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By PoetryOD

1st, 2nd & 3rd will win at least a 3 month sub.

Check my journal for the full list of prizes

My first project - way back when - before I even knew what a senior was, was ProjectPositivity. I forgot how important this concept was to me, and after rediscovering it I've decided with conviction that more people could benefit from this. So to give you all a little incentive I'm going to offer prizes....

But before all that let me explain about what the project is, and what it is for...

The idea of this group is very simple. A lot of artists have self esteem issues, depression, anger, negativity.. that sort of thing. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the good things we have done or can do.

The idea of the project is you make an image, however you like, that has text on it. The text should be positive things about yourself. As many as you like but more than 10.

Its difficult to list positive things about yourself, so if you do one with only 10 good things and slowly build up adding more you can resubmit.

The idea is to get you thinking about the little things that make you who you are. It can be as simple as...
- I don't eat meat because I stand by my beliefs
- I like the way my hair curls when I wash it

to something like
- I am a really loyal friend and people appreciate me for it.

Do NOT make the negative version of your flaws and faults. You will only hurt yourself in the long run. This task is a difficult one as you can't ask other people what your good points are, look inside and find something, anything, to love.

Here are some great examples from our gallery:

Project Positivity_23 by ProjectPositivity Project Positivity_16 by ProjectPositivity Project Positivity_4 by ProjectPositivity Project Positivity_27 by ProjectPositivity

So the challenge is this;

Make an image with text overlaying it that states 10 or more things that you like about yourself. You can write as many as you like above ten.

Not a simple task, but a worthwhile one.

Then send it to me in a note, the ones that I feel are most honest, wins.

The Rules

- If you use a stock image you must credit it in the description
- Please state in your artist comments whether or not you give permission for ProjectPositivity to post a copy in their gallery. If you don't mention it we will assume we can't.
- You must have permission to use any images that aren't yours.
- You cannot ask someone else what they like about you, this is from your heart.
- You must not be negative, even sneakily. ('I like my hair because it makes people laugh' for example is a negative comment in disguise. Throwing this rule in here to make sure you all stay positive).

I will keep the list of entries on the ProjectPositivity journal and the list of judges and prizes there and on my journal (PoetryOD) too. So if you want to get involved or donate something - anything - to this project please let me know.

You have until March 6th (midnight GMT)

And so far the prizes include a 3 month subscription for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Good luck, and I really hope you guys find this useful. Feedback is welcome on the ProjectPositivity page and if you would like to get involved in the project please let me know.

© 2009 - 2021 PoetryOD
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KORRAxTHExCAT's avatar
When I’m 9 years late to the competition lmfao
LunaAngel-Eclipse's avatar
when's the deadline?
SpencerMel's avatar
so why isnt anything being done with this?
AlkalineTrioGirl's avatar
Why must I find this on the 7th?
austheke's avatar
;n; It's the 10th for me. I'm heartbroken. D:
AlkalineTrioGirl's avatar
I know!
It would have been simple in basis!
Why fate, Why!
austheke's avatar

You may have a consolation cookie if you like. -offers-
Su-Z-Q's avatar
starting right now.
Athalour's avatar
What a wonderful idea!
DancingInTwilight's avatar
AH! i just drew everything I didn't text over!
DancingInTwilight's avatar
*Done with drawing and posted it in my gallery *PLease Put My Drawing In Your Gallery!
glorfindeltheyounger's avatar
I'm in!

*runs off to start making a list*
SpencerMel's avatar
little-billie's avatar
Am I allowed to do it as Text Art or just with an image as background?
CookiemagiK's avatar
This has been featured here: [link] :icontardgrinn:
funkadelichika's avatar
I made one and entering it now...I just don't know which category to put it in...
flashfrog's avatar
Can it also be an emoticon?
animchan's avatar
Hehehe, I'm going to do my best! ^_^
DancingInTwilight's avatar
I'll try! *not to sure how to do it*
fierypoplartree's avatar
You know what?
I need a little cheering up. :) Count me in.
RoderickCissan's avatar
jejeje sound fun & interesting I'll do something for it!!!
GraceWuzHuhr's avatar
Sounds great! I might try myself! ^_^
MrSlowNiko's avatar
I am going to do this :) i have a good image to work with :)
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