The Geek's Guide to Lit Groups

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By PoetryOD
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The Geek's Guide to Lit Groups Links:
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with A - H
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with I - S
:bulletblue: Groups with names beginning with S - Z
:bulletblue: The Geek's Guide to Inactive Groups


What's done?! IT'S DONE. I have spent days and days and days collecting a list of all the lit groups I could find (1901 groups to be exact!), then I went through each one and moved all the groups that had no discernible activity in the past 12 months to the Inactive Groups list (see links above). Then with the groups remaining (568 groups :faint:) I looked for evidence of things people most commonly look for in a lit group to create a table that looks a little something like this:



with much coding, swearing its finally done, however DA won't let me submit the list in one chunk (too big!) so its posted in three roughly equal lists (see above links) in alphabetical order.

I so so hope this helps people as a quick and easy to use resource of what groups are offering so they can quickly find groups that suit their needs. AND I cannot emphasise enough that if you run one of these groups and feel your info isn't quite right please just lemme know and I'll fix it. I'm not trying to upset or offend anyone.

I hope you guys love it, because blood sweat and tears went in but hopefully it'll be a lot easier for you guys to use than for me to make :giggle:

Feel free to add it to groups / share it, I really want it to be useful so the more people this reaches the better I think.

I'm gonna go sleep for approximately a week now.


- Kate

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AluxandroTheEnglish's avatar
There should me more people like you. Good job!.
AnonymousnessAnomaly's avatar
You are an amazing person for doing this. :clap:
theShadowGrove's avatar
idk why anyone would dedicate so much time into doing this, but so glad you did!
PoetryOD's avatar
Anxiety and madness I think hahaa. Glad you enjoy! <3
PoetryOD's avatar
Anxiety and madness I think hahaa. Glad you enjoy! <3
ThatKidWithTheRabbit's avatar
Dear sweet Bob... :faint:
Thanks for putting this together!
Hades-Flower's avatar
Thanks a million for doing this!  I was getting discouraged by so many inactive groups, disappearing admins, etc. I was making ad hoc lists for myself (then losing them in my computer), so I really appreciate your efforts! 
:wall of text: I've got too much work to do. Thank You Hearts Sign 
PoetryOD's avatar
:love: aww thank you
Fallenangel700's avatar
You went through 1901 groups?! Wow, that's beyond crazy. Talk about commitment. Clap 
PoetryOD's avatar
:faint: Yeah. I am both of those things. Crazy and committed. :giggle:
Fallenangel700's avatar
Heh, that's good. We need more crazy and committed people. That how great stuff like this gets done.
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You're welcome! :D (Big Grin) 
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I faved it to come back to it later...

This is absolutely amazing, and incredibly kind of you to have done so. 1,900 groups is alot, and I can't believe you went through all of them to make that list for us. So thank you very much, and I hope you have an indeed well-deserved rest! :hug:  :heart:
PoetryOD's avatar
:giggle: still recovering but very glad people are happy with the list
clara-01's avatar

Okay, now the digital painting groups. :lol:

No, no, just joking, that isn't necessary, I'm not interested in joining such a group. ;)
PoetryOD's avatar
:giggle: haha I don't think I could. I'm pretty sure I mentally wore myself out with this and I keep getting twinges in my arm because I stupidly did all the work for this using my touchpad so my arms nerves are pissed off.

Taking a nice rest for a while and just keeping my own group ticking over
clara-01's avatar

Well have a nice week-end, sweetie! :tighthug:
TalesFromMyCell's avatar
I had to favorite this so I could come back as needed.  Thanks for doing this.  It must have taken a long time!
PoetryOD's avatar
It did :faint: I'm really glad you like it!
ShiroUsagiStudios's avatar
Thank you so so much for including Writers-Essentials! :D  I deeply appreciate it and I know our members will as well. 

I would like to mention, though, that the group DOES accept non-English pieces. :)  Everything else is spot on for the moment.

Again, thank you and keep up the hard work!
PoetryOD's avatar
Thanks, I've updated that for you !
ejeans7's avatar
Tea Pixel Gingerbread Cookie 

Now get some rest! :hug:
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