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Alright it's Nommy here, sadly Copper had to take some time off, but when she is ready to come back she we'll be welcomed with open arms. Well I'm gonna reveal the November contest winners!

Alright 1st place goes to Bramvlewish with "A second Chance"
2nd place goes to living-in-his-head with "Banana pancakes and the flu"
3rd place goes to Renissannce-James with "No One for November"
Congrats to all our winners, and thank you all for participating.

Time to announce our next contests, yes contests with an "s" at the end. Every month that has either a solstice or an equinox, it will have two contest, an easy tier and a hard tier, with the hard tier you must use assonance and consonance, each line must end with the first letter of that line, and a random letter will be banned from the poem. The prizes will be points along with the prizes from the easy tier. 1st place gets 150 pts, 2nd 100 pts, and 3rd 50 pts.

Alright the theme for this month's contest is Winter/Winterwonderland/Holidays
The letter that will be banned for the hard tier will be the letter "e". Sorry I kinda been feeling evil for the past few weeks, and I read a riddle that didn't have the letter "e" in it, so yeah, good luck! ;)

Same prizes as last contest except for the skins from Copper.
The deadline for submissions is January 10th at 11:59 pm your time zone.
Also you can participate in both tiers. Well best of luck to you all and happy holidays!

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gallowxy's avatar
Just wondering if this is still open/ a new contest will be announced soon? Id really love to participate in one c:
Swift-Tiger's avatar
The next contest will be announced in little while. NomNom has finals and I'm recovering from surgery so things have been a little slow going with regards to the administration to the group. I'm sorry things will be back on track soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
gallowxy's avatar
No worries i just couldn't find any information on it ;w; I hope you recover well ^^ Thanks for the quick reply c:
XxFlameFrost101xX's avatar
NomNom2010's avatar
Yeah, she just taking some time off from a lot of stress in her personal life and taking care of a few things, and once she is done she'll be back.
XxFlameFrost101xX's avatar
Aw, at least she's okay :)
Swift-Tiger's avatar
She's fine. She just had a lot on her plate and had to step down as an admin is all.
Rothgar-Grimhammer's avatar
So, I'm deciding to take more of an active part in this group so help me understand this a little if you don't mind. I can enter this contest and if I choose to do the easy tier, I can write my poem however I want, just so long that it's about winter? If I choose to do the hard tier I have to write a poem with all those wild stipulations?
NomNom2010's avatar
You can do both tiers if you would like and yes you are correct.
JamesBradford87's avatar
It's nice participating with a group of other talented writers in thoughtful activities such as this. They help build our own techniques and expose us to each other. Playing off November's theme I should say I'm also thankful to the internet and the community which is made possible by deviantART and the people who form and maintain groups. Thanks admins.

p.s. Copper9Lives while I already made my own custom literary tag I am very much open to something new. I feel my current tag is perhaps too strong without being eye catching. However, I love my current avatar. If you can find a way to make a literary tag that incorporates my avatar in a more subdued fashion I would be very appreciative.
copper9lives's avatar
I'm still providing the custom lit tags for this contest's winners, and will happily provide them for the next contest's winners, too (they don't take long to make, and they're FUN)! :blowkiss:

Have a terrific holiday season, all! :heart:
living-in-his-head's avatar
Woah!  Unexpected and much appreciated! I'm humbled to be selected with the other, very fine, writers! <3 Thanks.
Swift-Tiger's avatar
You are very welcome. You wrote a lovely piece.
Bramblewish's avatar
Oh my god, thank you! I really appreciate this, thank you so much.
Swift-Tiger's avatar
You're very welcome. You wrote a lovely piece.
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