeds Struggle, pain and betrayal. To reach it’s end, sharp and terse. Or perhaps I’ll turn to you, Capture the pictures that you paint. Fo
Gift of Poetry Contest Winners
Contest Winners Quite a few people voted this time around, unfortunately, about half of them are not members. Remember,  you have to be a member for your vote to be valid! If you missed the member list clean-up cut off date, then you are no longer a member and must rejoin. And if you "secretly" asked your friends to come and vote for you, make sure that next time you remind them to join too. There are links for instructions on how to join from any of our journal headers. 1st Place: #8- Blood Orange by ~tashagladwell 2nd Place: #2- The Red Candle by ~Nastaciakaye Most of the other poems received the same amount of votes each, s
Villainous Villanelle Contest
Contest Results Winners: 1st: Ginger Bread by *vix0r 2nd: Mirror, Mirror by ~Itti People's Choice: Poverty by =TEC-ThePenOfMerlin Honourable Mentions: Last Spiteful Breath by ~Diptonite Hooded by *Blueskye27 Judges The judges who helped select the winners were: *PunknEra, ~isabellakay, ~cypher-neo, `Beccalicious, *BerylAlexandros, *ThornyEnglishRose. Prizes 1st Place: 30 devDollars from the ArtistRelations Team a Fella Plushie from the ArtistRelations Team a dA keychain donated by `Beccalicious a one-year sub or an item on your wishlist up to $30 donated by *PunknEra a journal feature donated by *PunknEra a journal feature do
Humour Contest
Contest Winner Congratulations to the winner of the Humo(u)r Contest: *meljoy68. Her entry #6: Surreal Meal was both funny and displayed quality writing. Good job! We would also like to give an honourable mention to ~TimeFlies whose entry #2: Untitled had almost as many votes. It was tight! *meljoy68 wins our respectable prizes (as well as free promotion here at PoetryPlease): 1 month sub donated by ~thecoolbeane A journal feature donated by *PunknEra A journal feature donated by =vgaer Thank you to everyone who entered. We enjoyed reading your submissions! Here are a reminder of the Top 10 entries, and now we reveal the authors: TOP
Timeless Contest
This contest is closed. Thank you to all who participated. Winning Entry: 10. Written by mortal hands Echoes drift across eternal sands. ~Sober-Irish-Guy Other Finalists 1. Through mortal folly and up against the aeons written word survives. ~VanyelFirestorm 2. One finds oneself without need for rhyme, reason, or sense of time when lost amongst our written word. ~VanyelFirestorm 3. Through the ocean of the real We have cut our stencil of eternity By speaking words. =marvintheparanoid 4. As a petal, lilting, swaying, The times and trials of windy skies; Within, extemporal, it perseveres. ~Silica-Streak 6. Words as timeless as
Critique Contest
Contest Details The goal of this contest CRITIQUE a poem. A quality critique is more than just writing flowery words of praise telling an author how much you like their work. While it's important to tell a writer what they're doing right, it's even more crucial that they know what needs to be improved. Most writers love feedback when communicated effectively; technique, style, grammar - all these and more should be open for discussion for any writer genuinely seeking feedback. But it is the communication that sometimes gets in the way. Too many readers don't know how to write a critique that clearly states their opinion but in a way that i
This Christmas I saw no Angels
This Christmas I saw no angels Hanging in windows bright. No child in a crib, no sparkling stars But just a dark and freezing night. This Christmas I smelt no mince pies Coming out of the hot oven fresh. No roasted meat or sweet spiced gravy. Instead, just cold mud and rotting flesh. This Christmas I heard no sleighbells. The only noise was the sound of guns firing, The shrieks of shells, the shrieks of men, None of which showed signs of tiring. But lo! They all cease as if dead. It is silent the whole Front along. And suddenly, in the bitter air I hear The lonely notes of a German song. Wait, I know the tune! I know the song!
Ballad of the Lone Prospector
The Ballad of the Lone Prospector I met him up the Murchison, on digs just out of Trillbar A scrawny lad, with pan in hand and shoes that'd trodden far His dusty face grimaced, as he tipped the dirt again "For the all the luck that I've had, would have killed a better man" And as the last light faded, across the distant hills The youngster in his angst bit the bitter pills My inquires showed the young man hadn't eaten now for days His water bag was drying and his head was in a haze Well I'd been waltzing matilda, near a billabong for weeks So my supplies were quite sufficient, to offer to the meek With youthful surrender, he gladly
As I walk down a street Opaque by street light I see a man As translucent as glass He holds out his hand and whispers sadness And guilt I stand next to him as he whispers He tells me of a murder That was not his own But of a bird He told me of how happy he was of this bird A songbird Who sang delectable tunes of fortune and fame Whose feathers were green and blue He told me of how this song bird sang everyday In a cage of gold Singing of a freedom When it thought no one was listening He told me of how greed overtook him And how he hid the songbird Where no sunshine would reach it Where its songs became those of a prisone
The swifts
“read please.” … “The swifts.” “No! with ease! Feel the beat Of fluttering birds Twittering on the tongue!” … “The swifts” … The boy looks up, Anxiously waiting if I will… *Cough* “The swifts” He stutters through the rest of the page. In his haste, forgetting half a stanza. *Sigh* “Please picture for your second try, a tiny bird… Buried in the bushes. WAITING… Waiting for the wind To LIFT him up, spreading his wings!...” *BANG* My hand hammers against the metal desk. Ending my own Frantic flying In a pitiful… clan
Mockery of a God
I have learned that the taste of failure is bitter and it stings the tongue. It had been a wonderous idea. A world where peace was prominent, where I was god. Where evil was banished, and the dreaded sickness known as human disdain and contempt, was unknown. But I was young, and foolish. Soon I was cursed with a plague of my own: boredom. I looked toward my brothers' and sisters' creations. They had wars, and fantastic literature that spoke of rebellion and oppression. My creation, my world, had no fantastic literature, or debates. Even the people, seemed to be plagued by boredom. But that of course, was not the las
“I’m sorry. I can’t live a lie.” did I hear you right? [shocked, smile crushed like squeezed lemons, it's empty] “It’s time for me to go. Actually…   It’s been overdue.” whats been overdue? What’re you saying to me? [voice collapsed, shrunk, only a whisper like a dried leaf, shriveled, broken] “I can’t do this anymore.” stay here. I need you [knees of gelatin, quiver, fall resting on the cold ground, chilling bones] “You don’t need me.” yes I do. Stay with me. I can give you anything you want ! [hands shake, cold winds blow, hope fli
#LITplease has Launched
Curtains Closed LITplease (https://www.deviantart.com/litplease) has launched, which means there will be no more updates here on the PoetryPlease account. The archive of challenges and contests will remain for your inspiration, but we will no longer be accepting submissions to the challeges. We hope all our wonderful members will join us over at LITplease (https://www.deviantart.com/litplease) and participate in our all new contest and upcoming challenges. Please feel free to address and questions or concerns you may have to the new account. Thank you!
Challenge Archive #2
For older challenges (#1 to #23) click here. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Challenge #46 People annually make a New Years resolution and struggle to stick with it. I often find myself debating about whether or not I want to make one each time New Year's Eve rolls around. I think asking you to write about your own resolutions would be a bit cliche. So instead I want you to make a broader resolution. If you could choose a resolution for a collective group (i.e. public education, your country's government, your family, the world) - who would you choose, what would you choose, and of course why. There's a
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umm hello I just found this page through a friend of mine I was wondering if you could judge my poetry I have posted on my profile. I enjoy reading feedback and hope you like it :)
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can't wait till i become a member :]
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you write something for one of our contests or prompts, then, depending on the inspiration, you follow the instructions for that particular section.
Hi:wave: I was just wondering if our club could be an affiliate of yours. Your club is amazing, and we would be honered if we could be affiliated with you :)
We don't maintain an affiliates list, but you can send your club info to my personal account so I can put it on The Lit List. :)